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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Gas Prices
« on: May 14, 2004, 01:50 PM »

93.9 cents/Litre (Canadian)
67.6 cents/Litre (US)
$2.56 per Gallon

Did I do my math correctly? (3.79 L to 1 Gallon)

That sucks... $35 to fill a standard 14gal tank. :(


Saga '02-'04 / Re: RUMORS FOR 2004!!!!!!
« on: May 14, 2004, 11:34 AM »
I just read over at RS that one of the Asian Market posters who sometimes gets info early is saying these will be marketed as an ep3 sneak previeew wave?


Like you said Scott, I guess if all three are in Episode 3 then it would make sense... strange though.


I agree...

Summer 06 we'll see shelves with piles of unsold 05 Ep3 figures, which will lead to the brain trust for the retails to say, well, that's that.  SW is done, no more ordering.

I can't see it going much past Fall 06, when we will all be here huddled at the board trying desperately to track down those last few waves that only the e-tailers ordered and Hasbro dumped in Europe ( a la vintage Yakface).

As far as OTC, I'm starting to think that if they had just jumped on the OTC bandwagon earlier this year, mixing in the re-packs then, the situation might have been better.  At least that way, the 28 new figures and 31 re-packs will be spread out over 12 months,

Instead, we get spoiled with 21 new figures in the first 5 months, only to get 7 the rest of the year. :(

Not to mention those seven will be mixed in with 31 re-packs that will clog the shelves. :(


Gammorean Guard should be on the checklist...its listed on the same info that the original IG-88 and friends were listed on.  I would guess that he will be in place of the second Scout Trooper

/bow to OCB's powers


Good call!  Another point for!




Jedi Defender Can't Tell True Rebelscummers Anything Anyway?

Jedi Defender Crazies Tell Truth, Rebelscum's Australian Angry?

Jedi Defender.Com - Totally Tired of Rebelscum's Australian Ass?

I like the third one best :P



So is everyone passing on these (at least the re-hashes), or do the spiffy cardbacks tempt you in the slightest?

As I said earlier, when it was just 21 figures I was going to pick them up to keep carded.  I find the cardbacks very cool.  However, now that we are at 38 confirmed figures and another 6 rumored, that's 23 more than I orginally thought we'd see (and they're all repacks) for OTC, and that's probably too many figures for me to justify buying more figures just to leave carded.

Oh, and rounding up a few straggling rumors, the following figures are not on the list:

Confirmed (via Hasbro and
OTC-xx Imperial Scanning Crewman (A New Hope)

Rumored to be part of OTC:
OTC-xx Gamorrean Guard (Return of the Jedi) - [from]
OTC-xx General Veers (The Empire Strikes Back) - [from]
OTC-xx 4-LOM (The Empire Strikes Back) - [from]
OTC-xx AT-AT Driver (The Empire Strikes Back) - [from]
OTC-xx Death Star Gunner (A New Hope) - [from]
OTC-xx Zuckuss (The Empire Strikes Back) - [from]

So, the "Official" Total for OTC is 38 figure (7 new, 31 re-packs) with Fan Sites reporting another 6 repacks.

07/44 = 16% new
37/44 = 84% repacks

Of those 44:
4x Luke (Probably will add Hoth Luke too before too long)
3x Vader (at least Luke has different outfits)
3x Leia (wow, that's a lot of Leia for 6-month span)
2x Han (Where's Bespin Han?  Or Hoth Han?))

But why two Biker Scout?  As CorranHorn pointed out, he's on the list twice (#11 and #30).  Clean and Dirty?  Or PotJ and PotF2?  Or typo?  Hmmm...

Not a heck of a way to finish up a "collector" (aka non-movie) year.  We sure got a heck of a lot more new figures from the OT during the PotJ run in 2001 (pre Ep2).



Now that it's been reported by an OFFICIAL site, I can believe it.

To think, I almost believed it when I read it here  ;)

I still don't see Imp Scanning Trooper on that list though.

And, if Hoth Vader is #29 and Throne Vader is #10, which Vader is #34?

And isn't THREE vaders out of 37 figures kind of excessive?!?

I was SO excited back in February, but lately OTC is really starting to let me down... :(


JD Sports Forum! / Re: Greatest Athletes that You Saw Play
« on: May 12, 2004, 06:01 PM »
I'll stick with the best I got to see live (not on TV).

Joe Montana - man, could he run that West Coast offense.

The Great One - I pity anyone that neve got to see him skate at a game.  No matter where he was on the ice, he could find an open person for a pass.

Kirby Puckett - By far the best I've see.  Although, I'd give a nod to Nolan Ryan.  I loved watching him pitch.  40-yr old dude striking out 200+ a season (just like The Rocket is doing now).

Jordan.  I saw Bird and Magic on TV a lot, but never saw them in person at a game.  His Air-ness was incredible though.  I remember him being really tall, but that was probably because I was shorter.


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Gas Prices
« on: May 12, 2004, 02:30 PM »
Actually its the opposite, back in the early days ...

Huh.  Very interesting to see where that originated.  I always wondered that.

Anyway, my Saturn also costs around $20-25 to fill and gives me about 350 miles.  Very good about the gas milage.  My wife also drives a Saturn, but her's is smaller/older so she only goes $15-20 per fill and gets 275-325 per tank.

On our road trip west last fall (driving my car), I was pulling 35-38 MPG off my Saturn by just setting the cruise at 65 MPH and watching the scenery pass.  It was crazy to pull off almost 500 miles on a tank of 14 gallons!  I was totally taken by the fact that I could get to 350 mils and still have 1/4 tank left to go.

I certainly don't get that with my 7 mile, stop-light filled drive to and from work every day.  I usually average 20-24 MPG in the city (like driving to work).


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Gas Prices
« on: May 12, 2004, 11:58 AM »
I paid $1.989 per gallon this morning.


My wife had to pay $2.059 to buy gas yesterday.

I am convinced that it's a conspiracy that will bring the price of gasoline to $2.25 per gallon by Memorial Day weekend.

I'm just waiting for USPS and UPS to raise their prices siting rising fuel cost as the reason.  Of course, you'll note that when fuel costs come down, UPS never lowers the prices back.


Why do they put that little 9 on the end of the price?  
So they can charge a bit more without rounding up?
Anyone know why they do that?

Fer cryin' out loud!

Everyday, it's more rumors about who is being recarded.  At this rate at least one of every figure incarnation will be recarded for OTC.

Back when it was just 20 figures (7 new, 13 re-packs) I was thinking about buying 1 of every figure to keep carded because I like the look of them.

Now, however, that we are approaching 42 figures (7 new, 35 repacks) I am starting to reconsider my plan.  My budget can absorb $65 for 13 recarded figures, but now we're up to $175 worth of repacks to "collect em all".

Dang... I was looking forward to the OTC, but now it looks more and more like a bad idea.  Maybe I'll just buy an OTC Vader and keep him carded?


Saga '02-'04 / Re: Hall of Fame Wave
« on: May 10, 2004, 11:00 AM »
Hi All,

I had a chance to do a little shopping this weekend and found the Hall of Fame wave again at Target.  The curious thing was that a few of the figures had BLACK stands.  I was pretty sure that these had been shipped with CLEAR stands originally.  I thought the black stands started with the later figures...

I got home, checked my HoF figures and sure enough they had CLEAR stands, not black.  Strange.  I had time this morning to do a quick search of the internet, which revealed that others have seen this phenomenon as well.  

So, it is confirmed that  the Hall of Fame figures are now shipping with BLACK stands.  This includes, Han, Leia, Maul, Vader, Luke, R2, and 3PO.  The other five (Chewie, Ben, Yoda, Ani, and Stormie) do not have stands.

Variation hunters/compete-ists, you have been warned!

Check out comparison pictures at

BLACK Stand HoF Variants


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Your First Job?
« on: May 7, 2004, 02:14 PM »
I got my first job thanks to the age old technique called "Nepotism" ;)

At age 17 (summer before Senior year), my uncle got me a "real" job.  Before the "real" first job, I had done odd jobs for people in the neighborhood for cash (lawnmowing, leaf raking, car washing, etc - all the thing kids do to get $$), but nothing that required a time clock or boss.

Anyway, for my first "real" job, my Uncle helped me get a job in Quality Control at the Best Buy Distribution Center warehouse in MN.  My job was to go from truck to truck and do spot checks to ensure that the merchandise was being loaded onto the correct truck and that the stock-pickers hadn't delivered the goods to the wrong truck.

Yep, they paid me like $7 an hour to make sure that none of Roseville's TVs ended up on Edina's truck.  If I found something that didn't belong, I noted it, alerted the truck loader/packer and he pulled it off so it went to the right truck.

I had to check each truck 3 times (usually 10-15 trucks loaded per day), with a minimum of 20 packages checked per truck.  Then, I'd have to tally up the total number of packages checked, calculate the error rate, and submit the day's report to my boss.

So, it was pretty easy.  It involved a LOT of BSing with Union guys and a LOT of walking from truck zone to loading zone, so I was on my feet all day.  BUT, compared to the guys who had to actually LOAD the truck, my job was much cushier.  

Occasionally, for big sales, they'd have me helping to pick stock and fill orders, but even then those were small orders, like CDs, Casettes, or Videos.  No TVs or big stuff.

I worked two summers, and then holidays (Christmas/Spring break) and weekends during the school year.  Pretty cushy, eh?  Especially compared to my brother who put in 2.5 years at the Arby's Drive-Thru during his high school days.  15years later and he STILL can't eat there.


According to Mike over at, the intended price of the Sandcrawler has always been around $59.99, not the $30 that the other sites were reporting.  He said that the $30 price was closer to the wholesale price.

With that Info, I'd agree that the price will run anywhere from $50 - $90 depending on the mark-up at your local Comic Book store.

The e-tailers that order from Diamond (NewForce and EE) will likely be able to charge in the lower range, but I'm not expecting anything under $60 from most places if the rumor stands and Diamond carries the 'crawler.


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Met any other SW forum members?
« on: May 6, 2004, 06:19 PM »

We really should organize some kind of MN collector meet and greet, that way Scott, Jim, me, and the rest of the guys could finally get together.

We could even lure a few Canadians down...

Say, there's a Hooters at the Mall of America, right?


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