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Why did you resurrect 6 old threads Apoc? Obviously the people found what they were looking for ???. Its actually cheaper I believe for those real stands, they are perfectly round unlike a hand made one, and these cost like a dollar a piece or less, meaning you save time and money when you just buy them from the Realstands.

commander apoc:
You are so right,

But i'm new here so I didn't look at the dates and I had a whole evening of nothing to do, so I just gave some tips. ;)

The tips could be helpfull if you're more like a modeler like me, but you are so right to buy them. Here in Europe the stands are too hard too get, so i just make them. I wouldn't have written the comments if I could just get the stands, get it? 8)

Sorry about the resurrection, I hope I don't do it again :P

Entertainment Earth to produce new Clear Action Figure Stands

Jesse James:
Marauder John's "Gunrunners" has a new interlocking system of stands as well... 

I've not bought any myself, not yet anyway, but they really look like they'd make an interesting "floor" for a Death Star or something too, not just simply stands.  Good if you're looking for a different way to display.

Arctic Ackbar:
Has hasbro officially shuttered their figure stands?  They are no longer listed on HTS.  I Was hoping to get some  more of th.


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