Author Topic: The (Hypothetical) End of SW Toys and Your Wishes  (Read 3449 times)

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The (Hypothetical) End of SW Toys and Your Wishes
« on: September 18, 2005, 04:36 PM »
One of the things eternal pessimists and cynics such as myself are always accused of is not looking at the silver lining as opposed to prolonged concentration on the grayness of the cloud itself.  So, due to my seemingly endless prognostication that the SW action figure line will die/be murdered by the end of 2006, and reading the "ideas for future waves/themes" thread and seeing everyone's varying wishes for future waves/themes, got me thinking. 

What if we somehow knew that 2007 would be the last year of SW toys, and it were a magical world where retail would support the line until the end and everyone would be able to get exactly what they wanted in sufficient amounts?  What would YOU want to see in that final year, or more accurately, if you knew the line would die completely by 2008, what items would you be seriously disappointed if you did not see? 

So, with that in mind, I put forth a challenge to everyone here on the boards to see what you (relatively speaking) could not do without before the line was brought to an end.  To make it easier, we (well, I) will put forth some ground rules:  You can pick four figures per film (plus 4 from the Expanded Universe), one vehicle/beast per film, one deluxe figure per film, and one Unleashed figure OR 1 Galactic Heroes 2 pack per film (whichever you'd prefer).  What you pick is up to you, but try to keep it within those limits (as limitations often make you (well, me) realize what you would really want to see as opposed to what you think you would want to see).

I look forward to seeing what everyone's last requests would be, and I'll get the ball rolling:

-Basic Figures:

01.  Qui-Gon Jinn (Super Articulated, with soft goods cloak, soft goods Tatooine poncho, lightsaber, lightsaber hilt, split-apart Sith Probe Droid, and mini-Royal Starship hologram projector)

02.  Queen Amidala in Pre-Senate/Palpatine's Office Gown (Super Articulated, and a soft goods dress would be nice)

03.  Obi-Wan Kenobi (Super Articulated, with soft goods cloak, lightsaber, lightsaber hilt, Qui-Gon's lightsaber, switchable "wet" head, and comlink)

04.  Daultay Dofine (Super Articulated, with removable miter/hat, Trade Federation cleanup droid, mini-holographic Nute Gunray/Rune Haako)

-Deluxe Figure:  Super Articulated/Transforming Destroyer Droid with blue "shield generator" effect that fits over the droid.

-Vehicle:  Sith Infiltrator with SA Darth Maul

-Unleashed:  Qui-Gon Jinn (slicing a Battle Droid in half on a Theed Palace base)

-Basic Figures:

01.  Jango Fett (Super Articulated, removable helmet, Kamino jet pack with launching missle and static missle, blaster pistols, Arena jet pack, switchable lower arm/gauntlets with rope, claws, and regular gauntlets)

02.  Mace Windu (Super Articulated, soft goods cloak, lightsaber, lightsaber hilt, Jedi Council chair)

03.  Taun We (properly scaled, Super Articulated, soft goods waist cloak)

04.  Cliegg Lars (Super Articulated, removable leg/cast, hover chair, moisture farm droid)

-Deluxe Figure:  Super Articulated Spider Droid (not a wind-up with film accurate detailing and sculpt)

-Vehicle:  Republic AT-TE Walker with AT-TE Driver figure

-Unleashed:  Kit Fisto (Geonosis base, slashing Battle Droids and/or Geonosians)

-Basic Figures:

01.  Emperor Palpatine-Senate Duel (Super Articulated, soft goods cloak, hilt, lightsaber, cane, switchable lightning hands, mini-hologram Darth Vader)

02.  Kashyyyk Clone Scout Trooper (Super Articulated, removable helmet, sniper rifle, blaster pistol)

03.  Nute Gunray (Super Articulated, soft goods cloak?, removable miter/hat, mouse droid)

04.  Grievous' Bodyguard (Super Articulated, properly scaled, soft goods cape, switchable heads-one damaged, one normal, staff with removable "energy" effects done in proper scale)

-Deluxe Figure:  General Grievous (Super Articulated, blaster pistol, four lightsabers, soft goods cloak, bonus set of four arms with super articulation so design is not compromised)

-Vehicle:  V-Wing Starfighter with V-Wing Pilot and Astromech

-Unleashed:  R2-D2 (firing booster rockets, surrounded by flames, and grasping/burning/set to explode Super Battle Droids)

-Basic Figures:

01.  Owen Lars (Super Articulated, blaster rifle, pack-in corpse, moisture farm Treadwell droid)

02.  Death Star Trooper (Super Articulated, blaster pistol, blaster rifle, removable helmet, switchable heads)

03.  Biggs Darklighter (Super Articulated, blaster pistol, removable helmet)

04.  Han Solo in Stormtrooper Disguise (Super Articulated, blaster rifle, blaster pistol, removable helmet)

-Deluxe Figure:  Imperial Gunner (Super Articulated, blaster rifle, blaster pistol) with Death Star Turbolaser Station

-Vehicle:  Y-Wing Fighter (properly scaled) with Y-Wing Pilot

-Unleashed:  Obi-Wan Kenobi (with Death Star duel base)

-Basic Figures

01.  Luke Skywalker in Bespin Fatigues (Super Articulated, weather vane, switchable heads, removable hand, lightsaber, pistol, hilt, arm-cast thing)

02.  Boba Fett (Super Articulated, removable helmet, blaster rifle, blaster pistol, backpack with static/launching missle, soft goods cape and braids)

03.  Snowtrooper (Super Articulated, blaster pistol, blaster rifle, E-Web Tri-Pod Cannon)

04.  Hoth Rebel Soldier (Super Articulated, removable helmet/hat, switchable heads, blaster rifle, blaster pistol)

-Deluxe Figure:  Han Solo in Carbonite (Super Articulated Han with bicep cuffs, opening Carbonite block with semi-transparent face of block)

-Vehicle:  Bespin Twin-Pod Cloud Car with CCP

-Unleashed:  C-3P0/Stormtrooper (Threepio in mid-explosion with Stormtrooper firing into cloud of parts and fire)

-Basic Figures:

01.  Luke Skywalker in Endor Gear (Super Articulated, soft goods poncho, removable belt, removable helmet, hilt, lightsaber, switchable hands, cuffs)

02.  C-3P0 (Super Articulated, with Ewok Throne)

03.  Chief Chirpa (Super Articulated, with staff and various rocks and sticks)

04.  Anakin Skywalker (Spirit of in Hayden's likeness with Yoda spirit pack-in)

-Deluxe Figure:  Super Articulated Biker Scout with Speeder Bike (based on the Saga Deluxe Clone bike design)

-Vehicle:  Jabba's Skiff (new mold) with Weequay Skiff Guard

-Unleashed:  Biker Scout (Endor base with wrecked Speeder Bike)

-Basic Figures:

01.  ARC Trooper (Super Articulated, removable helmet, 2 pistols, blaster rifle, bazooka, possible red/blue variants)

02.  Quinlan Vos (Super Articulated, soft goods cloak, hilt, and lightsaber)

03.  Obi-Wan Kenobi in Clone Armor (Super Articulated, soft goods cloak, lightsaber, hilt, removable helmet, jousting stick)

04.  Coruscant Clone Commander (Super Articulated, blaster pistol, blaster rifle, removable helmet, binoculars)

-Deluxe Figure:  Clone Commando (from videogame) with extra weaponry and armor accessories.

-Vehicle:  Clone Starfighter (from Clone Wars Seasons 1 and 2) with Clone Pilot

-Unleashed:  ARC-Trooper (with Muunilist base and that little lizard thing amongst destroyed Battle Droid parts)

And that's my Sunday time-killin' list.  Time for everyone else's thoughts.  :)

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Re: The (Hypothetical) End of SW Toys and Your Wishes
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2005, 05:26 PM »
What about an EU "Kamino training" wave? it could have figures like:

01. Adult Clone - In red non-armour uniform, super-articulated, accesspries like accrelerated learning helmet or ikea cutlery :P

02. Kaminoan cloning supervisor - Super-articulated with datapad

03. Jango Fett: ARC trooper training sargeant - in mandalorian armour, Super-articulated, removable helmet, and can include a lot of accessories such as clone weapons for demonstrating uses.

04. Cuyvul 'dar (As mentioned in Republic Commando: Hard Contact. Disbanded mandalorians who went their separate ways. some of them were contacted by Jango Fett to see if they wanted to train armies for the republic) Training Sargeant - Super-articulated, full mando armour, mandalorian-issue blaster, removable helmet. Could come in a myriad of paint variations for different mandos.

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Re: The (Hypothetical) End of SW Toys and Your Wishes
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2005, 08:22 PM »
How about a $9.99, wide release, Imperial multipack that includes:

VOTC Stormie
POTF2 DarkTrooper
POTF2 SpaceTrooper
POTJ Biker Scout
Evo Sandtrooper
POTJ Imp. Officer
OTC Tie Pilot
OTC SnowTrooper
Saga Admirial Ozzel
OTC Han AT-ST New head
AT-AT Driver *New*


And a rerelease of the Tie Bomber and AT-AT for $20.99 each. ;D

That's what I want before '08.
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Re: The (Hypothetical) End of SW Toys and Your Wishes
« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2005, 01:49 AM »
Finish up every single unmade background character from the OT and get me a super articulated scout trooper and I can die a happy man.

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Re: The (Hypothetical) End of SW Toys and Your Wishes
« Reply #4 on: September 19, 2005, 02:24 AM »
To make it easier, we (well, I) will put forth some ground rules:  You can pick four figures per film (plus 4 from the Expanded Universe), one vehicle/beast per film, one deluxe figure per film, and one Unleashed figure OR 1 Galactic Heroes 2 pack per film (whichever you'd prefer).  What you pick is up to you, but try to keep it within those limits (as limitations often make you (well, me) realize what you would really want to see as opposed to what you think you would want to see).

Since I'd can the GH and Unleashed lines in the final year if I knew it was the final year, am I allowed to cheat and pick one more figure? :)  If so I'll update my post accordingly.

Episode 1, The Phantom Menace:

-SA Obi-Wan Kenobi...  Softgoods robe of course, lit and unlit sabers, and communicator on the belt.  
-SA Qui-Gon Jinn...  Same as above, simple perfection.  As super articulated as ROTS Obi Pilot.
-SA Mace Windu...  Same as above, maybe a "testing" datapad accessory or a mini-holo of QGJ or OWK.
-SA Battledroid (good plastic)...  Just a sturdy, nicely articulated battledroid.  I pick this on the assumption they'll release the figure en masse for army building glee.

-Deluxe Gragra w/Chuba Stand...  Even though I think I could do this from the Pez figure, I really still would like a full size stand and everything from Hasbro.

-Gian Speeder w/SA Naboo Soldier (You knew I'd sneak in something kick ass like that)...  Title says it all.  :)  It's my dream so I get a good pack-in figure, so there.  This is the only vehicle worth really taking a look at "realistically" from TPM though, although I'd gladly take a to-scale Sith Infiltrator if they'd make it.  Trying for SOME level of realism though I'm going with the Gian Speeder.

-No GH or Unleashed.

Episode 2, Attack of the Clones:

-SA Jango Fett...  Easily a needed figure.  Removable helmet, working holsters, both jetpack variants.  Hell, include a sniper rifle from the Bounty Hunter game even.
-SA Zam Wessell...  She really needs redone, as does Jango, with the SA treatment. Interchangeable heads w/removable helmets, maybe a cloth face scarf...  I'd dig her then.
-Geonosian Resculpt...  As articulated as possible, detachable wings for both "versions" of the species, sturdy plastic.
-Outlander Peasant Anakin...  Super Articulated, softgoods poncho.  I just liked this outfit and since it got a little extra play in deleted scenes I would like to see it get a good figure.  Plus I'm strapped for AOTC ideas, honestly...  Short of some SA Clones in training pj's I'm really disinterested in background characters from this or TPM.

-Deluxe SA Training Clone...  Eh, so I snuck this guy in anyway.  Include some training gear like "padded" suiting for combat training, maybe a table w/food for the dining scene in their cafeteria?  I dunno, it's just a way for me to get this figure in I guess.

-Geonosian Mount w/cart...  The thing Anakin and Padme steal, basically.  It's the same animal the Geonosians rode, I think?  Whatever.  That's what I'd take, though if I was thinking unrealistically I'd want a Homing Spider Droid (to-scale), hehe. :)

-No Unleashed, No GH.

Episode 3, Revenge Of The Sith:

-SA Destroyer Droid...  Somehow make it able to fold up.
-SA Utapau Clone...  Removable helmet, ball/socket hips, and super articulated everywhere else.  Oh and 2 rifles so they make up for all these Rifle-less Clones we have.
-SA Mygeeto SnowClone...  Bacara needs grunts.  Articulation like above with a softgoods skirt and removable helmet.  Sweeeet.
-SA Super Battledroid...  Blast-apart feature like the AOTC figure, extra arm articulation, ankles, and good sturdy plastic of course.

-Deluxe Ultimate General Grievous...  Sofgtgoods cape, proper scale, ultimate articulation (beyond even their best to-date), split-apart arms, removable hands where appropriate...  The Ultimate Grievous.  Oh, and little "pockets" in the cape for hanging hilts.  Oh, and since it's my wish I'd make them have a "blast apart" feature on it like the SBD has with a Clone Wars "crumpled" chest you can snap on.  They can do that and make it work on the SBD so Grievous can have it too.  That's $10 worth of figure to me.

-Republic Gunship Resculpt...  The Gunship gets resculpted to-scale, 2 properly scaled gunner turrets included, and every feature the first Gunship had as well.  I like the Gunship that's out for all the effort it has, but its scale bothers me and I want bigger/better.

-No GH, no Unleashed.

Episode 4, A New Hope:

-SA Rebel Fleet Trooper...  Like you didn't see this coming?  Removable helmet, flexible removable vest, working holster, ball/socket hips plus super articulation everywhere else, head variants, scanner pistol...  My dream figure.  :'(
-Tie between Garrouf Lafoe & Deleted Scene Jabba...  I really want the Cantina snitch, and I really want big fat Irish human Jabba.  I'm cheating with a "tie" here but in the end I'd likely take the snitch over Jabba since he was in the film prominently enough.
-Hem Dazon...  Hem's the Cantina alien I find most memorable, and I'm amazed he has yet to get a figure.  He's the first you see for god's sake!
-Cantina Han Solo (just kidding).
-Rebel Honor Guard...  Super Articulated honor guard with pike, removable RFT helmet (with visor down).  I liked these guys and somehow think they'll never get a figure and they should.  Thoughhhhh...  I could really also dig a Rebel Officer (the mid-level officers in ballcap style hats).   :-\  Potentially another tie here.

-Deluxe SA Rebel Tech w/Sled...  Rebel Tech with a troop sled, super articulated figure, removable helmet, light sticks.  Oh joy!

-To-scale X-Wing...  Without a doubt it's my favorite ship of the saga, and while I'd like a Y-Wing, the X-Wing's terribly underscaled too, and now is a must-have against the new TIE Fighter.  Opening cockpit, droid socket, and opening cargo hold too.

-No Unleashed, no GH.

Episode 5, The Empire Strikes Back:

-SA Han Solo Hoth Gear...  My ideal would have a softgoods hood you could pull down and a removable helmet.  I just know Han needs redone irregardless of what color his coat may be this time.  That Saga figure was weak.
-SA Hoth Rebel Soldier...  The footsoldier needs a good figure finally, after 3 failures previously.  Super articulated, removable helmet, head variants, working holster w/sidearm, rifle (sturdy plastic), and a softgoods scarf attached to the helmet.  Sweeeeeeet.
-SA Imperial Storm"Snow"Trooper...  Another must-have after 2-3 lackluster figures.  A working holster, softgoods mask and skirt, and articulation out the ying yang would be awful nice.
-SA Snowspeeder Pilot (Dak)...  A super articulated "generic" pilot.  I'd take Dak, Hobbie, or Jansen...  Really probably one of the latter two due to the unique helmet paintjobs.  It'd just be nice to have a good snowspeeder pilot at the end for army builders and customizers.

-Deluxe Ultimate Imperial Officer...  This is a figure I've "engineered" to fill multiple roles.  First, it's a SA Imperial Officer sculpt obviously.  Second, there's at least 3 unique heads per set (1 Chief Bast, 1 Jeremy Bulloch, and 1 Gen. Veers).  Third there's removable armor, belt w/working holster, helmet, and kepi hat.  Fourth there's snap-on rank badges (4 bar, generals bars, and 1-row 4-bar.  And fifth, the figure's released in black and grey variants.  Yes, that's the ultimate Imperial Officer, and it knocks off a Veers figure, a Bulloch Officer, and Chief Bast...  Veers is the head on the figure in the packaging though so it's an ESB figure.  :)  Yeah I cheated witht his, but man I'm proud of myself.  And it's still one $10 figure technically.

-To-Scale Snowspeeder...  Finally resculpt that thing so it's the proper "tiny" scaled ship.  I will say I'd give a very honorable mention to the AT-ST however the Hoth "variant" of the walker isn't my favorite and I think the ENdor one's better looking.    But anyway, a to-scale Snowspeeder is LONG overdue and I'm tired of that hulking (though nicely sculpted) one from the vinty days.

-No GH, no Unleashed.

Episode 6, Return Of The Jedi:

-SA Luke Skywalker (Endor/Death Star)...  This will be the definitive Luke figure for ROTJ really.  SA, softgoods poncho, removable helmet (Saga one even), removable poncho belt, removable Jedi vest (for his DS duel outfit underneath).  Just a good perfect Luke for this film.
-SA Leia Endor...  Pretty much the same as above.  Good double for a Home One Leia too, but removable helmet, softgoods poncho and belt (with working holster).  Just a great Leia figure.
-SA Han Solo Endor...  Again, same as above but with a removable softgoods trench coat.  A softgoods sachel with detonators in it would be kinda neat too, but not a must.
-SA Rebel Commando (Endor)...  I want the 3rd version of the Rebel Commando with the camo jacket on but opened exposing his standard uniform underneath.  Give him the softgoods sachel with detonators actually.  Removable helmet with head variants a must!

-Deluxe Biker Scout w/Bike...  The ultimate biker scout sculpt, with ultimate articulation (TE Gunner hip joints are a must so he can ride his bike properly).  Also a newly scupted to-scale Speeder bike w/clear stand for it so it appears to hover.  Working holster on the scout for his sidearm, and we're set...  A sniper rifle from Battlefront?  One could dream.

-Resculpt AT-ST To-Scale...  Like the Snowspeeder it'd be sweet to see the AT-ST get a to-scale sculpt.  It's really not that large.  Include 2 AT-ST Pilot pack-ins (even if they re-use the Imp. Officer sculpt with the POTJ TIE Pilot's articulated legs), and I'd be a happy camper.  New AT-ST Pilots would be nice though.  Full interior, opening hatches (and viewport windows), and that's a great vehicle that I'd buy at least 6 of.

-No Unleashed, No GH.

Expanded Universe:

-SA Kyle Katarn...  Jedi Knight Style sculpt, light saber, Imp. Repeater Rifle, Bryar Pistol & Railgun from first figure, and a removable bandoleir of Thermal Detonators.  Kyle's one of the best EU characters ever, without a doubt.
-SA NJO Luke Skywalker...  Old Luke, softgoods robes...  He's a must have even though I'm critical of the NJO series as it's heavily flawed IMO.
-SA Jan Ors...  What's Kyle without Jan?  SA her, give her some gear (goggles, etc.), and I'd be happy.
-SA Rebel Infiltrator...  Basically, imagine the Rebel Alliance's best troopers...  Snake Eyes if he were an Alliance Commando instead of a GI Joe.  :)  Give him throwing knives you can hide in a working sheath, a modified E-11 blaster, a grappling hook, and the modified Rebel Commando helmet and that's a kick ass figure.

-Deluxe Zero-G Stormtrooper...  The Imperial Stormtrooper's best troops, the Zero G Troopers (West End Games design, not that POS EU figure from 98) are BIG self-contained space suits.  Make it like the GI Joe Snake suit though that you could actually figure a figure inside, and include an Imperial Zero-G Trooper in his black body glove (IE: The body glove Stormies wear under their armor).  Super Articulated, all the little guns and tools...  This would be a fantastic figure and would look amazing in the packaging.

-TIE Defender...  Done to-scale, it's the single EU Ship I would absolutely have to have, even though the Moldy Crow (Katarn's ship) is a very close 2nd.  The TIE Defender's just the perfect EU craft to me.

-No GH, No Unleashed.

And I'm going to cheat and take another EU round, and here's why.  The new Clone Wars series is due out in 2007 so I figure new Clone Wars toys may happen, or at least would have more a chance, so I'm separating them from the generic EU topic and adding a "Clone Wars" line too Doctor Padawan, sorry. :)

Clone Wars (All Realistic Sculpts over Cartoon Sculpts):

-SA ARC Trooper (with Episode 2 and 3 styled Clone helmets)...  Basically it's just as it says, and the extra styled helmets are just for those who like ARCs in all eras.  Softgoods Kama/skirt, and working holsters.  Include some of the weapons they had like the shoulder fired launcher or the mini-gun and that'd rock to me.
-SA Obi-Wan General Armor...  Obi in his Clone Armor, simple.
-SA Assajj Ventress...  Softgoods skirt and cloak.
-SA Anakin (Yavin IV Battle)...  Softgoods tunic/robes for a battleworn look when removed for his battle with Assajj on Yavin IV.

-Deluxe IG Lancer Droid...  Durge's IG Lander Droid, super articulated, with speederbike and lance.  Sweet.

-To-Scale Fanblade Fighter...  Assajj's fighter.

-No GH, No Unleashed.

Well, that felt like a really long post.

Sucks to even think about the death of the line really, especially with things finally turning for the better in the last 2 years or so...  Many more hits than misses, whereas the line was littered with misses for the majority of its 10 years while the hits were fewer and farrer between (even though they did keep things fun).

ROTS's line and OTC all renewed my hope for the line and the potential to get really neat, and obscure items, army builder focused things, etc.
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Re: The (Hypothetical) End of SW Toys and Your Wishes
« Reply #5 on: September 19, 2005, 10:18 AM »
It's funny, all I really, really want is CZ-3, Biggs in Academy gear, and Graga, the Market Vendor from TPM.

The rest is gravy.
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Re: The (Hypothetical) End of SW Toys and Your Wishes
« Reply #6 on: September 19, 2005, 09:44 PM »
Why do I have to always follow Jesse in these type threads...I knew I should have just posted  when I saw this earlier...

To save time, I'll just ditto Jesse's list, except I'd like a really good sculpt TUSKEN RAIDER added to the list.  I'm really having my jones on for some really good sandpeople with the Super Articulation and either good soft goods or good sculpt.

But other than that, JJ seems to have covered the Army Builders that I think need a re-visit and know of at least 3 that should be packaged with an Apology (Hoth Rebel might need 2 apologies all by himself or some sort of trade in credit)

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Re: The (Hypothetical) End of SW Toys and Your Wishes
« Reply #7 on: September 20, 2005, 12:08 AM »
R5-D4....detailed sculpt and super-articulated.
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Re: The (Hypothetical) End of SW Toys and Your Wishes
« Reply #8 on: September 20, 2005, 04:29 AM »
What do I really, really want?  A Wedge that does not suck.  Dorme.  SA Scout Troopers, Snow Troopers, Utapau Clones, Mygeeto Clones, all kinds of clones.  All kinds of Padmes.  SA versions of Obi Wan, Qui Gon, Mace, Yoda, Han/Luke Stormtroopers VOTC style, R5-D4, SA Hoth Han, Snow Bunny Padme, and lots of other stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting.

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Re: The (Hypothetical) End of SW Toys and Your Wishes
« Reply #9 on: September 20, 2005, 10:42 AM »
I am leaving for woprk, so will update this later, but i want a Yarna Da'l Gargan figure.
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Re: The (Hypothetical) End of SW Toys and Your Wishes
« Reply #10 on: September 20, 2005, 07:46 PM »
Ok, I view my earlier post as a I am going to do my definative list...

If you know me at all you know that the Prequels are not my favorite so if the lists are light there forgive me.

I don't collect the Galactic Heroes or other lines so I'll limit it to just the 3 3/4 in line.


SA Tusken Raider with either Good Soft Goods or a Decent Sculpted Robe, but not the "Combo"
SA Jawa
Astromech Droids

Vehicle: Was there a Bantha in TPM?


SA Tusken Raider with either Good Soft Goods or a Decent Sculpted Robe, but not the "Combo"
SA Jawa
Astromech Droids R5-D4 perhaps....

Vehicle:  Maybe that Solar Sail Boat that the old guy flies.


SA Courescant Firefighter
SA Clone Medic/Commando from that planet that Obi-Wan rides the gecko and kills the 4 armed guy with whooping cough, I think he is wearing Yellow.
SA Mace Windu, poor guy needs a good figure

Ultra/Deluxe:  SA Clone with Ball Jointed hips to ride Stass Allie's Bike

Vehicle:  I like that AT-AT looking thing witht he stumpy legs.


SA Rebel Fleet Trooper (basically all the things previously listed)
SA Death Star Trooper (with the Rebel Blaster)
SA Imperial Officer in Black/Green and Gray and multiple headsculpts
SA Luke Farmer with a sculpted tunic, stormtrooper belt, floppy hat, soft goods poncho

Ultra/Deluxe:  Death Star Gunner (SA) with Gunner Station

Vehicle/Playset:  I like JJ"s idea of the Rebel Tech with sled, but I'd just make it a package deal as a Vechilce/Playset.


SA Hoth Han
SA Hoth Stormtrooper
SA Snowspeeder Pilot (I like the different headsculpts theory as well as the Toque and various Helmet choices

Ultra/Deluxe:  Han Solo in Bespin with Torture Rack. (but he would need to be SA with a removable gun belt

Vehicle/Playset:  I'll have to amend this one, I can't think of one right now


SA Luke Jedi
SA Endor Rebel based on the uni from the Vintage one with different Headscuplts
SA Han Endor

Ultra/Deluxe:  SA Biker Scout with updated Bike

Vehicle/Playset:  Tattooine Skiff or At-St

Expanded Universe:

All from either the Rogue Squadron Novels or Comics or Video Games

SA Baron Fel
SA Tycho Celchu
SA Corran Horn
SA Wes Jansen

Ultra/Deluxe:  I don't know enough EU to name one of these.

Vehicle:  Corran's XWing with CorSec paint job.

For the record, I consider Super Articulation to be Ball Jointed Shoulders, Elbows, Hips, and Knees.  I also think the Wrists and Ankles should at least swivel.  The heads on a ball need to be made to a point where all the balls are the same size for ease of head swapping.

I also think Army builder type figures should have a carbine, rifle and pistol if they were carried in the movie, just to give more of an option.

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Re: The (Hypothetical) End of SW Toys and Your Wishes
« Reply #11 on: September 20, 2005, 11:37 PM »
If someone came up and put a gun to my head and said pick 10 figures that will make the collecting public and yourself happy...and make it quick before I nuke the Hasbro Factory...I'm pretty sure I'd say:

1. Hem Dazon (ANH) (first and most memorable Cantina Alien remaining)
2. Hermi Odle (ROTJ) (big ugly Alien from Jabba's Palace)
3. CZ-3 (ANH) (rumored for a while, I think CZ might come later this year)
4. Chief Chirpa/Lumat (ROTJ) (finishes a major Vintage Update)
5. Tonnika Sisters (ANH) (see CZ)
6. Yarna D'al Gargan (ROTJ) (long wished for and they made the Vintage Proto)
7. Klaatu Palace (ROTJ) (Vintage Redo, cool outfit)
8. Ice Cream Maker Guy (ESB) (personal bias)
9. R5-D4 (ANH) (2nd Most wanted ******* hard is it to sculpt a damn head)
10. Major Bren Derlin (ESB) (sort of a Vintage Redo and also...Cliff Claven needs a SW Figure)

I'm pretty happy with the Prequels, sure there are lots of Padmes left, but they made most of the iconic ones, sure there are lots of EpIII Clones left but they made most of them.

I'd prefer new characters to resculpts (but I'd love the Endor figures and Han and Luke Stormtrooper figures)

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Re: The (Hypothetical) End of SW Toys and Your Wishes
« Reply #12 on: September 21, 2005, 12:30 AM »
Oh man, a Death Star Trooper...  How'd I forget that?

That could kill one of my other choices.   :-\  The one out there is a real piece of **** though.
2011 Rebel Fleet Trooper Gets My Seal Of Approval!  But Where's The Friggin' Holster On Him!?
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Re: The (Hypothetical) End of SW Toys and Your Wishes
« Reply #14 on: September 23, 2005, 05:43 PM »
Well personally I would love to see these items made: 


Hermi Odle
Tonnika Sisters
Chief Chirpa
Mother Ewok with Wookling
Luke Tatooine with the Poncho
Luke Stormtrooper Disguise SA
Han Stormtrooper Disguise SA
R5-D4 done accurately
Sergeant Doallyn
Dignitary - Vintage version
Ishi Tib from Jabba's Palace
Skiffmaster Weequay
Vintage Barada
Major Drelin
Moff Jerrjerrod
Gen Tagge
Wolf Yularen
Space Stormtrooper (when Falcon enters Death Star Docking Bay)
General Veers with Armor
SA Jedi Luke to duel with Vader


Cliegg Lars
Swoke Swokes
Po Nudu
Ratts Tyrell
Commander Cody
Commander Neyo
Commander Fox (funky helmet)
Clonetrooper with Bridge Cannon
Clonetrooper with Felucia Slug Beast
Tall Utapauns
21-B looking Medic Droid
Mygeeto maroon Snowtrooper
Palpatine - Addressin the Senate Attire
SA Palpatine - Duels Mace Windu
SA Mace Windu with Cloak
Kit Fisto with a Cloak
Jocasta Nu
Lucas' cameo character in ROTS 
Nute Guntray from ROTS
Utai 2 pack


Death Star Playset of some sort like the vintage version
Star Destroyer (like the USS FLAGG from GI JOE)
Sarlacc Playset
Jabba's Sail Barge Playset
Rebel Blockade Runner (  Hasbro missed the boat on that one)
Maul's Sith Infiltrator (another one Hasbro had in the bag and let it go)
Gungan Bongo
Cloud Car

Clone Wars

Padme Winter Snowsuit
Kenobi -  Clonetrooper Armor - better one than battle pack
Hammerhead Jedi 

12 inch

A-Wing Pilot
B-Wing Pilot
ROTS Clone Commander Cody
ROTS Clone Commander Cree
ROTS Clonetrooper 501st
Endless with the 12 line really