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The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: Black Series Rumors
« on: August 18, 2015, 12:35 AM »
So many "retail exclusive" or "chrome collection" rumors out there again for the future of the SA 3.75" stuff...  I don't know what to believe anymore.  Here's a small sampling of the stuff I've read over the past 5 days from "legit" or "confirmed" sources:

3.75" SA is taking a break, but will be back in 2016!
3.75" SA will be on the pegs at Walmart on #ForceFriday!
3.75" SA will be relabeled "Chrome Collection", exclusively at TRU!
3.75" SA will be a shared big box retail exclusive, screwing over guys at BBTS and EE!
3.75" SA is dead forever!

If only there would have been some giant comic-con with a Hasbro presence this summer where we could have learned anything about stuff like this.

The sadistic part of me is hoping the "store exclusive" rumors pan out, because won't that be fun watching the social media rage when people find out they missed out on the SA 3.75" stuff because they happened to choose the wrong retailer for their #ForceFriday shopping and didn't make it to Store X in time.  >:D

And, speaking as a person who has bought 95% of my figures by the case from fine folks at BBTS or EE for the better part of 3 years...  nothing like screwing over the etailers by supposedly taking the SA 3.75" stuff out of their hands.

Then again, the "store exclusive" rumor could just be for a sub-line of 3.75" SA figures (like Walmart's TPM3D stuff) and not the full basic line.  Argh, it sucks not knowing anything.

Ugh, I need to go back to looking at the pretty TFA cards and not thinking about how messed up things are right now for the SA 3.75" line. :(

The Force Awakens / Re: Tiny The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon?
« on: August 17, 2015, 01:28 PM »
Yeah, it's sounding more and more like a mini-Hero Series type thing...  makes me thing of the "Collector Fleet" ships form the POTF2 era I guess.

JD Sports Forum! / NHL 2015 - 2016
« on: August 17, 2015, 12:29 PM »
Did our preliminary ticket draft this past weekend...   my 1/4 share got me -

Blues, Ducks, Predators, Avalanche, Red Wings, Jets, Blackhawks, Panthers, Oilers, Flames, Senators

Always changes a little as the year goes along.  Things always pop-up and games get traded around (plus we'll be trying for tickets for the outdoor Stadium Series game too).  So far, I like the mix - 5 from the Central, 3 from the Pacific, and 3 from the East.

Excited to see the McDavid kid when the Oilers come to town. Not terribly excited by FLA and OTT games, but those were an artifact of trying to pick weekend games to finish off my set.

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: Recent purchases
« on: August 16, 2015, 10:46 PM »
Oddly enough I see all of the other troopers but not Wolffe.

Remember, Wolffe was the only new Wave 7 figure that wasn't carried into Wave 8 - that's why he's a bit harder to find than Rex or Doom.

Noticed that the Walmart report at Yakface has $6.93 price stickers on these figures.  That's cheaper than what's been reported for Target and TRU ($7.99).

Also, it is sounding more and more like these assortments (B3445 Jungle/Space and B3963 Snow/Desert) are indeed the "basic" figure line.  Those holding out hope for slightly cheaper $6 figures with no "build-a-whatever" part may be out of luck...  unless they are planning cheaper versions for overseas or the dollar store markets.

Noticed the Speederbike has that "Forest" aurabesh log and tree image on it.

Yeah, the "Armor Up" figures seem to be broken up into the Forest/Space/Snow/Desert groups like the basic figures for whatever reason.  Maybe kids are too dumb these days so they have to flat out tell them "these toys go together" or something?  :P

Ah, so this is the "Star Wars 7 Class I Deluxe Vehicle Assortment".

Maybe?  I've seen some people say it's "Class I Deluxe" and others call it Class II.  The TRU rumor lists went -

Class I
Class I Deluxe
Class II
Class II Deluxe

But now there is some speculation the TRU rumor ilst had exclusive listed too and maybe those "deluxe" listings are the exclusives?  Not sure really... 

Any idea what the price point is on this segment?

If it's Class I Deluxe - $24.99
If it's Class II - $29.99

Not sure yet... trying to get someone to get me a pic/scan of the UPCs so I can get them verified with my Target contacts...

The Force Awakens / Tiny The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon?
« on: August 15, 2015, 11:08 PM »
What the Hell?


Look at how tiny that must be...  this can't be part of the 3.75" stuff, can it?  ???

Star Wars Anthology / Re: Star Wars: Rogue One
« on: August 15, 2015, 10:58 PM »
Yeah, that's an odd collection of characters in that image.  But like others have said, some great acting cred in there...  I have hope this will be awesome.

Funny to see the cast shot... should put to rest some rumors since none of them are obviously Hera or Ahsoka.  I suppose there is a chance that one of them is Sabine, Kanan or Ezra though.  :-X

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Star Wars Episode IX
« on: August 15, 2015, 10:29 PM »
Disney/Lucasfilm finally confirms the rumor that's been floating around all summer - Colin Trevorrow will direct Star Wars: Episode IX.

The leaks continue!  This Facebook Page has boxed pics (not the best pics, but pics nonetheless) of the first five 6" TFA figures -

01 - Finn (Jakku)
02 - Rey (Jakku) & BB-8
03 - Kylo Ren
04 - First Order Stormtrooper
05 - Chewbacca

Nice to see BB-8 as a pack-in since I know a lot of folks were not wanting to plunk down $22 for the little guy by himself...

So, going back to the original RS rumor report...

This was confirmed at SDCC:
- SW E7 3.75" Figure Two Pack Assortment [aka Star Wars Universe; pka Mission Series] ($14.99)

These 3.75" related things have leaked out the past two days:
- SW E7 3.75" Jungle / Space Figure Assortment ($7.99)
- SW E7 3.75" Snow / Desert Figure Assortment ($7.99)
- SW E7 3.75" In Armor Figure Assortment (TBD, rumor $9.99)
- SW E7 Class I Vehicle Assortment (TBD, rumor $19.99)
- SW E7 Class I Deluxe Vehicle Assortment (TBD, rumor $24.99)

So that leaves these 3.75" related things yet to be revealed/confirmed/debunked:
- SW E7 3.75" Basic Figure Assortment (TBD, rumor $6.99)
- SW E7 Class II Vehicle Assortment (TBD, rumor $29.99)
- SW E7 Class II Deluxe Vehicle Assortment (TBD, rumor $49.99)
- SW E7 Starfighter Vehicle (TBD, rumor $49.99)
- SW E7 3.75" Hero Vehicle (TBD, rumor $129.99)

Edit #1 - filled in some rumored pricing from the May 11th RS Rumor Report

Edit #2 - looking at this list again and seeing the case-pack boxes that are turning up on social media, I'm thinking either the RS report has some store excluives mixed in there or something got doubled up.  Some places are reporting the Snowspeeder as a "Class I Deluxe" ($24.99) others are calling it the Class II vehicles assortment ($29.99) because of the text on the case pack box.  Hmmm... 

The Force Awakens / TFA 3.75" Class II Vehicle Sets
« on: August 14, 2015, 04:31 PM »
From the Yakface Facebook Page - First Order Snowspeeder with First Order Snowtrooper Officer

From Twitter.  Still no confirmation on how articulated or what scale they are...

In the back of the box shot for the Assault Walker, you can see the Stormtrooper SGT is standing up, so he's still a 5POA figure.

For the Speeder Bike Stormie, it's hard to tell, but the back of the box shot sure makes it look like there are probably knee joints in addition to the standard 5POA.

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