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What Vintage Do You Still Have From Your Childhood?

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Force Guy:
The only vintage items that I still have from when I was a child are a Bespin Luke figure, Boba Fett figure, Darth Vader figure, & Yoda with orange snake.  I won't get into how I lost all my other childhood vintage items because it's too painful...   


--- Quote from: Master_Phruby on December 15, 2011, 11:22 AM ---I finally unpacked my vintage collection. It's in our bedroom. I'm still working on finding all the guns. The BSG figures have their accessories.

--- End quote ---

A year later.. but tell me about the unpainted Yarna?  Looks like Ryan's mold but I've never seen one that wasn't painted.

Vintage from when I was a kid... these two figures are all that's left:

Neim Nunb looks well loved.

I still have quite a bit of my childhood figures and ships.  Most are well played with condition.  But I have a Darth Vader case and a case full.  A few mini-rigs and ships.  The X-wing is the saddest of the bunch. 


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