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Boba Binks:
Can anyone tell me where I can order those clear circle stands for the Star Wars figures? For the life of me I cannot remember where I bought the ones I have. It has been so long ago.
I ordered them from some website but can't seem to remember.  >:(

They are the same stands that the Fan Club gave away when you bought the Hoth Leia, Pote Snitkin, Death Star Droid, and now I can't remember the other figure.

It has been a long past 24 hours. I am now going to go to bed and get some rest. I am so glad that I have the rest of the day and tomorrow off.

If anyone can help out please post.
I need to order about 100 or so of these stands. I only have about 15 left in my stockpile.

This may help you out.  ;)
Wholesale Source for ProTech Products
Star Wars Action Figure Stands

Yeah, you're looking for the clear Real Stands David.  If you just head on over to our main page, you'll see a button on the right hand side linking you to them.  Just hit that, so they know JediDefender sent ya'!   ;)

Best stands on the market - for sure!  They're the only ones I use...   8)

Boba Binks:
Yes!! Real Stands those are it!!! Thank You! I do not know why I could not remember that.
I just ordered 150 of them.

Thank you!

**Man I must be looooooosssssiiiinnnnnggggg it! :)
I could only rest for a few hours. Now I am up and running again.

commander apoc:
You can make them from a cutdown plate of transparent plastic (every hardware store has it).
Polish of the sides and round em with a machine or sandpaper...

Then just put in a small screw, about 2-3mm thick and 5-7mm long, and do it in the right place... and than you have you're stand...

It's good when you have a glass-cabin, because the transparent stands almost invisible then....


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