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This Stormtrooper is going to be everywhere eventually.  And probably for less money.  Packaging?  It's just more cardboard to deal with.

And ultimately, that's going to bring the eBay price for this version down.  People who just want the figure will grab the regular edition and demand for the exclusive will go down. 

Not to mention that the 2015 SDCC packaged version will be sold at a convention in Germany in September, so that will put more of them into circulation after the big 9/4 glut.

Also, I thought it was free shipping over $50?

The HTS free shipping isn't an 'always' thing.  Certain times (like this week), they take it down.  I noticed that they disabled the "free ship on $50 or more" thing on Monday in preparation for today. 

Same thing with the coupon codes - those are disabled for the exclusives.  They've gotten smarter about those kinds of thing over the years, especially on shipping the large/oversized con stuff.  :-\

There are usually two more order windows that will open in the coming days - one for cancelled orders and then a second for the credit card declines.  But both will have incredibly small numbers available.

TEN minutes.  They lasted TEN minutes.  Actually, less than ten by some counts.  :o

Public Service Announcement/Reminder -

Hasbro's 2015 San Diego Comic-Con exclusives will be live on tomorrow, July 28, 2015!

There is no start time listed, so if you want a chance at the 2015 SDCC exclusives from Hasbro Toy Shop, jump on early tomorrow and be ready to wear out your F5 key!

Target "Buy One, Get One 50% Off" Star Wars Sale

Sale includes Star Wars, Frozen, Minions, MLP, Avengers, Minecraft.  Seems to include all the Hasbro stuff - 6", 3.75" stuff, etc.

Was talking to a casual collector friend last night and he reminded me about the handy shopping guide Hasbro made for us in 2008 for the CW Movie Midnight Madness launch.  He asked me if Hasbro had made one for 9/4 yet and I let him know about Disney and the wall of silence we've got this time. 

I had forgotten all about that Hasbro PDF...  maybe Hasbro will surprise us and get us something like that via Hasbro Pulse closer to 9/4?

There are things like Hasbro's Titanium Series Forged figures... though I would not have called those "highly articulated". 

There was a line of 8" hyper-detail die cast from Japan

At the very high end, you have stuff like Bandai's Perfect Model Chogokin C-3PO.

I think someone in Japan is also doing a new die-cast line... here we go - Metal Collection (Metacolle) Star Wars #01 Darth Vader by Takara Tomy

Lots of stuff out there, mostly overseas though...  it's an interesting concept but usually "highly articulated" and "die cast" don't go well together without some plastic in there too.

Oh, hells yes -

God Gundam 明鏡止水

Every time I start to get annoyed with Hasbro for being dinks and not giving us any 3.75" figure news, I'll just remind myself that Japan is full of toys I want/need...  like Sekihatenkyōken fireball throwing, SUPER HYPER MODE God Gundam here.  So pretty.   ;D

The Sixth Scale TIE Fighter was shown at SDCC a couple weeks ago, so they are "old news" I guess.  They kinda got lost in the shuffle with everyone freaking out about Hasbro's 6" scaled TIE.

Most sites are reporting Hot Toys has confirmed this Sixth Scale Falcon is NOT for sale... but there are still rumors floating around that say otherwise (I saw one that said $48k for one! :P).

Interesting news from D23 today...

Disney Store will launch an exclusive collection of Star Wars items at D23 EXPO on Friday, August 14. The collection will feature apparel, collectibles, and toys, including the Star Wars Elite Series, a new line of highly articulated and detailed die cast action figures, representing characters from Star Wars Episodes I-VI. The action figures will be sold individually at Disney Store locations beginning later this year; however, D23 EXPO attendees have the opportunity to purchase the full set of Star Wars Elite Series action figures, which includes D23 EXPO-exclusive versions of R2-D2 and C-3PO.

Highly articulated die-cast action figures?  No mention of price or scale though... 

I think it's very possible that we see Vintage carded clamshell cased SA figures from this movie, maybe at TRU, maybe somewhere else.

That has been my guess too...

I'm going to guess:
$7 - 3.75" 5POA line
$15 - 3.75" premium collector line (like VOTC was back in 2004).  Maybe clamshells, maybe on vintage-style cards, maybe even exclusive.

I think we'll get what we want... but I think we're going to pay for it as well.

I still think that's where a 3.75" SA line ends up.  We'll see...  a return to the Kenner card style would be a nice PR win for Hasbro.  People would still complain about the price, but they'll buy them all because of the cards anyway. :P

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