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That was the biggest bag of air I've seen in a while.  Absolutely nothing satisfying about it at all.   :(

Didn't that "dinosaur"s noises seem VERY mechanical to you?



--- Quote from: Famine on May 25, 2005, 11:39 PM ---Didn't that "dinosaur"s noises seem VERY mechanical to you?

--- End quote ---

Very much so... I even turned to my girlfriend and said "That sounds like one of those logger machines, or whatever that is that wipes out the rain forests for lumber."

That would have really been a ****** way to end the season. Plus, I guess if they did that then they wouldn't really have a second season. Do you think that they had a way to wrap up the season and give the answers everyone's been waiting for is the show didn't turn out to be a hit?

Especialy when they pulled Loche down towards the hole, it sounded like chains or somthing being pulled on a crank. I want NitroTNT...:(


I enjoyed it.  I jumped off of the couch when:

Earnst blew up

The boat showed up and the "Others" took Walt

I think Jiin jumped overboard to save Sawyer, but he could've ended up on the "other" boat.

I guess it's going to be one loooong summer!


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