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Still in stock. Starting to think her individual Vintage Collection release is gonna peg warm...

It should.  I know Aphra won the poll, but I am pretty deep into Star Wars and I'd literally never heard of her.  I can't imagine there's going to be mass appeal for her with little kids or adult collectors.  Seems to me that she fits into a middling demographic of internet-savy teenagers and 20-somethings who read comic books, but not much beyond that.

Agreed 100%

I had never heard of her until the poll and even after she won and I learned I would be getting a figure of her, I still didn't care enough to even do some quick google search based research about the character. In fact, with my limited knowledge of the character (based on reading the back of the package from the exclusive) I find the fact she exists quite ridiculous. Is she supposed to be the spitting image of Shmi or Padme or something and that's why Vader didn't just kill her? Cause based on what I read, why did Vader just not force choke her to death during their first meeting? (I'm asking rhetorically, I still honestly DO NOT care)

Still in stock. Starting to think her individual Vintage Collection release is gonna peg warm...

Star Wars Anthology / Re: Who are Enfys Nest's parents?
« on: August 23, 2018, 02:39 PM »
I got the impression that, like Darby says, the only "shock value" was that she was essentially a "kid". I think Beckett had a past with Enfys Nest because it's the whole "the outfit is the symbol" kind of thing and she was wearing the outfit now cause she stepped in when her mother, who had previously been wearing the costume, died.

I'm not sure there's really supposed to be anything more to it than that.

Got my Starkiller Base Centerpiece yesterday - VERY GLAD I decided to pull the trigger on this and also super happy you can turn on the backdrop from a small port in the side of the box. I like the overall presentation so much, I have decided I'm going to leave it MIB. It also prompted me to take advantage of the $29 Kylo Ren Jakku Centerpiece set on Amazon.

I got my HTS order yesterday. I like the Aphra figure and the Astromech in this set, but I've never cared for the C-3PO figure that they turned into 0-0-0 for this set. I feel like my all black protocol droid from the Droid Factory at Disney World is a much better candidate for that figure.

I know I've said it before, but I still do not understand why there isn't better synergy between Hasbro and Disney for what they do with droids, especially when it come to Astromechs and Protocol droids. They could have offered this set at SDCC and then individually carded BT-1 and 0-0-0 on Droid Factory cardbacks and sold them in the parks, since the Droid Factory packaging is identical to vintage as far as card size and bubble position, that would make a suitable alternative to having them in the Vintage line if Hasbro is not inclined to do so.

LEGO / Re: Complete Set Storage?
« on: August 14, 2018, 09:54 AM »
Mine are all broken down to save space, separated into labeled ziplock bags and then like you said, in storage bins from there.

Same for me as well. In fact, I'm rapidly approaching a point where I need to break a lot down to make room for new stuff. I have no where to display the latest sets that have just been released.

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2018 Vintage Collection Wave 2
« on: August 8, 2018, 01:34 PM »
Even though it's costing me a bit more, I too pre-ordered everything I needed from this wave from EE. If I find more army builders or another Enfys Nest out in the wild, great, but if I never find any of these three new figures, I'll be okay.

Kind of an interesting design. I like that they're working their way through the R-series with each year's exclusives. I'm guessing that the X-mas droid this year will be an R4 as well. I can't wait to see how they give holiday colors to the R6 through R9 droids.

Nice, I ordered one online for that price, kept the Praetorian Guard, and just this week sold the other three as a lot for $45.  :)

The Battlefront TIE Pilot is down to $11ish now too.

Interesting idea. I may consider that. I've decided for now my 6" focus will be the ST (TFA & TLJ). This way, I don't have to worry about Black Series Phase 1 or 2, just the stuff that started with the first TFA figures. I may be swayed into venturing into Solo territory because I did like that movie a lot, but so far I'm holding back.

Pulled the same move today for this set that I did yesterday for the Snoke w/Throne. Going to pick up this set for $39.99 on my way home from work... I'm probably going to only take the Praetorian Guard out to add to my Snoke/Kylo/Rey throne room display.

Scored one of these on clearance at my local Target. I grabbed a Island Journey Rey off Amazon to go with it for $10. At this rate, I'll be caught up with TLJ 6" in no time!

Did the same thing as McMetal - grabbed this for $7 so I could have the companion piece to my $9.99 Snoke w/Throne set.

I'm shocked I'm able to score these exclusives so far after-the-fact for so little money.

Saw this had been brought down to $9.99 on Gamestop's website and used the feature where if they can find it in a local store you can get it for the online price if you go pick it up that day, so I did that. Not a bad set for $9.99!!!  ;D

While I don't collect the 6" line to completion, I did grab most of the TFA items back when that movie was out. I never grabbed the more recent stuff from that movie when TLJ was more of the 6" focus, so I used this as the catalyst to pull the trigger on it, the Rey w/Speeder, Maz, Leia and Luke to round out my TFA 6" collection a bit more.

Almost pulled the trigger and grabbed many of the TLJ figures that are $15 and less, but held back knowing that it would result in me wanting to grab the remaining TLJ items as well.  :-\

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Toys R Us (Or: Die, Dinosaur, Die!)
« on: June 10, 2018, 02:15 AM »
No Pete I was talking about the basic figure two pack of Rey and Praetorian Guard.  Luke was just a random basic someone had hidden.

Ahh, that makes A LOT more sense - thanks for clarifying...

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