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Revenge of the Sith / Re: Best RotS Vehicle
« on: May 2, 2005, 11:37 AM »
I would like to chime in that I too think the ARC-170 is the hands down winner of the best ROTS and possibly the best PT toy-line ship.

The ship has decent scale relative to the figures. They didn't scrimp on the design and leave out a crew spot - it fits three pilots AND an astromech - how can you go wrong with that?

I think the second place to the ARC-170 is the Gunship - it was a great toy when it originally came out and it still is a great toy - but the ARC-170 has eclipsed it.

Now if they come out with an AT-TE or Turbo Tank, I'll have to rethink the best vehicle...

Revenge of the Sith / Re: RotS - Deluxe Figures
« on: May 2, 2005, 11:12 AM »
I picked up a case of Wave 2 today at WalMart - unfortunately the packaging on all of them was trashed so I ended up leaving one of the Vaders behind.

I've opened up the Vulture Droid, one of the Jet-Pack Clones and the Vader here at work. The Vader is FANTASTIC. This is the deluxe Vader figure that should have been released first. While I do like the quick change Anakin/Vader figure - there really isn't a point to it when you have a deluxe figure like this second Vader come right after it.

The Jet-pack Clone is great. I know some of you don't like the lack of articulation on the trooper, but I'm fine with that and I'm glad I didn't put the second one back - my Clone army needs at least TWO aerial combat units.

The Vulture Droid is nice - I'm glad they didn't try the split wing legs like they did on the 3 Droid Fighter set for TPM. I don't mind this being a repaint/re-release or the price. I would have preferred that the Buzz droid have a peg like the ones that came with the Droid Tri-fighter to plug into the sockets on Anakin and Obi-Wan's starfighters.

I think this assortment is completely messed up - I can see Vader and Jet-pack Clonetrooper being INCREDIBLY popular. Why not just release a wave of just those two figures - three of each in the case? Everyone loves Vader and the army builders are going to snatch up the clone.

Yoda and the Vulture droid could have been saved for the next assortment, just throw in either the Clone Troopers or the Dwarf Spider Droid and you're set with that assortment. I don't see why demand of those two deluxe figures would be any less - to me the Vulture Droid is an army builder in its own right.

The problem with a plan like that is (a) there probably isn't going to be another Star Wars celebration and (b) it just makes too much damn sense.

How's this for another plan: If you KNOW you're going to sell more AFTER the show, announce it so you chop the vendors off a the knees. You make them question just exactly HOW MANY were made and they think twice before hoarding them for after-event price gouging.

Just think if all of the Vaders that went into the hands of vendors instead were left over and were selling now on Jerks like Brian's Toys wouldn't be even daring to ask $80 for one of these!

I feel that the dealers inflated the demand of the Jorg Sacul too - at this point, he's down around $40 and many times the auction closes w/o any bidder. In another two or three years, I bet that figure will be available for about what you could get it for at Celebration 2 - the reason is that many of them fell into the hands of vendors, not actually the people who truly wanted them. Sure there was everyone at the event who got them and then the die-hards who couldn't attend who fed into the eBay frenzy, but after that, all that's left are those who pass due to the price tag and those who just aren't interested in GL's head on an X-Wing pilot body.

The same is and WILL be true of the Vader.

I too am surprised the Blue Jedi Starfighter bronze dome R4 isn't coming down the pike either.

Perhaps if the Anakin one sells well, TRU will want it. I mean, how many versions of this Jedi Starfighter to we need really?

And don't forget we also saw Mace fly a purple one in the Animated Series - so that's another variant possibility.

I just wish they were giving us Anakin with a soft goods skirt so he could actually SIT in the fighter!

Revenge of the Sith / Re: "Evolutions" assortment...
« on: April 29, 2005, 07:48 PM »
If they give us a C-3PO and he's got articulation in the knees then I'll be stoked. We also never got a good version of his AOTC incarnation. The EP1 version was plenty good for me, so again, enhanced articulation would be a must.

For Obi-Wan, I hope they go with all PT since we already have VOTC Old Ben. So it would be one from each movie.

For Padme they could do four sets each dedicated to her and STILL not be done.

Set 1:
Return to Naboo Purple Dress (TPM)
Lakeside Retreat Black Dress (AOTC)
Senatorial Robes (with braided hair "buns") (ROTS)

Set 2:
Appearance before the Senate (TPM)
Incognito Travel to Naboo (AOTC)
Nightgown (ROTS)

Set 3:
Handmaiden - at the end, the brown outfit (TPM)
Droid Factory/Arena (AOTC)
Confronting Anakin (ROTS)

Set 4:
Handmaiden - Robes (TPM)
Meeting with the Chancellor (AOTC)
Burial Gown (ROTS)

Whatever they do, I just hope they don't burn a slot for a Padme figure with another ANH Leia to show the "Evolution"

Jocasta's Reading Room / Re: ROTS Novel (Spoilers)
« on: April 28, 2005, 02:18 PM »
Ok - so I finished the book about five days ago and I'm just getting back to this thread...

Anyway, I think the novel and the movie should definitely be taken as two different takes on the same story.

Things the book glosses over (or moves quickly past or even only casually mentions) appear, at least from the trailers, to get A LOT more coverage.

Like Scott said - the book doesn't touch on Yoda & the Wookies at all. From what I can gather based on Spoilers I've read there are two stages to Yoda on Kashyyk - (1) first he's commanding Clones to fight along side the Wookies in defense of Kashyyk and then (2) when Order 66 is given, the Clones under Yoda's command turn on him and the Wookies help him escape.

I think the author might have originally intended to have the book be longer or to delve into more things, but it is impossible to write a book based on a movie that is constantly in flux and will be in flux until the day it is released (the digital version at least) and have that same book out over a month before the movie. He probably became very frustrated and started to cover all of the events loosely because he had no idea how GL would present them in the final film.

I could almost read the frustration of the author at the end of the book because in the start of the book he goes on for pages about the thoughts in Dooku's head, yet at the very end Yoda being left on Dagobah was given ONE SENTENCE.

Personally, I would have LOVED to see some internal dialogue of Yoda at that point - Dagobah was to be his home for the rest of his life, he KNOWS that and we don't get any insight to why he picks Dagobah or where he sets up his hut or anything?

I know the book can't please everyone, but for me the greatest part of the AOTC novellization is that the book went BEYOND the movie - the book doesn't begin with Padme's ship blowing up - the book begins with a "While Anakin and Obi-Wan are on Ansion..." look at the life of the Lars family on Tatooine - how close Owen and Beru came to be with Shmi, how Shmi loved Owen like a second son and still longed to see Anakin once more, how kind and generous Cliegg was - it establishes the strong foundation that is needed to establish them as "good people" worthy of caring for the newborn Luke Skywalker.

Now - I have heard that there is going to be a book coming out later this year that deals directly with events right after ROTS ends. So perhaps the author of that book will talk about Obi-Wan and Yoda both starting their respective exiles and training under their "new" master. I certainly hope it does at least and I hope it also delves into early family life for both of the twins. I fear however, that the book will deal only with the "young" Darth Vader.

So I'd give this book a 3 out of 5 stars simply because it doesn't uniformly deliver an experience that takes you beyond the visuals of the movie that it should have. Perhaps I'm being to harsh, but that is what I expect from a PT movie novelization. The overall story of ROTS though - ROCKS! This is going to be a great movie, it's just a shame the book wasn't a good book.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: More Target Exclusives?
« on: April 28, 2005, 12:51 PM »
I hope that that's not true. The handled the Lava Vader perfectly: Here's how many there are, period. Here's the date they will be available, period. Here's how you get one, period. Surprising they would handle one so well, but the other poorly.

You would think - but remember - of course they wanted to handle the Lava Vader well - it meant they got you to stop by Target on April 2nd.

I bought just as much stuff at Target (if not more) than the amount of stuff I bought at TRU the night before, let's see:

Figures #1 - #24 (1 of each)
2x Holo Yoda
2x Deluxe Sidious
12" Ultimate Vader
12" Sidious & Clone
6x Small Vehicles (2x of AT-RT, Boga & Barc Speeder)
2x Battle Arenas (1 of the Mace/Sidious, 1 of the Anakin/Dooku)

Figures #1 - #24 (1 of each)
Figures #25 - #32 (2 of each)
1 Figure #37, 1 Figure #39
6x Target Exclusive Cups w/Figures (2 of each set)
4x Lava Vaders
2x ARC-170
12" Grevious

I may have forgotten some items, but that's most of it. I think money spending-wise it's pretty close.

So, to prove my point - by offering the Lava Vader as an exclusive incentive, Target got me to split my major purchases between TRU and Target something I hadn't done in either of the past two Midnight Madnesses - I had always gone 100% TRU.

Also - RE: finding this clone - just keep going into your store armed with the DPCI number. A Target employee told me this morning that she expects them in by Tuesday. But she only told me that because when I got to the aisle I was looking for Deluxe Figures - the pegs were empty except for a handful of Obi-Wans w/SBD - anyway before she scanned it she was like "Are you looking for the Target exclusive that's coming out Tuesday? I know we don't have that yet 'cause I just checked for another guy"

The Prequel Trilogy / Re: SpoilersóROTS cutting room floor scenes
« on: April 28, 2005, 09:41 AM »
These scenes sound cool for at least DVD extras.† I have to say that some of those deleted AOTC scenes were not that great and I'm glad they were not in the film itself.† Not all but most of them.

True - but the scenes with Padme's family on Naboo not being in AOTC were a real loss IMHO. It was nice to see them on the DVD. I also would have preferred Dooku holding court with Padme and Anakin instead of the 3-ring circus that was the Droid Factory scene!

Clone Wars '03-'05 / Re: Possible Animated Wave 4?
« on: April 28, 2005, 09:24 AM »
Clone Obi-Wan, Padme Snow Bunny, C-3PO and R2 are the only correct choices for the next wave ::) :P

Agreed - if there is going to be a Wave 4, these four figures ARE the only logical choices.

I could really go without a Bariss Offee and Luminara Unduli in the animated style, especially since in the episodes that were just aired, I would rather see some different alien Jedi like that Ithorian since he is unique to the animated series before I see animated versions of characters we already have in the main line.

One more thing... even though they didn't mention it in the Swami/4TN-whatever thing, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Blue ARC Trooper in this wave either - typically there are four "new" figures in each wave of these, for Wave 3, Hasbro copped out with the multi-colored Clones. For this wave, I could see them rounding out the wave with either solely packing in a Blue ARC or really messing with us and alternating a Blue ARC and a Green Clone.

Clone Wars '03-'05 / Re: EE exclusive Clone Trooper 4-packs!
« on: April 28, 2005, 09:22 AM »
I ordered a case of these - a complete set of four to open, a set of four to keep MIB and another set of four to I dunno what with...

Anyway - these things rock! I was pleased to see that they put peg holes in the feet of these (just like the Target ROTS SA Clone).

I opened one box last night - the clean ranked Clones - I'm pleased to now have a Captain (Red), Commander (Yellow), Lieutenant (Blue) and Sargeant (Green) all in the SA sculpt.

Kinda pricey, but I'm glad to finally have a nice size AOTC Clone Army to fill my AOTC and Clone Wars Gunships with.

I would love it if Hasbro and EE went back and took this four-pack concept one step further and offered us the Delta Squad Commandos from the Republic Commando game - that would rock! I would gladly pay $40 - $50 for a set of those.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: AT-RT - the walker army-builder
« on: April 27, 2005, 05:08 PM »
Yeah - the Wave 2 case includes six AT-RTs - any store that had them on April 2nd had received a Wave 2 case.

So if you were waiting on the Boga and Barc to go on clearance, you'd better get them now 'cause they aren't shipping ever again. The next case after that is supposed to be like 4x Wookie Helicopter and 2x AT-RT...

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Evolution: Silver now Holo
« on: April 27, 2005, 05:06 PM »
Thanks for the clarification Jeff - I had figured that out a day or so later....

I'm mixed on these Holo figures...

To me, I would have thought they would have started giving us Holo versions of Jedi that sit in the council as holograms. That is the nicest thing about the Yoda - he DOES appear as a full-size hologram sitting in his regular chair during a Jedi Council meeting in the movie.

So does Ki-Adi Mundi and I believe, Plo Koon.

To me, regular-size holos of these figures made so you can make a Jedi Council scene with masters in attendence via Holo MAKES SENSE.

A regular size holo of Jedi Luke for your Jabba's palace sorta makes sense because R2 projected Luke a tad bit bigger than human size, but since you don't really want a 7" holo Luke, a 4" one is just as fine. So again, makes sense, I'm all for it.

Darth Maul in his cloak with the hood up and arms crossed appeared as a lifesize holo to Nute Gunray - so again, this figure makes sense.

A regular figure size holo of Leia or Qui-Gon Jinn or whoever appeared as a small hologram display DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

They already got the holo of Leia from ANH right - with the R2-D2 figure! They already got the holo of Obi-Wan from AOTC right - the display base that came with the Saga version of Bail Organa!

To me, a holo Leia like this just is un-necessary. Personally, I would have preferred a Holo Ki-Adi Mundi to add to my ROTS Jedi Council Scene. Just make the figure out of the Saga mold and make sure he can sit - should have been easy AND it's a ROTS based exclusive. The card for this Leia has me confused - I guess they really do intend on changing the packaging once the line starts including OT characters again... oh well, just when I started to really like the ROTS cardback...

Hey - for anyone who was able to order theirs on Monday from - I received my two "order shipped" e-mails for my four C3 Vader figures. I wasn't sure that they were going to let me place two orders, but they did and now the FedEx tracking system is telling me I'll have them on April 30th!

What a month for Star Wars toys huh? Started off with the midnight madness and ends with the C3 Vader and the EE SA Clones (which I got today!)

- Peter

Revenge of the Sith / Re: C3 Hasbro Q & A
« on: April 26, 2005, 05:28 PM »
This applies to my troop builder idea as well.† IF Hasbro makes these with kids in mind and at the same time realize that most kids never ever got to see the SA Clone or Clone Pilots from the AOTC lines then why don't they start over packing troop builders?† Do they think that inciting excitement over chasing figures is something that attracts parents to by a product for their kids?† No, it's a collector theory,† Make something that people want and slowly trickle more into the market causes people to buy more product in the long run.† How many Targets to you go to looking for a figure and how often do you just happen to walk out with another product.†

Here's a funny story - I was in my local WalMart and there was a mom with her son. The mother was clearly frustrated as her son was digging through the pegs. He was looking for the "red" clone - at first I figured he meant the Clone Commander, but in hind-sight he may have been looking for the Red Senate Guard - I'm not 100% certain.

Anyway, my point is that I could see that this mother was obviously trying to reward her son and bring him all over trying to find the figure he wanted, but she was CLEARLY getting tired of all the looking.

It doesn't matter what figure he wanted (Clone Commander or Red Royal Guard) the store didn't have either, so my son who was with me as well, went up to him and said - we already looked, they don't have that figure here - which was the truth, we had just got done looking for a clone commander ourselves. In the end, the kid and his mother left without picking up ANY figures.

So what Violentfix is saying is true - if the army builder figures like the Red Royal Guard, Clone Pilot and Clone Commander were readily available on the shelves, this kid would have made a purchase. But, because it wasn't, WalMart lost out on a sale AND the mother left with a very poor opinion about the Star Wars line - you don't think parents were fond of the Power Rangers toys when those figures were selling like hot-cakes do you?

Hasbro keeps telling us that they "do it for the kids" yet everything they do points to "doing it for the collectors". If it's truly for kids and not collectors then things like VOTC, Evolutions 3-packs, Unleashed or even the 500th Darth Vader - should not even exist!

The Kenner line was for kids - there was ONE Tatooine Luke, ONE Darth Vader, ONE Chewbacca, ONE Emperor, etc... Only a collector line will support continual re-releases of the same character in the same outfit for ten years.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: More Target Exclusives?
« on: April 26, 2005, 05:10 PM »
Jesse - it's like you were telling my story all over again.

The boom of eBay has changed everything and while I don't mind eBay per se, I do hate what it has done to the toy collecting industry.

It has become easy for Target/WalMart/TRU employees to subsidise their income by selling the "hot" toys on eBay. Stores say they don't let employees open up cases of stuff in the stock room - but they do! Just look at my story - when I finally convinced them to bring some Clones out, they brought me an open case with only four of the Clones left. What the heck happened there?

The only logical conclusion can be that a Target employee saw the case, opened it up and bought a bunch of them for sale on eBay. The only reason why there was a case left at all is because I think to have taken the entire case it would have meant that he/she would have actually had to check it out of inventory which means their activity would be traceable.

The important thing to remember is that Target's policy stands - if they have an item in stock and there is a place to put that product on the shelves (oh and for the $13 clone, the Lava Vader is THE spot - no more Lava Vaders are coming), the employees are REQUIRED to bring out the merchandise to you, regardless of what store-printed signs exist, what kind of assine department managers you run into and especially regardless of whether or not they think you are a collector, scalper or parent shopping for a kid.

I'm sure some of you have already read the story, but I actually got a department manager fired at Target around XMas time because he wouldn't re-stock the transformers pegs. He started mouthing off to me about being a scalper and that I couldn't possibly have a son at my age, etc.... That dick was never seen or heard from since and to be honest, this is the only store where I'm a jerk - cause when an employee in there starts to give me a hard time I just go - "Did you know Dan, the manager who got fired?" and I just grin when they respond "Yes", cause my immediate response is "well I'm the guy who got him fired after he gave me a hard time" - you should see how fast their toon changes.

I hate being a jerk like that sometimes, but what I hate more is being a slave to Target's lazy or dishonest employees.

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