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--- Quote from: OCB on April  5, 2004, 05:10 PM ---Are you kidding me?  Aquaman was the worst Super Friend out there and that is including Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog
--- End quote ---

That's probably the most stupid comment I've ever seen on this board, and that includes the nonsense about the T-Wolves having a shot at the title this year...   ::)

Aquaman ruled.  How much more cool does it get than being the Tarzan of the sea?!  Getting to swim and be friends with sharks, rays, dolphins, whales, and various other fish...  You don't know WTF you're talking about, dumbass.   >:(


"Hey they put me in the show because I'm a loser!  Let's try and think of a way yet again to have some battle at sea so I can have a Dolphin save the day instead of me...Mr. Wuss Head.  Never mind that Superman can also swim underwater and is virtually indistructible, Matt Colman loves me so I'm cool"


--- Quote from: OCB on April  5, 2004, 05:32 PM ---
--- End quote ---

Exactly.  Look at how freakin' cool he is.   8)

BTW, when I see you at C3, I'm gonna beat the livin' snot out of you for bad-mouthin' my boy!   >:(

P.S.  T-Wolves SUCK.   :-*

The director for the Fantastic Four has been announced (via Filmforce and SuperHeroHype):
 Tim Story Directing Fantastic Four
Source: Latino Review    
Monday, April 5, 2004

Latino Review are reports that 20th Century Fox and Marvel are going with "Barbershop" director Tim Story for Fantastic Four. Story also directed the upcoming Queen Latifah action-comedy "Taxi".

Filming is expected to start in August, so stay tuned for casting news.

Also, a story on the latest casting rumors (courtesy of

 Fantastic Four Casting Rumors!
Source: Latino Review    
Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Latino Review has added to their news from last night that Tim Story is directing Fantastic Four...

We've been told that two key people are in talks [rumored] to play THE THING and DR DOOM.

First up is THE THING, our source tells us that Michael Chiklis currently the star of TV hit series The Shield is up for the role as Benjamin Grimm aka The Thing.

Second is DR Doom our source also tells us the recent Oscar winner Tim Robbins is up for the role for Dr.Doom.

We'll probably never see a JLA/Super Friends movie due to licensing issues...I would though love to see an Avengers movie...even that though would get dicey, Cap and Iron Man are on the back burner for movies.  I say scrap them both and crank out something with

Captain America
Giant or Ant-Man
Iron Man

Drooling just thinking about it


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