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I was wondering when someone would go in that direction. I can always count on Ruprecht to go there. ;D

Thanks Pen. Swan was very easy to work with. The head just pulls off and had the same neck hole as the microlady. All I had to do was take her pirate hat off. Swan also has a great inner body under the pirate coat. She is great fodder.

I'll have to pick up a spylounge figure for a really busty twi'lik.

I've finished my version of Ysanne Isard last night. Here is the picture of her. As you can see, I've used the microlady body with balloon clothes and a modified POTC2 Elizabeth Swam head. The pouch is from one of those army guys and the ribbons are from Aayla's belt. There is a little bit of sculpty for the sholder plate and a little paint on the latex.

For the most part, I think she looks like Laura Croft with different hair.

I see what your gunning for. It's a very ambitious project. I can see how the armor is going to look now. What are you going to do about the helmet?

That Ankia is a great figure to use for parts. I never even noticed she was missing her rank badge.

Remember everybody we have less than a week to go. Glassman should just about now be starting.  ;)

I love the obscure & esoteric. My mind has way too much useless information. Anyway, the current (10th) Doctor looks like this:

He is very simular to your current customs. That is Rose (his assistant) behind him. Rose....Aaaaarrr. Sorry Homer Simpson moment there. Here is his dog K-9.

Maybe you can make a Cyberman (bad guys)  to go with them.

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Casting Questions
« on: May 25, 2006, 04:07 PM »
Are they free?

Where do you get a decent number of medicine cups for measuring?

A primer gray and a olive (miliary) green would be hot.

What if you took a small amount of vaseline and rubbed on your fingers. Then smoothed it on to the piece with your fingers? Would that not completely cover the part?

Oh ok. I not familure with the base figure. Did you paint the camofague? Do you have a reference shot or is this one fan fic?

Fantastic changes to the Baron. He looks alot better now and closer to the reference. I always thought that Bail looked more like Dracula than the Baron but this will defiantely do. Unless you want to use that new Han Solo figure and paint a gote on it. That might be as close as you can get.

Very cool set of figures for Wodehouse. I've never heard of this before. I guess its about these two going on adventures right? Is it a sci-fi thing like Dr.Who? By the way, when are you going to make the Doctor?

That's the best part about Chewie's pictures is the shadow work. Chewie you need to post a tutorial on shadowing in photoshop.

I'm not sure why you just don't make some lekku for any figure's head. All you do is take some sculpty and roll it into a snake. Pinch the end so it comes to a point and then drap around the head. Finally put it in cup of boiling water and your done.

Yah, the talk shows over at DSP2 are pretty funny. They wanted to interview my microlady Aayla but I just got this weird creeped out feeling talking to them about it that I didn't go thru with it.

Good ideas Greg. I'll do that with the next mold. I went ahead a primed the parts last night and started cutting up the torso. I'm not thilled with the helmet. I may have to remold it. Ruprecht is right, I lost too much detail doing it that way.

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