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Anybody else out there watching 'Lost' on ABC? I just finished watching the season finale, and quite frankly, I'm a little pissed. What the hell did I spend my last few months watching this show for? What was revealed by this episode? I think I'm even more lost now then I was before, if that's possible.

Can anybody make heads or tails out of what just transpired?

I think that hole in the ground leads to the hatch. I wanna know who the "Others" are, and whats the deal with those bleeding numbers! And damnit, he just couldn't leave the heroin alone, could he? I hate druggies!

Loche is my favorite charachter, by far, and tonight showed a bit of his dark side, when he lit the fuse, and left Hugo all alone there, till Jack ran out and speared his ass to the ground to save his life.

And what the **** was up with those guys on the boat?! Who here saw THAT coming, cause I sure didn't.  Now we got shot people alone in the water, a kidnapped son, an open hatch, a baby returned, "The Others" out there or somthing... that I think about it, those people who took the kid very well may be the others. They didn't get the one kid, so they took the I just impressed myself. Not hard to do, but I digress...

Hopefully next season will clear it all up.


Well, I did catch Sawyer's "Han & Chewie" remark.   ;)

I had no idea they were refering to Walt as the boy the "others" were after.  I totally forgot about Walt's "gift".  I did like the flashback that Claire had.  Was Danielle helping Claire escape or was she helping hold her hostage?  Where the hell did Jin go when the "others" attacked??  Did he fall overboard?  Is he on the boat??  I thought all of that was interesting and love a good cliff hanger but the hatch sequence left me a little down.  I was hoping for more than a long ladder.  WTF???  Are they gonna draw straws again to see who goes down?? :P

I didn't really believe anything would be resolved and I just knew Charlie would take the heroine back with him.  Bummer...but makes a good plot line for next season.  I also figured Shannon would forgive Sayid.  

I did see the seaon finale of Charmed and at least I know where the evil black cloud was on the island before Jack blew it up  ::) :-X   Anyone have a guess on what the heck THAT was??

Jin jumped overboard after the other fellah got shot, presumably to save his life. Poor Walt. Stupid stupid Charlie and his heroin.


Dressel Rebel:
What a 2 hour pile of ****.


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