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Wow, your new Rykrof looks great.  I can't imagine how difficult it was to hollow out that head gear.  The paint updates on the Derlin  body look great.

The executioner is very well done.  I agree he looks creepy!

Thanks for the comments guys.  I'm definitely going to make some changes to the elbows.  I'm hoping that if I "boil and pop" I might be able to get the joint in there better.

Does anyone think the clone trooper fore-arms look too long?  I'm thinking about shaving them back a little bit.

I think the Neyo looks great.  The weathering details are top notch and the strap is very well made.   Can you help a newbie out though.  What is the "kit from Bantha5"?  Thanks.

I think he looks good, but the photos are a little blurry.  Maybe you can take pictures a little farther away.  From the top picture, I really like the paint job on him.

I like the idea of a SA EP2 ObiWan and this one looks great.   One question (for my naive eyes).  What repainting did you have to do?

Phruby, are you having problems seeing my photo?  Its working for me so I'm not sure if I've done something incorrect.

Chewie, Mubas looks great.  Your painting skills are top notch.  I think that is was really distinguishes your customs.  You painting allows you to blend pieces from other characters together seemlessly.  Keep it up!

I'm not a marvel legends guy, but from a strictly customs point of view, those are amazingly good paint jobs!!   Keep up the good work.

Here's my WIP for a Wolfman Jedi (Voolvif Monn).

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Fodder Alert!
« on: January 12, 2006, 10:43 PM »
Where are you finding the Terminators??

Chewie,  another great update.  I can't believe how many customs you can crank out.  I love the B4-D2.  I think the "top" on that droid is great.  The paint job is superb.    I don't like the torture droid as well as but not because he's not a great custom.  I'm just not sure of the place for him.

Okay, you've convinced me that I need to invest in a glue gun.  I went to Michael's and there were several models.  What is recommended - "Full Size" or "Mini"  (both gun size and glue size) also Cordless or Corded.  What do you think???  Thanks

I've got the following characters that I'm considering.

SaeSee tinn in clone armor
IG-88 Style Lancer Droid
Wolfman Jedi
Hammerhead Jedi
Snow Bunny Padme

Now, I just need to stop talking about these guys and start making them.

I love both of your new additions.  One the "Lost in Space" pilot, I think maybe he should have lost one of his boots.  His bottom half almost looks too symmetrcial.  However, that is minor.  A fine addition to the dead trooper series!

I've used Intervideo WinDVD to do screen captures but they are not as high resolution as the ones you've showed.

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