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John C:
I have the three cheapest sets.  They are really well done.  Lego makes some good sets when they want to.  The Longboat and the fortress will also be mine eventually.

I haven't bought much from Lego recently, but the Metal Ages Dragons by Mega Bloks look pretty neat.  I think there are large sized dragons, about 12" tall or so, called Stendahl and Thoron.  They're pretty "realistic" looking for youngsters' building block sets.

*Gets up on soapbox* I'm a LegoManiac. Star Wars figs are my main hobby, but non-SW Lego is second.

--- Quote from: efranks on January 10, 2006, 09:13 AM ---I'm going to bump this up to ask if anyone has been buying the Viking sets?


--- End quote ---

I have the $10 boat set and the $5 Viking Knight vs. Fenris Wolf set. Pretty cool line. I'm also pretty big into Knight's Kingdom 2 and the older castle sets.

Now I can't wait until the new Batman LEGO sets come out.  I just saw the line showcased in the newest Toyfare magazine.  The Batmobile and the villains look awesome.  I don't like the look of the Batman mask though at least from the picture.

Chris M:
Hey does anyone know of a good roughly 80's lego site?  I'm considering picking up a few of the space sets that I had as a kid and want to do a little research before diving in.


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