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Asajj Ventress from Jedi vs. Sith
« on: August 11, 2005, 01:28 AM »
Okay, I bought this because my 11 year old son had to have it and I am dreading it. Luckily the wife agreed it didn't have to come out of my collecting budget, whew!

Asajj is the best figure in the Battle Pack (I will review the Battle Pack later after I look carefully at the details of each figure). She has 8 points of articulation, head, shoulders, elbows, waist and legs at the hip. No knee or foot articulation though. 

The paint job is good, and in the light of my office her front triangle decoration on her skirt looks cloth. I love the fact that this one has the storage for her sabers on her skirt, so if you remove the blades from the hilt you could store them there. Problem is for me, and perhaps I did not try hard enough, but the blades don't seem to detach from the hilts. I'll have to check my Clone Wars one and if they do I suppose I could use them there. The other con to this feature is that the lightsaber holders on the skirt are way to loose to even hold a lightsaber, and thus are for decorative use only, unless you superglued hilts into the handles.

Her head is a ball joint, and IMO sits on her head better then the CW Asajj did.  My son swapped heads earlier tonight and it did not look bad. This Asajj though is lacking the tatoos on the side of her head from the previous ones, looking more like the animated Asajj vs. the comic and book cover art from the Clone Wars Novels.

Playability is good on this figure, minus the articulation. Posing her is equal to the Clone Wars Asajj.

I do wish they had been able to make her skirt soft goods, it would have enhanced the figure IMO.

Overall, I would rate the figure a 7.5 to a 8 on a 1-10 scale (an 8 is too high though as I think about it, but I grade hard). If your thinking about buying the set just for Asajj, don't. She is not worth the $20 to $25 you'll pay. I think Hasbro has yet to produce the SA soft goods Asajj that many collectors will drool for. Again, the paint job is good, but be careful on the diamond dark eye shadow as I have seen the right eye darker and bigger then the left eye and vice versa.  Articulation is okay. A nice figure that will sit well next to my clone wars Asajj (and when my son is not playing with her).

We paid $19.95 at a local Walmart plus tax for the Jedi vs Sith Battle Pack.

Overall,  I like this figure, just want a Agen or Obi Wan Pilot level figure done of her.
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Re: Asajj Ventress from Jedi vs. Sith
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2005, 01:52 AM »
Nice breakdown of Assajj there. 

She's definitely got molded sabers which I thought was really odd considering the holsters for the hilts.  She's an all-new sculpt, but a lot weaker in the articulation department than the Clone Wars figure.  That kinda killed her for me, and made me appreciate the CW one a lot more (who also has the removable blade feature).

That pack's one that I sorta wish I'd passed on at this point and maybe got later for cheaper.  I hoped for more out of a lot of the figures, but it is indeed a rocking set for kids I think.
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