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Exactly, it was a green 300th boba fett hand. I was hoping it wasn't too big. It seemed to work ok.  I didn't paint the gaunlet silver like in the comics. I though it looked fine the way it was.

Now since I made my version of these guys, Hasbro is going to copy me once again and make their own version. How many want to guess it will look exactly like mine. Its just going to be a repaint of the rots royal guard. Well, at least we'll get a better staff.

You know it would be nice to have a permanent place for the monthly customizing challenge to be stored at JD instead of in the forums like now. It would be ideal to have a link off the main page for this kind of stuff.

Just an idea.

I've finished my third version of Kir Kanos.

Here is a nice little VS. picture.

Mesa like. :D

If you got the time, that would be cool.

Ahh, more ideas to steal.  8)

Don't forget the Tonnikas. They are due at the end of the month too.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Coming Soon.......
« on: November 28, 2005, 08:11 PM »
What photoshop filter is that? Looks like watercolors.

Let me guess. Owen is building a complete to scale Death Star with working primary laser.

I AM proud of it. Thanks, Phruby. IMO it's the best custom I've done so far.

I totally agree!

Maybe its because clones are tough as nails trench warfair grunts while stromtroopers get killed with a poorly placed blaster shots or a rock.

Blaster you can be our very own Cliff Claven. ;)

Cool. More trenche coats.

I like the rebel trooper plan.

I really like this guy. It looks very rusty but reminds me of a prototype boba fett character. The cape is the best part.

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