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Well, kudos to Dark Side Toys for stepping in like this - there has definitely been a surge today.

I wonder how this is being done/accomplished. I would think it's most likely that they have a contact/business-partner in the US (or Canada) and each time someone orders the Sail Barge from their website, they have that individual place an order on HasLab - since the limit is on 5 per order and not on the number of orders, their business partner in North America could just keep doing that over and over again. HasLab will then just ship the bulk of them all to a single location and then Dark Side will just mass ship all of them from North America to the UK and then from there ship them around Europe. The "mark-up" is probably them knowing exactly how much tax/tariff there will be at each step in the process, so while I'm sure they're getting something for their trouble, I doubt it's much.

So definitely a win-win for them - if I lived in the UK, I would strongly be considering using them as my exclusive online retailer for all my Star Wars purchases.

For this to have been a viable offering, Hasbro would have had to leverage their own European distribution channels to try and keep the mark-up minimal. But I think the European collectors were hoping/thinking it would be in the 360GBP and 405EUR range, not 599GBP which equates to $835USD - that's kind of insane.

There will be a blip from this offering, but not a significant one that would push this closer to catching up to the needed backers/day run-rate it currently needs - which is now up to 128 backers/day.

I see a lot of people over on JTA treating that picture of Mark Boudreaux holding up the outer shipping box along with the dimensions of the outer and inner boxes as gospel that Hasbro has a plan for this to succeed no matter what. I'm sure dimensions and weight of the shipping carton were VERY MUCH on the minds of team before HasLab was even launched because those two numbers are definitely part of consideration when it comes to shipping costs. Never mind the fact that it's March and the east coast has been blustery cold and there's good ole Mark smiling on a sunny day wearing a T-Shirt.  :-X

Half way point today.

Three and a half days later and weíve only god 120 more.  Itís going to take one hell of a last minute surge for this to make.

I found this interesting article -

From the article:

So whatís the difference between Kickstarters that spike at the end, and those that donít?

Itís the marketing behind the project.

If a project has an effective marketing plan, youíll see a spike in pledges.

The pledge rate needed to make the 5000 by April 3rd is now up to around 118 backers/day.

We're not even getting 50 at this point.

Unless there is going to be a "Hail Mary" at the end where Hasbro runs a marketing blitz above and beyond what they've already done or they open the project up to major markets such as UK, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, etc... it is seriously starting to look like the barge isn't going to get made.  >:(

The ONLY other chance this has is if Amazon wants to take the gamble on 500 - 1000 units and offer them exclusively through their non-US/Canada portals. But that is very unlikely. Unfortunately, the only retailer that would have gambled on a piece like this is going to be starting court proceedings this week to liquidate their entire business.

I've been noticing random surges in orders. I check in a few times a day, sometimes it'll tick up 3 or 4, yesterday I noticed a surge of about 40 or more over the course of a few hours. I am worried, though. Seems like we'll be lucky to get to 4K. Hope I'm wrong.

You're not wrong. At the current pace, we won't even make 4000 by the 3rd of April.

The number of backers per day has been steadily on a decline. Two weeks ago a sustained run-rate of 80 backers per day was needed to meeting the goal. Now the number is approaching 106 backers a day needed. The reality is between 50 and 60 backers per day. The numbers just aren't there.

It's a shame, it really is.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Star Trek
« on: February 26, 2018, 03:43 PM »
Anyone else make it through the whole Season of Discovery? Overall I enjoyed it but I don't want to give away anything too spoilery if folks are waiting for other means to consume the content.

Made it through this series over the weekend with my wife who has already been more of the Star Trek fan than myself.

For me it was a struggle to get through.

I've read comments from others who have enjoyed it as well, and I don't want to spoil anything as well, but I would love to know if any of the people who are saying they think this show was great were also vocally bashing the final season of Enterprise as being too fanboy-fanficish with all of the episodes where they answered questions that really didn't need answering (like why do Klingons in the TOS not have forehead ridges) or tied multiple events or episodes from Star Trek together in a nice little bow (like Data's Creator's Ancestor having a connection to the Eugenics Research that created Khan). The only reason I bring that up is because without one of those hacky story-lines from Star Trek: Enterprise having existed, this show wouldn't exist at all...

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2018 TVC Walmart Exclusive Figures
« on: February 21, 2018, 11:59 AM »
I listened to the recorded interviews and I'm shocked no one thought to ask Hasbro how these figures were making their way to WalMart - mixed in with the regular assortments or having their own dedicated cases which means all of a sudden you'll walk into a WM and find 12 Ach-to Rey's on the pegs.

My hope is they're going to the solid-case route so at least there will be a fighting chance of finding these.

The Vintage Collection / Re: Big Items of the Future!
« on: February 21, 2018, 11:57 AM »
Someone asked Hasbro at TF about a Sandcrawler, and not sure of the exact quote, but they effectively dismissed it. I look forward to the Disney one, because I'm a Jawa fanatic.

While I do not have any other evidence than anecdotal, I have long been convinced that Hasbro assists (or is sub-contracted by) Disney with the manufacturing of the 3.75" scale Droid Factory offerings and also the other items they've released in the past like the Star Tours Box Sets, carded Star Tours Droids and even the Star Speeder. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if the Disney Characters as Star Wars Characters line that used to be available wasn't produced out of the same factories that Hasbro uses - how else do you end up with a product like Jedi Mickey Mouse and a ROTS Jedi Starfighter in the same box?

So the primary reason why the Hasbro reps dismissed the Sandcrawler is that they are working on a Sandcrawler to be specifically released at Disney Parks as part of the Droid Factory line. They can't comment on that because they are acting as a sub-contracted designer/manufacturer for Disney Parks and the Hasbro brand will not appear anywhere on the product.

My guess is that Disney is waiting for the launch of the new Star Wars land in 2019. There will probably be a new assortment of droid parts AND the Sandcrawler all at the same time.

Pete-do you have a PayPal credit card or just using the PayPal credit feature? You can "borrow" the money now with the chance the transaction may never happen?

Sorry for the delay in my response. I just have the PayPal Credit feature - I could have gotten a credit card to use against that available credit line, but I opted to not go that route because I do not like to carry a lot of credit-card debt month-to-month. So it's more like a line of credit than a credit card. I hope that makes sense.

I did get a notice from PayPal that there was an authorization issued for the amount, but my current balance is still $0, but my available credit has been reduced by the pledge amount. My payback period of 6 months won't start until the charge is actually processed on the 3rd of April.

So if it makes it (which I hope it does) the clock starts for me April 3rd. If it fails to reach 5000 backers then the authorization will be released and I'll never have had to give Paypal anything for this. It's not like I got charged and then Hasbro is going to issue a refund.

To me this made the most sense for a couple of reasons:
1) I get 6 months to spread the cost of my two sail barges out
2) I keep a credit card for emergencies like home/car repair, medical expenses, etc... if I had used my credit card it would have reduced my available credit on that card by $1067, which kinda stinks and defeats the purpose of having the card for emergencies, so instead I used my PayPal credit line which I have SOLELY for picking up big items for my collection.

I hope that helps answer any questions you have Nick - if you have any others, feel free to reach out.

For those that say you can't afford it, just open a zero interest credit card and pay it off in installments.

This isnít always great advice.  Keep in mind opening new lines of credit affects the AAoA part of your credit score and should only be considered if youíre someone whoís responsible with credit.

It's that "responsible with credit" part that's the key. I used my PayPal Credit to pay - for all purchases over $100, I have 6 months of no interest to pay it back. Since I ordered 2 that's less than $200 a month that I have to come up with to pay this off before I start accruing interest. I use it every year for the Lego SDCC exclusives, I also used it for the Lego UCS Millennium Falcon - I have yet to ever give PayPal a penny of interest.

The six months on this won't start until the charge is made on April 3rd - so that's plenty of time for me to come up with the money.

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2018 Vintage Collection Wave 3
« on: February 18, 2018, 04:14 PM »
Iím willing to bet Aphra will be the peg warmer.

Most likely because most people are going to have the reaction of "who is this?"

I had to read up on her on Wookiepedia when she "won" the fan's choice poll.

I doubt any retailer would jump in solely to bolster the backer count, but Iím sure that there have already been discussions between Hasbro and retailers to the particulars of ďif we get 5000 collectors to crowd source fund the manufacturing process, then we will be able to mass produce units for you at a cost of $XXX eachĒ, with XXX being less than 500.

Thatís got to be why there is the disclaimer that items available from HasbroLab may be sold elsewhere at a later date.

This experiment by Hasbro is purely aimed at removing their risk from undertaking such an endeavor. So clearly 5000 collectors is the magic number for the manufacturing of any designed item. Iíd also be willing to bet that if they started another one of these for an item that hasnít even been sketched yet then the required number of backers would go up as well.

I would love to see their next item be small and possibly even have tiers. Like a single figure, for example Sim Aloo. Commit to $15 and youíll get him on a TVC carback in a white mailer. Commit to $45 for one and youíll get him on a TVC cardback in a box with TVC carded re-releases of the Legacy collection Imperial Dignitaries (similar to the 4LOM and Zuckass double pack).

Solo / Re: Toy Fair 2018
« on: February 18, 2018, 02:05 AM »
I thought there was supposed to be a smaller vehicle w/figure in the assortment with the Wampa & Luke and there was also going to be a mid-size vehicle line in that $30 price point. Any word on those items?

My order for this set arrived from EE yesterday. Not a bad set, not a great one. Better than the TFA one, but nowhere near as good as the RO one.

The Rose is the best figure in the set - slightly different legs from the 2-pack set, poncho is made of really flexible soft plastic so it won't interfere with putting her in the cockpit of the ski speeder, she has wrist articulation and sculpted on her torso is the necklace she wore in the movie.

The First Order figures are decent enough, and it's always welcome to get more figures to add to the First Order ranks, so they get a pass.

The Rey is included here because that's the pattern for these 4-packs, but I would have much rather seen them include a Resistance Ground Trooper than this Rey sculpt again.

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2018 TVC Walmart Exclusive Figures
« on: February 17, 2018, 11:55 PM »
Did they indicate whether or not WalMart would be getting solid cases of their two exclusive figures or are these figures just going to be mixed in with whatever assortment is shipping at the time?

Fingers crossed that it's solid cases cause then they should (hopefully) be pretty straightforward to find.

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2018 TVC Walmart Exclusive Figures
« on: February 17, 2018, 10:45 PM »
The Mimban Stormie, at least, is just a repaint with a cloth cape and new guns.  But Rey I REALLY want a couple of her.  Ugh.  She should be the basic figure and the repack should be the exclusive TVC carded one.

Exactly - oh you want some TVC exclusives WalMart? Here - choke on the TVC carded versions of Kylo Ren and Rey from TFA!

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