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John C:
I didn't see a thread about Legos so I apologize if I missed it.  I just had to comment on the new Viking sets I saw in a commercial over the weekend.  They look pretty good and I am happy that Lego has finally used this theme.  I think they fit in well with the Knights Kingdom sets.  I will pick up each set eventually.  They are a Toys R Us exclusive at the moment.  Here is a link

I used to buy Legos when I was younger, but due to the price and the other toy lines out there, I have  not bought any non-Star Wars ones in a while. I still love to bust out my old ones from time to time and make something though  ;D

I used to go crazy building fortresses, space shuttles, and starfighters.

I loved legos.


Commander Cody:
They're not called bloody legos! They're Lego bricks or just Lego. Not legos!

I'm going to bump this up to ask if anyone has been buying the Viking sets?  I hadn't heard anything about them till I stumbled across a huge display in a TRU in Dickson City, PA back in November. 

They just showed up in the newest Shop@Home catalog and I was looking them over and they seem to be nice sets.  Anyone build any?

Also I saw some new $4 sets at Target last night, the Lego X-Pod.  They're pretty cool little sets and affordable. 



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