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Greetings Programs!

I just signed up at the JediDefender site and I like wait I see. There are alot of familure names around here.

I think I'll start off my stay at this message board with my latest custom. It's a carded version of my son Fred in his Padawan Jedi outfit.  Enjoy!

Jesse James:
Nice work Paul, and may I say thank you for A) Stopping over, and B) taking up some of those F'n Padawan figures hanging on the pegs at every WM store from coast to coast! :)

Seriously though, that's some good work.  I bet your son appreciates that.

I myself have pondered doiong some Youngling customs but finding smaller heads is a rarity.  :(

What's the pieces you used?  All new sculpt on the head?

Jesse James:
Oh, feel free to hop over and intro yourself in the section down towards Watto's Junkyard.  I think it's a couple sections below it (tell I don't go often).

And again welcome aboard.  You're a good name to see hopping on!

Thanks Jesse. I'll poke around here tomorrow at work.  ;)

The head is just ep1 anakin. It looks closest to Fred and I didn't really have time to make a ready good head for it. I'm working on Kermit Skyhopper for UGP#5 right now.

Hey Paul!  Welcome to JD!  Another face here, I'm sure you'd recognize from my occasional appearances in the RS SoCal thread.  Anyway, glad you took Jess up on his offer to stop on by.  You'll have to swing by the SoCal thread here from time to time, and let us know what's shakin' down in the OC!

That's a kick ass custom of your son there.  Definitely cool.  VOTC, no less!  Makes me inclined to want to beg for you to make a custom of me too.   ;)

Keep up the great customs.  Looking forward to seeing more of them here.  Enjoy JD, and feel free to give any of the staff a holler if you've got any questions, comments, or suggestions about the place.  We're here to serve!

Catch ya' around the boards...

- Matt


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