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I wanted to Get some of my Older Stuff  attached to this Thread before I loose track of them in the never ending see of Forums.

Lmk what you think but Don't be to harsh this is some of my very first  work.

I definatly have improved over the years.

Great looking Gonk Droid Chewie!

He fits in perfectly into the Star Wars Universe, The Gadgets on top are a nice touch as well, very unique. Hopefully he's not at somewere Crowded when the Bomb on top of him goes off.

Suicide Gonk Droids, Oh my!


Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: ATTE harness
« on: January 5, 2006, 12:23 AM »
I found that the At-TE Gunners Arms Came off very easily w/ out the boiling water, infact it was so easy to remove the Arms and Legs on this Figure I thought it was originally ment to be some hidden Battle Damage Easter Egg like the Removable hand on the POF2 Bespin Luke Skywalker.

The Clone Armor from the "Clone Wars" Clone Army 3Packs looks better dremeled out than it does on the Figs . I have a lot of extras from that Color Variation Scam Hasbro Pulled on us.

Very Nice Work on those Super Articulated Troopers. I wish I had some of those Micromen Bodys to work w/.
I think you use a similar Technique to the One I use when makeing my Deadite Troopers. I use Several diff. kinds of bits to Hollow and rout-out the Armor. It is very time consuming and yes I hold the pieces w/ my hands when I dremel them. I n my line of work I use the Dremel alot and have become very comfortable w/ that tool.

Star Wars Action Figures / Sand Blasted Trooper
« on: January 4, 2006, 11:21 PM »
I finished up my Dead SandTrooper.
I know you guys are getting a little sick of these, but don't worry I'm almost out of Deadites,then I can move on to something else to prove I'm not a One-Trick Pony.
Here he Is LMK what you think.






Very cool Update!

Your Customs are finallly starting to look a little more like they come from the Star Wars Universe and not SOCOM.

I really like this last Batch, They remind me of the Clone Troopers From the "Cestus Deception". In that novel they desguised themselves to look like a Rebel Group know as Desert Wind.

They would also pass for some Deralict Imperial Garrison Troops, Who've been Cut off from the Empire for year. After the Battle of Endor

Keep it Up,


Star Wars Action Figures / Sand Trooper WIP
« on: January 4, 2006, 01:04 AM »
Here's a couple WIP pics of the latest in my Series of Dead Trooper Customs. I should have this one completed this weekend.

Here is my Top 10 Wish List from "The Phantom Menace"

1. 00-M9 Retooled
2. Those little Tred Fed. Droids whom were Gathering UP all the Damaged Battle Droids after The Battle of Naboo
3. Mawhonic
5. Naboo Officer
6. Gungan Calvery
7. Ratts Tyerell
8. Mars Guo
9. Ben Quadinaros
10. Pod Racer Mechanic

Funny, I was Posting my reply while you were updateing the pics.

Looks much better now :)


Great Update Chewie!

Jango Retool> Great Paint work, but the Part mix makes him look a liitle bit :-\ um Uncomfortable. Sorry, just my Opinion.

Mubass>I Like the Idea of these Criminal Types using Black Market Clone Armor and other military Goods, The Black Armor is very fitting his Character

Rykrof> I like the New Look of the Armor w/ the Pilot Helmets, Although I think The Last (Yellow) version was a little cooler looking. I really Liked the Back Pack on that one. On this one I would Paint the Jet Pack to Match his Armor Better. And I think I said it before, Rykrof Should have Some Gray by now. He's had a Stressful Life and he's not getting any younger.

Lethiss the Assasin> This is one Bad @#$ looking Character. How do you come up w/ all these Great names? I've found that Naming Characters  is one of the  Hardest parts of putting together a Photo Novel. I can't wait to see this guy in action. I love these 4" Marvel Figs. They make Sweet Fodder.

Keep up the
Great Work Chewie!

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Fodder Alert!
« on: January 2, 2006, 10:24 PM »
I discovered Some Great new Fodder today in the Target Clearence  Section.

Some of these Dino warriors have Great pieces of removable Armor and the Dinosaur Esque Creatures they are Packed w/ would make Great star Wars Beast for Dioramas and Photo Novels.
Although this line is a smaller Scale than the Star Wars line the Villians of this line have Oversized Torsos and arms that work well w/ the 4" Scale.  I purchased One Today That Had a Removable Shoulder Pouldron, Forarm and Leg Armor, all Compatable w/ the 4" Scale.


Awsome Update.

That Anthony Daniels In C-3PO Costume is Amazing. Is Glassman Still Making Cast of this Head?

I love how the Jacket came out on your Leia. But  I think their are Better Head Sculpts out now that you could have used. Can you post the Recipe please?

Great Stuff, Keep it Commin!


That Visor is Sweet And The Orange Paint is Spot on. Did you mix the color yourself or was it off the shelf? I wish Mine Came out so well

You do Great Work, Keep it Commin!


Thanks for all the Great feedback Guys!

This was a tuff one. It took me a while to figure out which parts would work best for this Custom since the only peice of the TIE Pilot I had to work w/ was the helmet.

I sorted through hundred of Figures and Parts in my Fodder Bin and Finally Chose the Following Parts for the Recipe.

Helmet>Saga TIE Pilot
Body>AOD Deadite
Jack Boots> POF2 Garidan
Chest Plate>Baroness Chest Armor Packed w/ Spy Troops Lady Jay
Chest Box>Kit Bashed from COPRPS Assessorie
Air Hoses>Various Chap Mei Space Quest Figs.
Belts & Straps>Spy Troops Sgt. Air Borne & a Heavy Machine  Gun  amo belt.
Left Glove>Billy from JP
Ragged Flight Suit>You Don't want to know
Imperial Shoulder Patch>Erikstormtrooper's Imperial Gallery

1st  Hollowed out the Helmet w/ Dremel
2nd  Cut the Blast Hole and cracks in Helmet w/  Exato Blade
3rd  Super Glued Air Hose to Helmet
4th Positioned Deadite Skull in Helmet
5th Ground the Breast off The Baroness Chest Plate w Dremel
6th Cut CORPS Space Assessorie to Desired Size w/ Wife's Meat Cleaver for Chest box
7th Super Glued Chest Box to Chest Plate
8th Drilled 2 Holes Into Chest Box for Air Hoses
9th Super Glued Air Hoses into Holes in Chest Box
10th Cut Feet and Left Arm of of Deadite w/ Exacto Blade
11th Cut G/aridans Boots Off w/ Exacto Blade
12th Cut Left Glove off of JP Billy w Exacto blade
13th Dremeled Holes Into boots and Gloves Large Enough to fit Deadite's Stubs
14th Pushed Glove and Boots Onto Deadite's Stubs ( If the Holes are Just right no Glue is needed to keep the gloves and Boots on)
15th Apply Shredded Cloth to Deadite Body useing Superglue
16th Super Glue Straps to Deadite Body
17th Primer Chest Plate and Chest Box Piece and let Dry (You may Skip this Step but I did it Because the Chest Box, Chest Plate and Hoses were all different colors and wanted them to come out More uniform in color after painting w/out using to many coats)
18th Put Chest Plate Piece on Deadite Body It should fit Snug and not Require any Glue
19th Place Insignia Sticker on Shoulder that still has Some of the Flight suit Covering it
20th Paint to Desired Level of Detail

I hope this is Helpful

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