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Looking for Accessories / Weapons - please help!
« on: March 14, 2005, 10:31 PM »
Hello Everyone.  I'm looking to complete a large stash of figures that I was recently given so that I can give all the ones that are duplicates to a friend of mine who's been looking to get into loose collecting - and a few of them are for me.  Hence, I'm looking for a number of accessories/weapons for figures - mostly older ones.  If you can help me out, I'd appreciate it.  I'm looking to trade accessories for accessories (I've got a whole bunch) but am also willing to buy them straight up for reasonable prices if we can't work out a trade.

Here's what I'm looking for, please check out the pictures to make sure we're on the same page.  Thanks!

POTF: 1995-2000

Dengar's Blaster Rifle - (x1), and Blaster Pistol - (x1):[/b]
Note:  I'm looking for one of Dengar's pistol.

Hoth Han Solo's Blaster Rifle - (x1):
Note:  I've already got the small pistol.

Han Solo Cantina's Blaster Pistol - (x3):
Note:  The one from the commtech Han that we're all sick of getting as a repack.  I'm looking for 3 of these.

Emperor's Royal Guard's Force Pike - (x2):
Note:  I'm looking for two of these - from the 1996 (1997?) version.

Yoda's Cane - (x2)
Note:  I need two canes.

Hoth Rebel Soldier's Blaster Rifle - (x6):
Note:  I'm looking for a bunch of these guys (6)...

Sandtrooper's Backpack - (x1), and Blaster Rifle - (x1):[/s]
Note:  From the 1996 version, one backpack.

General Lando Calrissian's Blater Pistol - (x1):
Note:  Just one of this blaster.

Stormtrooper Luke Skywalker's Blaster - (x2):
Note:  I need 3 of this larger, older Stormie Blaster.

Tie Fighter Pilot's Blaster, (x1):
Note:  Same blaster as Stormtrooper Luke above.

Grand Admiral Thrawn - Ysalmiri, x1:
Note:  Just the little animal, I've got the gun.

Sandtrooper from Cantina Playset's Robot - (x1), and Blaster Rifle, (x1):
Note:  I need the weapon, and the droid that plugs into his back and floats behind his head.

AT-AT Driver's Blaster - (x3):
Note:  Similar to the Luke Stormie Blaster, but with a shorter back end - I need 3 of these.

Prisoner Chewbacca's Bowcaster - (x1):
Note:  Just need one of these...

Commtech Stormtrooper's Blaster Rifle - (x5):
Note:  I need a bunch of these - 5.

Han in Carbonite's Blaster Pistol - (x1):
Note:  Just one of these.

Bossk's Blaster Pistol - (x1):
Note:  I've got the rifle, I just need the smaller gun.

300th Boba Fett's Backpack - (x1), Large Rifle - (x1), Small Pistol - (x1), and Missile
(non firing x1):
Note:  They can all be seen in the one photo, the backpack and missile go together - I need one of each.

Death Star Escape Han Solo's Blaster - (x3), and Belt - (x2):
Note:  I've got one belt, looking for two belts, 3 guns.

Cold Weather Obi Wan's Helmet - (x1), and Lightsaber - (x1):
Note:  I've got the backpack already.

Translucent Darth Vader's Lightsaber - (x2):
Note:  Two of these.

Episode 1: 

Yoda's chair - (x1):
Note:  The only E1 thing I'm looking for...


Pit of Carkoon Boba Fett's Jet Pack Fire Base - (x1), and Blaster - (x1):                        
Note:  I'm looking for the base of jetpack flames that he sits on, and the gun.
Bespin Luke's Blaster Pistol - (x1), and Lightsaber - (x1):
Note:  One blaster, one saber.

Obi Wan Kenobi Acklay Battle's Staff - (x1), and Column - (x1):
Note:  I've got the handcuffs/binders already.

Death Star Clash Vader's Lightsaber - (x1):
Note:  Just the lightsaber.

Saga Version of Emperor's Royal Guard Force Pike - (x1):
Note:  I don't need the electricity, just the force pike.

Thanks in advance if you made it this far and are able to help.

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