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Jesse James:
Since I'm a man of little to no shame, as Eric is well aware, I decided to bag fondle in the toy aisle and get the Roman Senator/Cesar and Jekyl/Hyde guy.

Best way to find either is for Hyde I found the glass first...  the hat kept getting hung up on the body parts.  For the Roman, the flat script is all you have to go off of really.  The hair's fairly non-descript and the rest is just his body, so feel for that flat plate script he has.

I randomly had Hyde sent to me when I ordered the Minecraft set (threw in a minifig to bump the total price above $35 so I could get the free police chopper). I'm waiting for the "Big 3" to actually put out some series 9 so I can get the Chicken Man!

Jesse James:
I keep finding him so if you want one LMK.

I just put one out on the shelves tonight actually.

Thanks Jesse, but I'll hold off on that offer, for now at least. The new series has only hit one local store so far, so I'm waiting for them to get a little more widespread so I can feel them up (giggety).

I lucked out and saw a fresh case at TRU the other day during their BOGO and ended up with the Judge, 2 Alien Mechs, the Mermaid, Roller Derby Girl, and a third Cyclops. Most by feel, some by random grab. Just gotta wait for Wal-Mart to pick these up since Targets here haven't carried any Minifigs since Series 5.

Jesse James:
I'm gonna maybe go for the Judge but at the moment I'm pretty content on what I have I think with this series.  Need some old ones and dread the thought of what they may cost me. :(


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