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Gentle Giant / Re: Bust Ups!
« on: January 13, 2005, 10:00 AM »

The Royal Guard Bust-up seems to be exactly the same, nothing different I could see.

The Holo Emperor/Sidious is kinda nifty and should look good with the AFXpress Holo Sith 2-pack!


Other Toy Lines / Re: McFarlane Sportspicks
« on: January 13, 2005, 09:13 AM »

I guess I have one more to get :)

Looks like McF won't be going to the NBA All-Star Jam, so you can pick up the exclusives via the club:

"McFarlane Toys will be selling exclusive versions of two of the NBAšs most dynamic players -- Carmelo Anthony and Latrell Sprewell -- on beginning Thursday, Feb. 17. We produced a limited supply of each exclusive figures and will sell them for $10 each plus shipping, with a limit of two of each figure per household.

The Anthony figure is our NBA All-Star Jam exclusive and features the forward in his Denver Nuggets Hardwood Classics jersey driving hard to the net. The Sprewell figure is a redecoration of the guard/forward representing his current team, the Minnesota Timberwolves, and sculpted in mid-dunk pose. Each figure features a base and ball, and exclusive clamshell packaging.

Due to a change in plans, McFarlane Toys will not be attending this year's NBA All-Star Jam in conjunction with the NBA All-Star Game in Denver, CO, Feb. 17-21. Now, instead of traveling to Denver to get the event exclusive, collectors can purchase direct from us via the Collector's Club Store on "

Looks like you've got a good shot at nabbing Spree now, Scott!  ;)


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Ah, Sweet Irony
« on: January 12, 2005, 11:34 AM »
Not quite as ironic, but still pretty unusual...

Amish Teen Electrocuted in Ohio


A 17-year-old Amish boy was electrocuted trying to remove a power line that got tangled in his horse-drawn buggy's wheels, authorities said.  The boy drove over a power line Tuesday that had sagged down within a foot of the road after separating from a pole, authorities said.

The line got stuck in the wheels and stopped the buggy. The boy got out and grabbed the 4,800-volt line in an attempt to remove it from the wheels, the Geauga County Sheriff's office said. He died at the scene.  The boy's name was not released because his family had not all been notified, officials said.

The Amish are a deeply religious group who shun modern conveniences such as electricity, telephones and car ownership. About 40,000 Amish live in Ohio, the most of any state.

The boy was traveling south on a road near Geauga-Trumbull County line in northeast Ohio, about 25 miles east of Cleveland.   The horse pulling the buggy was not injured.



JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL Offseason
« on: January 12, 2005, 11:24 AM »
Here's a news quote that I found very interesting...

SportScanInfo, a Florida research firm that tracks retails sales of sporting goods and team merchandise, says this past December (2004) - when Christmas usually helps spike the numbers - saw the NHL sell $6.9 million of licensed gear in the U.S. - down 85 per cent from December 2003.

I found it very interesting that in 1995, the season was started again January 11th, 1995.

During those negotiations, the league claimed that after that date (January 11th), it would be impossible for the league to start up and still arrange the necessary scheduling for the 26 teams at the time. 

Well, here we are 10 years later with another lock-out.  This time, we're past the drop-dead date. 

If it was impossible to get things up and running after Jan 11th last time (1995), shouldn't the same hold true now, especially with players scattered all over the world and an additional 4 teams to worry about scheduling.  I would guess at this point it would be a logistical nightmare to get the season going. 

I always felt like there would be no NHL this year, but there was always that little hope, you know?  Well, I guess now that little fanboy hope that I had left that there would be hockey this year has been completely crushed.

Goodbye 2004-2005 Wild, I hardly new ye.    :'(


Clone Wars '03-'05 / Re: Animated Wave 3 (and beyond)?
« on: January 12, 2005, 11:03 AM »
Did they make a green one as well?

No, there is no green one.

The Animated Clone Troopers in Wave 3 come in Red, Blue, and Yellow.

The tricky part is that they are only packed at 2x per case, so on one case will contain all 3 colors of the clones.

From what I've read so far, it seems like the Red Clone is more common, but that may be due to people confusing the ARC Trooper for a "Red Clone" and not knowing what they are talking about.


Other Collectibles / Re: Attacktix
« on: January 12, 2005, 10:22 AM »
Still need to see some pix of these before I decide if I'm gonna commit to yet another line. 

Well, I was thinking along the same lines, wait until I see them to decide if I want them or not.

Now that I've seen them (pictures of a Wookiee, Vader, Chewie, Shaak Ti, General, and Obi-Wan are in the newest Insider #80), I'm not that impressed. 

They kind of look like larger versions of the HeroClix figurines, with giant over-sized feet/hands (kind like the Jedi Force figures), limited articulation, and big-ass weapons/action features.  Jedi have some sort of launching force deal and Grevious has a HUGE honkin'  missile launcher.   ::)

Once you add in the fact that it sounds like they will be packed like regular gaming peices (with Rares and Very Rares), this line just doesn't do much for me.  They won't blend in with the figures I have now and I don't really want to play the game, so I guess it's a total turn-off for me.

So, I'll happily pass on these.   :)


LEGO / SW Episode 3 Sneak Preview LEGO Set - Jedi Starfighter
« on: January 12, 2005, 10:03 AM »

In Stock at

$19.99 plus shipping and the first Episode 3 LEGO set is yours!



Gentle Giant / Re: OT Gentle Giant Busts
« on: January 11, 2005, 03:32 PM »
2500 is the unit size at or for the whole production run?

Oops, in the ad it says "worldwide edition size is 2500".  So, 2500 for the world, not just the USA.   :-\

Gentle Giant / Re: OT Gentle Giant Busts
« on: January 11, 2005, 03:08 PM »
if has them for $50 I'm gonna shot myself. If it confirmed that SWS will definitely be getting these?

Uh... :-[

Big advertisement in the latest SW Insider:

Silver Stormtrooper Ad

The ad says they will be $49.99, limited to 2500 worldwide, and only available at (coming soon).

My question remains as to whether this sandtrooper differs from the planned, regular release in any way other than the chrome? The original pictures of the regular release show a sandtrooper with a rifle, while the chrome has a blaster but has the regular release been finalized? If so, it becomes much more important to me (geek) that I get both as they are then different busts.

As far as I can tell, there is no difference between the Chrome Stormtrooper and the Regular Stormie busts (other than the Chrome job, duh). 

There are however differences between the Sandtrooper busts though.   :-\

The Chrome Sandtrooper was only given out to "friends" of Gentle Giant Studios (this is NOT the same as the Chrome Stormtrooper that will be sold via and in the UK).  The Chrome Sandtrooper was limited to just 200 peices and came with the Blaster instead of the rifle. 

In fact, I think it is just the Stormie Bust with a different finish and a Gold Chrome Pauldron added to it as seen here:

Meanwhile, the regular release of the Sandtrooper has the rifle and looks to be a different sculpt altogether:

They are definately different busts, but don't hold your breath trying to get the Chrome Sandtrooper since that $500 BIN auction was probably just a fluke.  With only 200 of them out there, they will be very hard to get.

So, in summary:
Chrome Stormtrooper - 2500 units at
Chrome Sandtrooper - 200 units, not for retail sale
Regular Sandtrooper - Available at regular retail

Hope that helps, Brent...


Watto's Junk Yard / Ah, Sweet Irony
« on: January 11, 2005, 02:41 PM »
I saw this at another site and couldn't help but post it here too...

Here's the edited version...

I-80 crash claims UNL student's life
BY BUTCH MABIN / Lincoln Journal Star

Derek Kieper was a smart, funny, intense young man who relished a good debate and would do anything for his friends. 

Kieper, a 21-year-old senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, died early Tuesday morning when the Ford Explorer he was a passenger in travelled off an icy section of Interstate 80 and rolled several times in a ditch. Kieper, who was riding in the back seat of the Explorer, was ejected from the vehicle.

Two others in the vehicle, including the driver, Luke Havermann of Ogallala, and the front-seat passenger, Nick Uphoff of Randolph Air Force Base in Texas, sustained non-life threatening injuries. Havermann and Uphoff, both 21, were being treated at BryanLGH Medical Center West.  The three men, members of the same UNL fraternity, were returning to Lincoln from San Antonio, Texas at the time of the accident, reported to authorities by a truck driver around 3 a.m.

Capt. Joe Lefler of the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office said Havermann was driving the Explorer east on the interstate near Northwest 48th Street when the vehicle went out of control on the ice-covered road. He said the vehicle travelled into the south ditch and rolled several times.  A truck driver headed in the same direction witnessed the accident and called 911, Lefler said. He said alcohol did not play a role in the accident, but he declined to discuss how fast the Explorer was travelling.

Derek, who was thrown from the vehicle, was not wearing a seat belt, Lefler said. He said Havermann and Uphoff were wearing seat belts at the time. 

In a column written for the Daily Nebraskan in September, Derek attacked seat belt laws as intrusions on individual liberties and expensive to enforce:

"It is my choice what type of safety precautions I take," he wrote. 

"There seems to be a die-hard group of non-wearers out there who simply do not wish to buckle up no matter what the government does. I belong to this group."


His Anti-Seat Belt Law tirade can be found here:

Dumbass.   ::)

Always buckle up kids. 

Sure, maybe you think the government is intruding on your rights, blah blah blah, but better to suck it up and buckle up and live to protest another day.   :-\


Kubricks / Re: Kubricks and Minimates
« on: January 11, 2005, 01:12 PM »
I can't wait for SweatyFrog to send me my Bert to go with him!   ;D


Got an e-mail today, they had to cancel my order because of an inventory mix-up (they said they had them in stock, but actually had sold out already). 

Anyone know where I can find some Sesame Street Series 2 figures? :-\

I'm looking for Bert and Oscar the Grouch, possibly Elmo and Henry Monster too...


JD Sports Forum! / Re: NBA 2004/05
« on: January 10, 2005, 11:25 PM »
LAkers 105, T-Wolves 96

Led by as much as 16 and choked in the 4th Quarter.


It's times like this I really miss my hockey team...


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Snow!
« on: January 10, 2005, 05:19 PM »
But yeah, aside from Hurricanes/Tornadoes, we seem to have a penchant out here for natural disasters.   :-\

That's OK, one day when California is tossed into the ocean by a massive earthquake, it will all be over...  :P


Kubricks / Re: Power of the Kubricks!
« on: January 10, 2005, 03:31 PM »
Do any of you actually open up each and every Jawa auction just on the off chance it might be a vinyl one and the seller may not know it (or be mentioning it).  LOTS of Jawa auctions out there, and the Vinyl difference may potentially go unnoticed by a complete Kubrick novice, though I'd guess that would be an extremely rare occurence.  Anyway, I never bother to specifically check each individual Jawa, but I was curious to know if anyone else was that diligent/crazy...   :P

Since I don't need the Jawa, no I don't.   :P  I suppose it could happen, although one of those "Kubrick-resellers" who buy low and sell high would probably catch it and bid it up before it ended...

On the Speederbike sets, it really is amazing to me.  I've watched 1-2 sellers relist their Speederbike set every week at $84.99 and $74.99.  Each week they go unsold and each week they re-list it.  I kept waiting and waiting for the price to drop, but it never does.

On the Early Bird set, I've been really jonesing for this one, but they always seem to end up in the $135-$150 range plus another $10-15 for shipping.  That is just too much for my blood for 4 little figures.    Somewhere in the $100-120 range shipped would be just right though...  :)


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Last Time You Threw Up
« on: January 10, 2005, 03:22 PM »
1:30 AM
2:00 AM
3:00 AM
5:00 AM
6:00 AM
7:45 AM
8:45 AM
10:30 AM :-\

What the heck was in the 10:30am yack?  7up, crackers, and water?  Couldn't have been much else left in there...  :(

Hope you are feeling better soon... lotsa people are out sick today at work too.  Maybe too many people worried themselves sick before yesterday's game?


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