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--- Quote from: solrac on November 18, 2012, 03:23 PM ---TRU has a Series 8 mini fig Case that they are giving away if you purchase three Series 8 figures. The case is black and has a picture of all the S8 figures on the front, has three compartments and looks like the whole series can fit in it. For about $10.00 you can get three figures and a case.

--- End quote ---

That's a cool deal.  Is this just for Black Friday?

No, I got the box a few days before posting it here. It wasnt even advertised on the LEGO section, there was just a small sign in front of the mini fig case.

Should have posted this sooner but Walmart had a 650 piece set of Lego on Black Friday for $15 or about $0.02 per piece.  There was a set of Lego and a set of Duplo in tall, hexagon shaped boxes in the aisle next to the Avengers and SW 8-packs when I found them.  Your stores might still have them and since there was no starting price listed, they'll probably still ring up for that much if you find them.


Mikey D:
Series 9 of CMF

Loving the Cyclops and Chicken Suit Guy

More here -

Not a bad one in the set really... maybe the actress.

In other news I'll randomly pick up bags of Series 8 from time to time and keep ending up with freaking fairies. I just want Santa!


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