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Although I haven't really gotten any new comics since the very early 90s, I have dug out my old ones every so often, and do sometimes have the urge to get into the comics again.  Some of them still have the nostalgia factor much the way Star Wars does with me.  I can still remember my first comic (Spiderman) that my dad bought for me to read during a long trip out to a vacation.  I guess I credit some of the recent comic movies, as well as action figures, with rekindling my comic interest as well.  There are so many more titles or variations on certain characters and teams now that weren't there when I was a kid and buying comics.  Anyways, I was curious what some of your favorites are, or were.  For me personally, I tend to still favor the same ones I did as a kid...which I suppose aren't the most original ones in the world :).  For me it has been these (past and present):

X-Men: When I was a kid, had mainly the "Uncanny X-Men" comics.  Wolverine was one of my early favorites, but got away from him a little bit because everyone liked him it seemed.  My other favorites, then and now, are Beast, Iceman, and Colossus.  The movies and the Marvel Legends figures really got my interested in these characters again.  I have been tempted to pick up one of the comics, but know absolutely nothing about the current titles...what is good...or what characters are included in each.  Plus, I already collect toys...I doubt my wife would be crazy if I added comics in too :P.

Spiderman: Again, probably not real original, but this was another big favorite of mine as a kid.  I remember really liking the "Spiderman and his Amazing Friends" cartoon that was on back in the day (and ABC Family had it back on for awhile during the movie craze).  This is probably what I had the most comics of, ranging from just plain Spiderman to Amazing, Spectacular, and "Web of".  I also remember my Secret Wars Spidey figure getting a lot of play back then too.  I enjoyed the first movie as well, although I wasn't crazy about the Goblin's look...really looking forward to Doc Ock in Spidey 2.

Batman: Really the only DC character I got into much as a kid.  Bats has always been a favorite of mine, and I still enjoy catching the animated series, Justice League, etc. when it is on.  Had quite a few of the comics, and a couple of TPBs as well.  Also had his "Super Powers" figure, as well as others from that line.  I enjoyed the first couple of movies, but they went downhill from there.  Looking forward to the new one next year, hopefully they do it up right.

Those were basically the main three for me, but as I said I also had a number of the "Super Powers" and "Secret Wars" figures as a kid.  I really enjoyed the "Super Friends" show as well, and is probably why I enjoy Justice League today.  Basically, my comics back then consisted of X-Men, Spidey, and Bats....but I also had a fair amount of Iron Man comics, a couple Hulk ones, as well as some Wolverine ones.  I remember my mom letting me get a comic at the local drug store after I had been to the doctor or dentist as a kid.  Overall, I would say that the Marvel Universe is my favorite.  I do like some DC Characters (Bats, of course, as well as many who appeared on the Justice League team)...but overall I am more familiar with the Marvel Universe characters.  What are some of your faves?

Saga '02-'04 / Episode II Multiples: Your Favorite Version?
« on: March 25, 2004, 02:30 PM »
I have been looking over my figure display, and I have noticed (particularly with the Episode II figures) how many multiple versions I have displayed of the same characters.  I have been thinking about packing a few away, just to save some space.  I was curious what some of your favorites were, of the different versions available of these characters:

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Coruscant Chase (2002)
Jedi Starfighter Pilot (2002)
Acklay Battle (2003)
Outlander Nightclub Encounter (2003)
Force Flipping Deluxe (2002)
Kamino Showdown Deluxe (2003/2004)
Clone Wars (2003)

Anakin Skywalker
Peasant Disguise (2002)
Hanger Duel (2002)
Tatooine Attack (2002)
Secret Ceremony (2003)
w/Geonosian Warrior Deluxe (2002)
Force Flipping Deluxe (2002)
w/Swoop Bike (2003)
Clone Wars (2003)

Jango Fett
Preview Figure POTJ (2002)
Kamino Escape (2002)
Final Battle (2002)
Slave 1 Pilot (2002)
Deluxe Version (2002)
Kamino Showdown Deluxe (2003/2004)

Mace Windu
Geonosian Rescue (2002)
w/Battle Droid Deluxe (2002)
Arena Confrontation (2003)
from Jedi Council Pack (2003)
Clone Wars (2003)

Jedi Master (2002)
Jedi High Council (2002)
w/Chian 2 pack (2003)
w/Super Battle Droid Deluxe (2002)
Clone Wars (2003)

Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus
Dark Lord (2002)
Force Flipping Deluxe (2002)
Geonosian Escape (2003)
w/Swoop Bike (2003)
from Geonosian War Room pack (2003)

Zam Wessell
Preview POTJ (2002)
Bounty Hunter (2002)

Coruscant Sentry (2002)
Droid Factory Flight (2003)

w/Removable Panels (2002)
Droid Factor Deluxe (2002)

Preview POTJ (2002)
Red (2002)
w/Speeder Bike Deluxe (2002)
3-packs (2003)
Gunship Pilot (2002)
Clone Wars Super Articulated (2003)

Ok, you can really never have enough Clonetroopers I guess, so that one probably doesn't count.  I personally don't have all of these figures (force flippers, Anakin/Dooku w/bikes, R2 Droid Factory Flight, etc.)...but which version do you prefer the best of these...or who do you think could still use a "good" version?  I didn't include Padme on this list, since most of her figures are in different outfits...although I guess the Outlander Peasant Anakin is different as well.  Anyways, just curious as to some of your opinions on these figures.

Other Toy Lines / If You Could Only Choose One Other Toy Line....
« on: March 18, 2004, 11:22 AM »
I was just thinking about this this morning, since I have wanted to jump into a number of different lines over the past year...but due to money/space issues I haven't actually done it a number of times.  Not taking into consideration if you already have a "base" collection established, if you only had the money or funds to collect one thing outside of Star Wars stuff...what would it be?  I guess I'm saying, if you could start from scratch...which line would you choose if any?

Although I like figures/characters from a number of lines (Batman, MOTU), for me it would probably come from either Marvel Legends, LOTR, or the Muppets.  Right now I've been on a big Muppet kick due to nostalgia, the Indy Kermit, and recently picking up one of those "Best of the Muppet Show" DVDs.  I've always been, and always will be, a big fan of LOTR stuff...those movies are just so amazing.  I would also like to continue to collect the X-figs from Marvel Legends, which just have great product.  I guess if I could actually afford one line, and had to choose only one.....boy, its tougher than I thought.  Palisades runs things so well from what I have read, and their product is amazing.  Plus, that has the nostalgia factor.  LOTR is so cool.  And also, I really like the Marvel Legends figures.  I guess right now I'll say Muppets, although that will probably change tomorrow (it usually does with me it seems).

Other Collectibles / What is Your Favorite "Other SW Collectible"?
« on: March 18, 2004, 11:02 AM »
Sometimes it seems like the "other" collectibles are neverending for Star Wars, and I know that there are several others that I would like to get into if I had the money and space for them.  Out of what you have in your collection, which is your favorite "other" collectible...whether it is a single item or a certain line of items.  For me, outside of basic figures (vintage and modern) and the ships, etc. along with them, the other collectibles I have are OT Unleashed, the Playskool line (OT only), and I'm working on completing a Burger King Glass set (and a few other miscellaneous items).  I guess for me, I like all of these other focuses....but the Playskool line or the glasses would be my favorite.  I am really hoping the Playskool line does end up continuing...and I look forward to completing the OT glasses sometime this year too.  Maybe it is nostalgia, but I have always just loved these things.

Cartoon Network has a contest up where the grand prize is a chance to be a Star Wars Toy Designer for a day at Hasbro.  You can read more about it here:

Cartoon Network Star Wars Contest

Watto's Junk Yard / Official Movie Thread
« on: March 16, 2004, 03:20 PM »
Sorry if this is already done, tried looking and didn't see a thread already.  Just thought it might be nice to have a thread to discuss movies...what is out, what's coming out, what you want to see, or your favorites of all time.  Whatever you want to talk about that is movie related.  Also, here's a look at what is coming:

Out Now

The Passion of the Christ
Secret Window
Starsky and Hutch
Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London
50 First Dates
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (re-released)
Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

Coming This Week (3/19)

Dawn of the Dead
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Taking Lives

Coming Next Week (3/26)

Jersey Girl
The Ladykillers
Never Die Alone
Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

Opening April 2

Home on the Range
The Prince and Me
Walking Tall

I just listed the Nationwide releases, and I'm sure I'm still missing some...but its a starting point at least.  We haven't been very good at getting the movies we'd like to see lately, and will probably have to wait and see a few on DVD.  We were hoping to catch "The Passion of the Christ", "Hidalgo", "Starsky and Hutch" and I wanted to see "Return of the King" again in theatres.  Also, coming up, we are thinking about going to Jersey Girl and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind...and although I have never read the comic and know little to nothing about the character, I kind of think the movie Hellboy looks cool.  We'll see how many we can make it too, I've always enjoyed the movie experience, and could probably go to one every week if there were enough good ones and we had the time.  Anyways...anything movies...discuss  :P

Saga '02-'04 / E-mail from
« on: March 16, 2004, 11:41 AM »
Although I don't often buy figures via, since they run a few dollars higher on their site, I (for the first time) used their "notify me when in stock" feature on the Jabba's Palace Lando Calrissian, as well as the Ultra Jabba the Hutt.  I haven't seen anything of these figures around here, although they might still be on the way.  I just thought I would check with Amazon as a "back up plan".  Anyways, I received this e-mail today from them regarding each of the figures:

Greetings from

We've recently learned from our supplier that the item you requested to
notified about, Star Wars 3.75" Basic Figure: Jabba's Sail Barge -
Calrissian, will not be available in the foreseeable future.

It's possible that someone may be selling this item through
Auctions or zShops.  We encourage you to search for it there if you're
still interested in purchasing this item:

We're sorry not to have better news for you.

Please note: This e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that
cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.

Sincerely, Customer Service
I got the same message for the Jabba.  Now, like I said, this is the first time I have ever done this at maybe they send these e-mails out often only to restock with the items at a later date.  I just thought I would post this here for anyone that might be interested.  It seems there have been a lot of dry spots around since the Tatooine wave showed up a month or two ago (depending on the area) maybe these figures are still just "in the system" and on the way.  I just thought I'd post this in case anyone was interested though.

Saga '02-'04 / Visual Guides (formerly of ArtoosNews) Back Online
« on: March 15, 2004, 12:14 PM »
In case anyone hadn't seen them yet, the visual guides (in the style of, and from the same people I believe who did them at AN) are back online at the following site (Jedi Temple Archives):

Jedi Temple Archives Visual Guides

I always enjoyed their visual guide style, and it really allows for some good views of the figures.  Just thought I'd post if anyone was interested.

Saga '02-'04 / If You Had to Choose
« on: March 12, 2004, 04:03 PM »
Just something I was thinking about this afternoon....although this is a tough question for me, if you had to put away/sell, etc. your modern collection, and could only keep 12 figures, 1 beast/deluxe, 1 small-scale ship, and 1 large ship, which ones would you choose?  Would you go by which figures you think are the best done, your favorite characters, the most iconic characters?  Just curious which ones you would choose for yourself, from POTF2, POTJ, Episode I, or Saga.  I'll leave OTC and VOTC off for now, because I think many of us (including me) would choose some of those VOTC figures, but since they aren't out yet...we'll just leave it at the current releases (even if you don't have them yet, you can go by online pics if you like).  For me, I would probably go by the main characters, or favorites...just if I had to limit my display to this many only.  I'd also go with all OT characters I think, just because they are more appealing to me.

1.  POTJ Han Solo - Bespin Capture
2.  Saga Chewbacca - Cloud City Escape
3.  Saga Darth Vader - Masters of the Darkside Repack/Death Star Clash
4.  Saga R2-D2 - Jabba's Sail Barge
5.  Saga Luke Skywalker - Jabba's Palace
6.  POTJ Boba Fett - 300th
7.  POTF2 Commtech Stormtrooper
8.  Saga Yoda - Jedi Master (would rather take one of the upcoming OTC/VOTC versions though)
9.  POTJ Ben "Obi-Wan" Kenobi
10.  A version of C-3PO (I only have the shiny gold POTF2 version, and the Escape Pod one, neither is great...would rather, again, have VOTC version)
11.  POTJ Princess Leia - Bespin Escape
12.  Saga Lando Calrissian - Skiff Guard Disguise

1. Saga Ultra Jabba the Hutt or possibly Ultra Wampa

Small-scale Ship:
1. Saga Landspeeder

Large Ship:
1. POTF2 Millennium Falcon

Personally, I don't have all of these items (Lando, Jabba), but if I could only have a small, one shelf display...these are the ones I would choose.  Of course, if we're talking future figures, I'd take probably the entire VOTC collection for the figures, and leave the others the same.  Sorry if this is a stupid question, our servers at work are having troubles, so I've been just sitting and thinking :P.

Other Toy Lines / Other Lines That Have Tempted...
« on: March 12, 2004, 11:58 AM »
Although like the majority of the members here, I am primarily, first and foremost a Star Wars collector...I can honestly say that several lines have tempted me over the past months.  And also, what's funny to me, if it wasn't for the fact that I got into collecting Star Wars again I wouldn't even know about most of these lines ;).  Many come and go, and I end up being glad I didn't get into them too far (money, space, interest)...but a few continue to be tempting to pick up.  I was wondering which other lines have tempted you and why...and why you caved in and bought or gave up and moved on.

Personally, I have been back and forth on a number of lines (as many of you can probably see from my posts), but it pretty much just comes back to Star Wars only.  I think a lot of other lines are really great, and if I had unlimited funds and space, I'd be in for more.  However, the only line (so far) that I have ended up picking up with any regularity is Marvel Legends.  Here's a breakdown of any others that have been/or are tempting:

Marvel Legends: Maybe giving up....Only collect the Spidey/X-Men figures, and not sure if I will continue or not.  I have Beast, Colossus, Gambit, Wolvie, Magneto, as well as a Spidey 2 Spiderman.  I thought I would give up on this line, but I know once I see the likes of Juggernaut, Brown Wolvie, Iceman, etc. I might rethink it.

MOTU: Gave up on this...started waaay too late, and Mattel hasn't done a very good job of running the line anyways.  Only ended up with a He-Man and a Sy-Klone out of it, but would still like to get a Roboto if I ever see one for a decent price.  Otherwise, I'm glad that I ended up not buying into it too heavily.

Batman and/or Justice League:  Gave up... Just because I've always been a Batman fan, I was interested.  Again, run poorly by Mattel it seems, too many variants for my tastes, and I ended up with just a Zipline Batman.  Considering the new animated line when it comes out, have to see what it will offer.  Justice League I am just too far behind on, and think that I would regret it if I ended up buying them all off of ebay or something.

Lord of the Rings: Still interested....these movies are so great, and is really second to only the Original Star Wars with me.  I only have two figures thus far, and would be really far behind, but Toy Biz likes them some re-releases, so I guess I can pretty much pick up at any time.  I wouldn't want anywhere near a complete set, just a handful of my favorites, probably 10 figures or so at most.

Muppets: Still interested...always have been to some extent.  This is another line I probably won't end up getting, because I'm just way far behind.  Plus, I wouldn't want all of them anyways...just ones from the actual "Muppet Show" for the most part.  That was one of my favorite shows as a kid, so I guess nostalgia has a lot to do with it.  Plus, Palisades seems to do a great job with this line.  I'm getting an Indy Kermit for sure (if there are any left), and after that we'll see.  They really put out some amazing product in this line though it seems.

A lot of other lines are pretty cool too, like the Kubrick/Minimate side of things.  Those are still tempting (particularly Star Wars and LOTR), but I don't know if I will end up going for it or not.  The LOTR ones will be hard to pass up once they show up in the stores, but I know if I get them, I will want to pick up the Star Wars Kubricks as well...which would be both difficult and expensive for me.  The main reason I stay away from most of these is the money aspect, although some I end up glad I didn't buy into.  Plus, I don't have a completist attitude with any of the other lines, just what I like.  For now, its just Star Wars first and foremost...and always will be really...but I think I'll be checking out the LOTR stock on this weekend's shopping trip as well....and I still look through the Muppet listings on ebay from time to time (Rowlf was my favorite, but that Tuxedo one is too expensive...and I also like Fozzie).  Again, that Indy Kermit is too cool though :).  Sorry for the long post, down time at work...but I look forward to seeing any of your opinions.

Original Trilogy Collection / Jedi Council sets 3 & 4
« on: March 9, 2004, 03:28 PM »
Galactic Hunter has a sneak peek up of the TRU-exclusive Jedi Council set featuring Obi-Wan, Plo Koon and Eeth Koth.  You can check out a pic of this set here:

Jedi Council Sneak Peek

Collector's Tips / Online Retailer Opinions and Experiences
« on: March 9, 2004, 03:12 PM »
Just thought it might be nice to have a thread dedicated to the different online retail options that are out there, so anyone who might be curious about a particular e-store can check out how their business is.  I haven't ordered from a ton a different places, but here's some of my opinions:

Kebco I did some preordering through them starting last year, around May, during a major drought in figures in my area.  I ordered some 2003 basic figures, as well as the Han/Boba/Yoda and the Chewie/Luke Unleashed waves through them.  As of today, I have received each and every item that I ordered from them...although I will say that some took quite awhile.  The Unleashed I all got reasonable quick, and well before I found them in stores...but the basic figures that I preordered in May of last year I didn't receive until November/December-ish.  I am understanding that this was a shipment from Hasbro problem, and not their own though.  Overall, I'll say that I have always gotten what I have ordered...but sometimes a little slow.

Brians ToysI haven't ordered from here in quite some time now, but I did when I first got into collecting Star Wars.  I used them to pick up a bunch of loose POTF2 figs that I missed out on, as well as some loose vintage stuff.  At the times I ordered, I always received things very quickly (within a few days usually), and for loose vintage and POTF2, I think the prices are not too bad.  However, if you want anything new, be prepared to pay a TON for it, from what I can see.  I will say, good service whenever I have dealt with them (even replaced a vintage loose figure that I didn't think was C-9), but I haven't used them in quite some time.  Wouldn't recommend for newer stuff though.

Amazon I have used Amazon from time to time, with some TRU exclusive stuff and/or when they have figs in stock.  I've always had pretty good luck with them, however I am an opener, so I'm not sure how good card condition is with them most of the time.  I haven't ordered figures for awhile now because they charge $7.99 for the newer ones (but I think eventually come down).  Overall though, I'm pretty happy with their service.

KB Toys Another one I haven't used for awhile, although I have had decent luck with them as well.  Again, being a loose collector, card condition might be a concern for others.  They do use big stickers here across the front if I remember correctly (but they come off).  They don't usually have a lot of Star Wars stuff in stock (at least recently), but I have ordered a couple of SW things, as well as some LOTR stuff there.  Delivery is quick, prices are so-so for what I have bought.

I haven't used Entertainment Earth, Newforce, Big Bad Toy Store, etc., but have heard good things about all of them from time to time.  I am sure many others can give more details experiences of them though.  Thanks for any opinions everyone!

Other Toy Lines / Toy Companies: Who Does the Best Job?
« on: March 9, 2004, 12:55 PM »
After reading the MOTU news this morning, it got me to thinking about Mattel and toy companies in general?  What are some of your opinions on the companies that you collect from, and the job they do?  I don't know that any company is perfect (at least from what I have read), but who is "on the right track" in your opinion?  I don't really buy from many other than Hasbro (Star Wars), but here's a few opinions to start things off:

Hasbro (Star Wars):  Although they have had their problems in the past, and still have their issues now, I think they have been much better as of late (particularly 2004).  It seems they have done a much better job of listening to collectors and fans, and really (aside from the re-releases), I don't know if there is much to complain about this year.  In 2004, they have done a lot of requested characters, much wanted resculpts, made the packaging more vintage-like for OTC (or exact for VOTC), and are making "ultimate" versions of main characters that we have wanted for years.  Like I said, not perfect, but I think they have done a very good job this year.

Toy Biz (Marvel Legends/Lord of the Rings): I am not nearly as knowledgeable on these lines as many of you, but have dabbled in both.  I'm thinking about stopping the ML for now, just because I don't have room and I'm leaning more towards Lord of the Rings if I do buy figures from another line.  It seems, especially now that they have the chase figure thing figured out a little better it sounds, that they do a pretty good job too.  I don't see quite as many complaints about not being able to find certain things...and if they do, later on they seem to be more readily available.  They keep their prices pretty low, especially with the "Trilogy" assortment of LOTR.  Marvel Legends seem to be a good value for the price as well.  And, overall, from what I have seen, they do an amazing job on both of these lines...and I don't see too many complaints about their product for the most part.

Mattel:  Wow, these guys stink it seems.  I have been interested in a few of their lines (Batman, Justice League, and MOTU)...but they seem to be driving all of them into the ground.  We all know to well the trials of the MOTU line, and even though they had tremendous figures (courtesy of the 4 Horsemen)...they found away...with endless variants and HTF secondary characters to basically kill this line.  I'd like to collect a Batman line, but it seems that they do the same type of thing to this line.  I have a Zipline Batman, and that might be all I ever have because of all of the variants (and I wonder if this line will last much longer, with another one coming in the fall).  I really enjoy the Justice League show, but the figures are almost too simplistic (for what they cost)...although they are very true to the show designs, and I guess animated figures aren't usually too articulated.  But, again, just like the Batman line...endless variants and a complete lack of villains (2 in the whole line now, 3 with the Ultra-Humanite later this year).  I really wish they could get a good Batman line off the ground (or improve Justice League for that matter).  When I was a kid, I know I always wanted bad guys for Batman (or whoever) to fight, not just endless versions of him.

Anyways, what are some of your opinions on the toy companies (these or others)?  I hear good things about Palisades Toys with their Muppet Line too, but I don't collect it so I don't know how easy it is to find things.

Watto's Junk Yard / Shoes, Sneaks, Kicks - What Do You Wear?
« on: March 8, 2004, 02:46 PM »
Just curious as to what types of shoes you wear, or you prefer.  To be honest, I have pretty much been brand-loyal to Nike since I was in junior high, just because they have always felt good on my feet (I have very flat feet), I've always liked them, and they were always our team shoes for athletics in high school.  For some reason, I have a lot of troubles finding shoes in stores (I wear anywhere from a 13 to a 14), and usually end up ordering them online.  My current sneaks are a pair of Jordan Trunners from a year or two ago that my wife got me as a gift.  I also got a pair of K-Swiss shoes from my in-laws for Christmas, although I haven't worn them much.  I also keep quite a few of my older shoes to wear when working outside, walking the dog, etc.  I have some Nike Metal Max shoes that I got from an Eastbay clearance catalog, along with some other Nike running shoes.  I also have some "flip flops" that get a lot of use, and some boots and loafers for dressier occasions.  I haven't ever been one to be able to spend $100-plus on shoes, and anymore I usually look for $70 or less if possible.  Anyways, what kind of shoes do you have, or would you like to have?

Other Toy Lines / Videos from Toy Fair
« on: March 5, 2004, 01:19 PM »
I noticed this morning that UndergroundOnline (UGO) has several videos from Toy Fair that are kind of fun to watch.  I just thought I'd post it in here if anyone was interested.  The consist of the rep(s) from each company explaining their toy line for the year.  They have Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Marvel Legends, Justice League, The Batman, and others.  It is kind of fun to hear how they describe/talk about their respective lines.  The particular page here is Lord of the Rings, but when you click to view the video, it will bring up a viewer that lets you choose other videos as well.  Here's the linky:

UGO's Toy Fair Videos

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