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I recently moved, and chose to scale down the portion of my collection that I display to OT-only...and I have to say, it looks so much more slick. I'll still collect PT stuff, but I don't see myself displaying it for a while. I'm having a blast with the OT.

Actually I'd say Vizam is the gem of the wave...and much needed.

Awesome, you rock!

I think if you just tell me which joint, and what size washers, I'll be set.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Lando's Customs
« on: July 23, 2013, 01:30 PM »
Top notch, sick stuff.  Nice job on everything.

Thanks so much! Sorry for the late reply...I've been a little out of the game with a new baby.

NECA is hitting stuff out of the park right now. But I don't think they'd have the bandwidth.

Crap! I was finally getting around to fixing this, and the tutorial is no longer posted. Is there a new link, or is this gone forever?

When are these Kmart exclusives supposed to hit stores?

It's the guy Luke or Han or Chewbacca murdered!

Before they returned to murder all the Stormtroopers on the Death Star!  ;)

Are there any close-up pics of the carbonite block and the interior? It looks like it's darker than the Clone Wars version.

I definitely ordered this at $69, which is a reasonable price for this. Now I'm officially psyched.

These are ******* awful.

Other Toy Lines / Re: NECA Predators
« on: May 9, 2013, 02:59 PM »
That's awesome! Congratulations!

I have to say, I really like NECA as a company. I find them to be a great bunch of guys.

I kinda hope sets like the TRU pilots expand to Rebel Troopers that way.  Non-helmeted guys need love.  Some non-helmeted Impy's would be fine too, for sure.

^ This.

TRU has had what seems like a lot of pilot sets in recent memory.  I think we need to see an expansion into more generic army builders - in the realm of ground troops. 

Rebel Forces
- Rebel Fleet Trooper (TVC, new head)
- Endor Rebel (TVC, new head)
- Mon Calamari Officer (TVC Ackbar, repaint)
- Rebel Marksman - NEW!

Imperial Forces
- Stormtrooper (Legacy Spacetrooper - Joe Johnston version)
- Death Star Trooper (TVC Imperial Navy Commander, gray paint)
- Imperial Officer (Needa sculpt, new head)
- Imperial Terror Trooper - NEW!

100% agree. We have way more pilots than ships for them to fly. Ground forces need some multipack love. And yes, I do mean SA figures...I'm definitely not into the 5-POA nightmare. Sure, figures like Dorme and Amidala don't need to be SA, but troops definitely do.

You know what?  If it's a new dude then I don't care who it is, I want him.  Yeah, there's 100 figures I'd rather have first, but it beats another Vader or Obi-Wan.

Practiced optimism my dear freinds!

Only Obi-Wans for you!  :-*

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