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--- Quote from: efranks on December  3, 2012, 01:19 PM ---I wanted the Robot and Pirate Captain but never found them...and that was about it.  Wasn't interested in any of the others.  My Target just put out a small display of Series 7 and I pulled an Aztec and another Galaxy Patrol figure, though.
--- End quote ---

I have a spare Pirate Captain, would you be interested in trading for the Galaxy Patrol?

Jesse James:
I must have the Cyclops, Female Elf, Tarot Card Gypsy, Knight, Jekyl/Hyde, Judge, and Roman guy.  Love this series.

Really hoping that THIS is the real deal.  My boys would be all over cowboy LEGO sets...

Jesse James:
Paul's gonna poop his pants if he ever gets on and sees that. :P

I had the original western sets...  I could get into some of those minifigs now.  Their cowboys/outlaws in the blind packs were nice.

I wish they'd do a straight western theme rather than the Lone Ranger movie theme, though.

I was hoping for more from the Galaxy Squad also.  Something more classic Space than what we're getting.  I don't care for some of the sets in that series so far.



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