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Mikey D:
City 2013 sets

and the return of Castle!

Jesse James:
Blind Pack from the last series are half off at Target too, just FYI.

New castle sets will, IMO, accompany LOTR/Hobbit stuff very, very well.

Heard there were some good finds at Walmart and Target on Lego over the last couple of days.  Of course, we were snowed in yesterday so I didn't get out, and Target had already been picked clean, but I stopped at Walmart on the way to work this morning.

I scanned the Jabba's Palace and Millennium Falcon sets, which have been found on markdown, but they were scanning at normal price.  I also checked the Avenger Quinjet set and it wasn't marked down either.

But, I found the Triceratops Trapper and Space Center sets for 50% off and bought them. 

The price scanner at my WM is not that close so I got tired of making trips, but I think I'm going back over after work because some stores have had the Malevolence and Republic Frigate marked down also and I want to check them.  Also sounds as if some LOTR and quite a few of the City sets are marked down so I'm going to check them also.


As I posed over in the Middle Earth section, I hit up another Walmart Sat afternoon, mostly looking for more sale items.  Found and bought the Shelob and Moria set.  They had the Dino Defense for half off and some misc City sets on discount but I don't think they were all 50%. 

All of the SW sets that have seen markdowns were sold out.


Series 8 blind bags were being clearanced for $1 each at a local Walmart so I went a little crazy snagging 25 randomly. Ended up with:

4x Cheerleader
4x Cowgirl
3x Batboy
3x Santa
3x Conquistador
2x Pirate
1x British Suit Guy
1x Fairy
1x DJ
1x Scuba Diver
1x Evil Robot
1x German Pretzel Guy

Glad to finally get a Santa but no Alien or Hamlet is kind of a bummer. (I already have one of each but wouldn't mind more). If anyone needs some Cheerleaders, Conquistadors, Batboys or Cowgirls, hit me up!


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