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A few Darth lamps on eBay.

Darth Vader Eva Lamp

KB has it and for $9.99.  Star Wars EVA Lamp - Darth Vader

As for the other one, no idea.  :-\

Commander Cody:
The Darth Vader head is not a lava lamp, DSJ.

I haven't seen these in person, but they look really dumb from the pics.

Jesse James:
I think Dale's sure those aren't Lava Lamps, but was just showing me different examples of what he has found...

I coulda sworn I'd seen different Lava Lamps at one point.  May have to just start looking around I guess.  I would dig a Lava Lamp at some point though in my collection.  :)

I like that Vader helmet lamp!

Jesse James:

--- Quote from: JesseVader08 on July 23, 2005, 04:29 AM ---Very neat.  I didn't even hear about these.

I'll have to some more searching myself.   :)

--- End quote ---

Jesse, if you find anything out give me a hollar on that too.  If it's all there is, it'll do.


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