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Scott helped me with finding my only 12" doll I needed in another toy line...Top notch, thanks again!!

Mikey D:
Scott hooked me up with his extra ML Captain America.  Shipped it fast and well packaged.  Gladly do business with again.

Scott comes through again with Smeagol!!
As always, top notch packaging.  Thanks again!! :)

Jesse James:
Scott's my only reason for owning an Ephant Mon I think...

What can I say but thanks?  Even if he only sold it to me to shut me up! :)

He's a great guy, and always willing to help where he can.

Finally had the pleasure of playing trading partner with the iconic wonder known as OCB.  Fortunately for him, he didn't disappoint.  Quick payment, and reasonably pleasant correspondence - at least as pleasant as can be expected with a Vikings/T-Wolves/Twinkies fan!   :P   Therefore, I suppose I'm willing to risk my entire trading rep by offering this good fella my highest recommendation to all for their trading needs...  Thanks Scott!   :-*


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