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Do Do Do...Do. Do Do Do...Do.

<que Mr. Sterling>

The reason my Wookie dosen't have an arm is because I got him like that from a ROTS toys lot off of eBay.

How bizaar because I just won an auction for ROTS toys that includes that Wookiee's left arm! :o

OMG! :o I love that! Pen you totally impress me with each new custom you make. That body work is great! The only way I can see to improve the body is to go the Microlady route with balloon clothes. The latex would cover every joint really well.

I agree she should have black gloves. My first version of Daala used that head and I still like a lot for her. That extra brade is a great touch. I wonder if it's possible to shave off Sub5 agent Anika's face and use it with Leia's hair. POTC Swan or a handmaden might work if you shave off their face's and recast them.

This one goes in my personal custom archies of examples to duplicate someday. Great job!

Thanks guys. Yes, the imperial is a Chiss. I always wanted to make a series of blue skin aliens. I think I need to do some fixes no his leg. Maybe give him somekind of harness when the artifical leg meets the real one. Right now, the pant leg doesn't look right to me. Too cutoff shorts like.

Good looking solider there. I can totally see the drybrushing. It does make it look better. Is the head glued on or did you modify the neck post to make it fit?

Baroness head. Elizabeth Swan body. Vintage leia arms.

Thanks Jeff. I needed something to go with the flared pirate boots she is wearing. She's buckled many swashes before.

It's the big Comic book convention where Hasbro shows off new star wars toys and new comic book movies are premiered. It's held in San Diego every year. Darth_Delierious is working at it this year. The dates are July 20-23rd.

Here are my latest two figures designed for June's monthly customizing challange. This is Captain Lurch and a unnamed slave trader. I'll make a slave for her to trade soon.

Oh and to catch up, here is Ysanne Isard from GP12.

So Findswoman have you any news on our Pimp Daddy's adventures? It needs to get to DD for next month's Comic-con.

Ok. Here are my entries for this month's Customizing Challange.

The first is Captain Lurch. He is made from some left over parts I had from other projects. The head was originally intended for the self portraite group project from last year.

The second one is a Slave Trader. I havn't come up with a name yet. She is made from POTC2 Elizabeth Swan body with a Baroness head and vintage Leia arms. I tried to stay with the puffy sleaves to match the pants. I guess she can also be a space pirate. I'll come up with a slave for her to trade soon. Maybe I'll give her a whip.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: CloneCommander1's Customs
« on: June 2, 2006, 09:50 AM »
I do like that Boss. That's actually the paint scheme I'm planning on my MM version. However, I think it would have looked better without the paint wear and tear. Just solid orange/red would have been better in order to show off the paint pattern.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Outrider's Customs
« on: June 2, 2006, 09:45 AM »
Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

Hey! I resemble that remark!  :P  ;D

There is some great paint jobs on the customs in this thread. The grey republic commando with the strip is great. Very clean and straight stripping. Very good use of the imperial body with these guys. I really like the camo paint job on the stromtrooper. Good stuff all around.

Its funny every time I read the title of thread I expect to see a custom painted Outrider. You need to do one.

Exactly. Work in progress pictures are encouraged. 8)

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