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The Force Awakens / Re: TFA 3.75" Action Figure 2-Packs
« on: December 5, 2015, 01:54 PM »
What JJ Abrams projects has Grunberg ever been in? I don't recall him from Lost, Alcatraz, Cloverfield, Super 8, Star Trek etc. in fact I don't think I've ever seen him outside of Heroes. Just curious. I had no idea he had been cast in SW either, although that could be ok.

I know he was on Felicity, which was Abrams' first big television project (and a good show, too, at least early on; YES I SAID IT).  He may have been on Alias, but I can't remember.  Anyone?

Other Collectibles / Re: Star Wars Posters
« on: December 5, 2015, 01:50 PM »
Count me among the disappointed that there's no way (at least yet) to purchase a theatrical poster.  I was able to get 27x40 theatrical one-sheets (double-sided, no less) for all three prequels (as well as teaser posters), plus The Clone Wars theatrical film, from back in the day with zero hassle and no hoops to jump through.  I was really looking forward to framing the TFA poster alongside the first six films, but it looks like Disney has to treat this as a "high end collectible" that only certain people are entitled to.   ::)

I've gotten a few of them (Vader, the astromechs, Threepio) through Amazon and, although they wind up being a tad more expensive than going directly through other sellers, if you have Prime shipping it does kind of offset that end of things since many are fulfilled by/ship from Amazon warehouses.  I have zero skills as a model builder and even less as a painter (my nerves are shot all to hell, so my hand shakes when trying to paint, making detailing impossible), so a friend's brother does that for me, but the building is incredibly fun and rewarding.  I managed to slice my finger open with an Exacto knife while building Threepio, but no stitches so it was all worth it.   :)

I mainly got into these because I was so disappointed in the Black Series Vader and R2-D2 (Vader looking so "off" and R2 being small).  Even though they didn't have the "heft" of the BS figures, they look the part and fit right in.  When I heard there was a crackdown coming, my first thought was that Hasbro was somehow involved because of them being seen as a competing product line.  Whether or not that's true, I don't know, but I can say for me personally, it is definitely why I did it.  I'm still buying the Black Series figures, but the Bandai kits are to supplement the BS figures, not replace them.  I still plan on getting Boba Fett (just because he's been my favorite since I was a kid and he's my character focus), and I may get Phasma, but it's not a line I'm all in on.  But, boy, it is rewarding to look at them when you're finished putting them together. 

1:6 Scale Figures and Collectibles / Re: Force Awakens 12"
« on: December 5, 2015, 01:37 PM »
Has anyone noticed the TRU exclusive 12" Captain Phasma in store during their toy runs? I see them showing up on eBay now.

A whole slew of them showed up at my local TRU this week (at least 10 of them), and they seem to be hanging around okay (in that there doesn't seem to be a rush on them, not that they don't seem to be selling at all).  They're priced at 19.99, and she actually looks pretty good.  The silver paint Hasbro used is probably the shiniest I've seen on a Phasma from any US licensee so far and, short of vac metal  or the Bandai model kit coming in 2016 or the Funko Pop in the Smuggler's Bounty box, might be the best representation of the costume's actual color scheme on the market, collectible-wise.

I don't know about the durability of the paint (whether or not it would flake or chip), but it certainly looked nice in the package.  I'm not a fan of the "shampoo bottle" figures, but I have to admit, the sculpt (what I could see of it through the window) and the detail was very well done.

Our long national nightmare is over, and thanks to Amazon and some nice timing on Thanksgiving evening, Captain Phasma has finally taken her place in my collection.   ;)

I also picked up Kylo Ren (Starkiller Base) at the local (still inexplicably open) Kmart earlier this week, at which point I, of course, saw my first Phasma hanging on the pegs.  I left her there for someone else to hopefully add to their collection, go under a tree for a kid on Christmas morning, and not, I dread, wind up on Ebay or Amazon as a VHTF HOT RECALLED VARIANT CAPITAN PLASMA STAR WAR 6 FIGUR.  ::)

Still no sign of these in my neck of the woods.  One of the three Walmarts got in another two cases of wave 1, and another simply got tired of waiting for new figures to arrive from any assortment period and allocated the two months of empty space to (and I'm not making this up) 16 pegs of glow sticks, four pegs of flying discs, and one peg of TPM 3D Ric Olies that look like they've been through an actual war and have been marked up to 12.83.  So yeah, not anticipating I'll be seeing wave 2 anytime soon around here.

On the off chance I do happen across them on a trip out of this miserable hellhole, does the 5 POA Stormtrooper head swap easily onto the SA Stormtrooper body?  I'm not skilled with painting or customizing at all, and it would almost be worth it to me to just buy the cheaper version to swap out the heads. 

My local Kmart, which is amazingly still open, looks like a Big Lots and an Ollie's had a head-on collision and threw up a flea market, so I'm doubtful this will actually show up here. This particular store is also notable for having a high rate of Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure part thefts (replaced with kid's sticker sheets) and wrestling figure swaps that are both fascinating and upsetting, so even if it does show up, some ******* will undoubtedly swap it for a Hero Masher Ghost Rider with a swizzle stick on a piece of white felt. And Kmart, sadly, won't notice, even after I point it out.

Yeah, I saw 2 Phasmas at Target today over lunch. I think she has officially been bumped as most In-Demand 6" figure by the Imperial Shocktrooper. That dude is crazy hard to find right now. (All 4 of the stores that got solid cases of 6 here were sold out within a day)

Maybe in your part of the state, but over here in Jesusland, she's still EBay scalper fodder. At least nine cases have hit between three Walmarts, a Target, and a TRU and although every other figure from those cases has been hanging from the pegs when I've shown up, Phasma has been magically missing. Granted, some of those may be making their way into actual collector hands, but when she's the only figure that is missing?  I kind of doubt that's the case overall. How I had not missed this bull****... ::)

I suppose it would be good if Hasbro did a full case of Phasma in time for the holidays (along with cases of Kylo Ren and FO Stormtroopers) to meet demand and drive down the secondary market prices and/or eBay idiocy, but then they'd have to divert resources from Finn repack production and that would just be crazy.

On-topic: I found the Battlefront Shock Trooper at one of those Walmarts on Tuesday this week. Nice figure, although it once again makes me miss the double-jointed elbows on some of the TFA figures.

Curious to know if anyone other tmanthegreat, myself and I believe one other person who posted they bought one on jd, have picked this up? Wondering what the likelihood we get #2 in the series is.

I picked this up on Monday at my local TRU (I had 20 dollars in Rewards dollars and a 10 dollar gift card, so it took some of the sticker shock away), and I'm pretty happy with it.  It's definitely large and impressive, to say the least, and I don't regret buying it at all.  I really can't add more to the reviews that tmanthegreat's, well, great photographs have already shown other than to say the cockpit is really the highlight of the ship.  Hasbro went above and beyond with the details inside the cockpit and didn't cut any corners there. 

The wings themselves are sturdy, although I'm a little concerned about the fact that the "tires" don't sit flush against the wings themselves (there's a tiny gap on mine; is it like this on everyone's?).  The wings are also "permanently" attached, but only do so with two clips inside the "tires" on the pylons from the cockpit/ball assembly, so it still makes the wings a bit wobbly, although when it's standing up (especially on carpet), this doesn't really affect the stability much.  As for taking up space, I have Queen Amidala's Royal Starship sitting in the (carpeted) floor of my collection room and the TIE straddles it perfectly with just enough clearance to not hit the RS's roof, so it took up less floor space than I feared. :)

The trickiest part of the whole assembly is getting the TIE Pilot into the cockpit.  You have to basically bend his knees completely backward (at both double joints like this < ) with his feet still pointing forward so he will fit well.  It also helps if you raise his arms while doing so and adjust them last.  Make sure you clip the waist clip above the belt since his pouches get in the way otherwise.  I also can't find a space to store his blaster pistol inside the ship, so you'll probably want to keep that somewhere else separately.

Overall, despite some minor quibbles, it's an impressive piece, and well worth picking up.  I hope the wave with the single packed TIE Pilot shows up in decent numbers at retail so I can find an extra gunner to stick in the co-pilot seat.

Feedback / Re: Master_Phruby's feedback
« on: September 18, 2015, 06:20 PM »
A big "thank you" to Paul for helping me out with the Droid Factory 4 pack. A nicer guy cannot be found and your generosity is greatly appreciated!  :)


I'm not saying this is the case regarding your friend, but I've encountered several people at TRU or Disney who have no clue about things coming into their store.  You'd think there'd be some staff training leading up to special events, otherwise when a customer asks a question regarding product that's supposed to be in their store s/he gets the deer in headlights look.

Oh yeah, that was definitely the case here. He's (the manager) not so much of a friend as just someone who has become familiar with me and my co-worker/fellow collector from us being in the store all the time and he knows we aren't the "eBay types" so he will be a little more forthcoming with us about what is going on. That said, even as one of the people in charge of the whole Force Friday thing, he was pretty in the dark as to what they would be getting, where it would be going, and how much they would get of it right up until about Thursday morning. He told us that the few boxes of stuff they got in prior to Wednesday/Thursday (which wasn't a lot) were kept in a cordoned off section in the backroom and he didn't even know what was in them. When I talked to him later on Friday, he said they weren't even allowed to really open the cases until they stocked the shelves, so it was very (and unnecessarily) cloak and dagger.

My eyes are seriously about to roll out of my head at how ludicrous all of this is. You'd think it was a state secret or something, but it's plastic toys. What have I done with my life?  :D


My hating is based on principle at this point.  I went to the TRU Force Friday event and waited two hours, and a big reason I went there was for their "Exclusive Blue Trooper" that had been rumored.  They obviously didn't have any on hand.  There was a press release stating the Snowtrooper Officer Exclusive would be available for pre-order on 9/6 (today).  Then the figure goes up for pre-order 2 days early and sells out well before 9/6...just crappy handling all the way around.  It should have been on hand for the Force Friday event or at the very least not up for pre-order until today.  I was one of the few who really didn't mind being in the dark about Force Friday for most of the offerings, but handling of this figure could not have been any worse IMO.

I'm with you there. I talked to a TRU assistant manager (who's gotten to know myself and a friend over the last few years) prior to the event and he said he didn't even know about the "blue trooper" and he was in charge of the event itself. So if not even the in-store personnel knew about a product they were supposed to be just boggles the mind at how haphazard the whole secrecy thing was done to begin with. It's one thing to keep the consumer in the dark to preserve the mystery a bit, but when your middle men don't even know what they are supposed to be doing?

Anyway, back to the point, my issue is that if you publicly state "This item will go up for preorder on 9/6" and then it goes up two days early and (pre) sells out, that's, to put it bluntly, bull****. Call it sour grapes for me not getting one if you want, but don't say something will be on sale Sunday and then sell it on Friday. I didn't even hear about the exclusive until later in the afternoon, and by the time I did, I went to the site to look at the figure and it was already gone. Not good.

But, like I said, hopefully it will show up at TRU in October and I will get one. If not, it's not the end of the world. It's just a pauldron after all.

LEGO / Re: Recent Acquisitions
« on: September 7, 2015, 05:19 PM »
I picked up Poe's X-Wing on Saturday and the Special Forces TIE Fighter today. Both are great sets and a lot of fun to build. Even though the wings on the TIE use a lot of the same techniques as the ANH TIE from a couple of years back, there are some new bits here and there to keep it interesting. The minifigure selection is great, too, with some good generic background support on both sides.

One thing is for sure: Lego is, as usual, having zero problems getting decent amounts of product into stores.

LEGO / Re: LEGO 2015
« on: September 6, 2015, 12:48 PM »
I mentioned this in the Recent Finds/Purchases thread over in the TFA forums, but I wanted to reiterate it here (because of its relevance). I picked up the General Grievous Constructible figure on Friday morning and it is easily the best toy I've gotten from the entire launch (note: I can't afford expensive BB-8s).

I've never been a fan of Lego's previous forays into the constructible figure realm (Bionicle, Hero Factory, DC/Marvel), so when they said they were doing SW, I kind of groaned. Still, with Grievous being mostly mechanical, I thought it might work. And it does. Boy, does it work. Not only is it the best example of a Constructible figure Lego has done, IMHO, it manages to be one of those rare toys in this day and age that is significantly larger than what you expect by looking at the box.

Grievous is at least 13" tall, and that's hunched over in his typical posture. The build is also much more interesting than past constructible figure builds (even though it's still all Technic and Bionicle/HF parts) but once he's built, the size and detail is just amazing. Words can't do it justice. If you're a fan of Lego, or Grievous, or looking for something different, I can't recommend this one highly enough. Sadly, with the past history of licensed constructible figures from Lego (not to mention prequel stigma and his being the most expensive of the range) I think a lot of folks might pass, but trust me when I say this one is a winner and one of my favorite purchases this year.

Do I need to make park runs for these?

I'd be interested in buying a set if you do end up making a run, Phurby.  Thanks!  :)

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