Author Topic: easy to miss items?  (Read 801 times)

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easy to miss items?
« on: November 9, 2005, 10:09 PM »
Anyone know of easy to miss items?  By this I mean things that aren;t advertised much, and you may pass right up, or something you may not normally think to collect!

Ornaments are out at Target in the XMAS aisle and are fairly cheap.

Halloween candy wrappers (litrally about 100+ different combinations of wrappers, bags, etc.

BK- the SW gift cards (freebies if you do it right :^)

Magazines- Empire has a SW guide packed in this months edition

There's a ROTS foosball table avail at WalMart

An oddity, yes, but i like to collect all the "pre-order" cards at TRU, they are free, usually there's a stack of about 100 you can grab a few, neat to collect.

any others??????????

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Re: easy to miss items?
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2005, 12:42 AM »
The F'n Lava Lamps I can't find for the life of me...  Check the SW Lamps thread for what it is I'm talking about, but definitely a bitch to find anywhere if they actually ever were sold anywhere.

The "bath" products are weird too...  I saw them just walking through Target.  The Hoop with a foam Death Star sponge was my favorite.

In a movie year there's always alot...  For me it was Burger King stuff actually.  I don't have a BK within a convenient distance so I didn't have the joy of clogigng my arteries for that ****.  The good Pittsburgh guys and some folks on here too helped me nab the plush mostly (I think you still have one for me Bob?), which was cool.  I got the main ones I wanted like the Chewie and Wampa...  I don't think I got the Jawa, it's the only one I really REALLY want.

The ornaments were easy misses if you don't browse the stores much...  Yoda Snowglobe was easiest to miss because it's the most "expensive" of the items I think, as far as quality,a nd subsequently the most desireable... 

Another I'd add to that is the Vader Ceramic M&M jar...  Hot item, gone if you didn't nab it in my area...

And yet another...  Star Wars shot glasses.  One of the Pitt guys mentioned seeing these at a grocery chain around here, and I never ever was able to find even one and I guess there's a set.  My buddy collects just shot glasses and wanted one...  I wanted a set...  I guess there were mugs too or something.   :-\  Between the Lava Lamp and these shot glasses I'm really disappointed in some of the "odd" other collectibles I couldn't find.
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