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Jesse James:
I did a search, didn't find it, so I'm asking...  Does anyone know where to get the ROTS lava lamps?  Are they even still for sale, or have they even been released?

One of the few oddball things I"m wanting to own are these.  Loves me some Lava Lamps.

You man this thing?

Darth Vader Lava Lamp

Or any of these?

SW Database Lamp thingys

Very neat.  I didn't even hear about these.

I'll have to some more searching myself.   :)

Jesse James:
That MIGHT be it Dale, however I thought there were other colors with other motif's...  Like a green Yoda one maybe.  I dunno.

Where would one buy that?   ??? doesn't seem to have it...

ROTS Darth Vader Eva Lava Lamp.


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