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Re: The Walking Dead
« Reply #1950 on: April 6, 2016, 07:45 AM »
The worst part is that the victim will be deduced before it is revealed on the show as production info leaks out.  I'm talking about who is on set, who isn't, who is working on a new project, ETC.  Now you could say "don't listen to the spoilers!" but that won't fly here because we all know that person who loves to be "the spoiler."  Most of the time, these things are low profile enough not to be noticed, but the comings and goings early in the production of S7 are going to be more widely covered.

I get the idea behind the cliffhanger, but this isn't going to end well for them.

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Re: The Walking Dead
« Reply #1951 on: April 6, 2016, 09:52 PM »
Glenn and the Flyers Twitter accounts had a fun exchange tonight. :)  Wasn't sure if this should be TWD or the hockey thread, but it fit both well ultimately.
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Re: The Walking Dead
« Reply #1952 on: April 8, 2016, 04:10 PM »
Some passing questions lingering after the finale:

I think they definitely overdid it as far as the sheer # of Saviors and their omnipotent ability to be everywhere at once. For one thing, it makes it seemingly impossible to believe that with all those guys running around they wouldn't have found Alexandria months ago. I also find it hard to believe they wouldn't have run across the Wolves or vice versa. Or more recently Tara and Heath who have been out on their run for awhile now.

Is it really smart to keep glomming all these people together anyway? What happens when there are so many Saviors they cant support themselves anymore? You can only steal so much after all, it's a very finite # of resources available. I would think the Governor's way would work a lot better - only take the strongest and fittest and eliminate anyone that might be a potential source of trouble.

Seems like the more people you collect the more trouble you are asking for. What if someone wanted to leave and live at the Hilltop? Or Alexandria? Would that be allowed?


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Re: The Walking Dead
« Reply #1953 on: April 8, 2016, 04:18 PM »
Seems like the more people you collect the more trouble you are asking for.

Agreed.  I assume this is where the next season starts off.

Pulling in a successful/powerful clan (Alexandria) and thinking they won't be a threat is just silly.  The Alexandrians have so far killed somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 Saviors and lost only 2 of their own.  It seems like a bad idea to try and rule them as opposed to just crush them and take their stuff.

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Re: The Walking Dead
« Reply #1954 on: April 11, 2016, 02:02 AM »
Finally got around to watching the finale, and I thought it was pretty good.   Something of a let down from some of the great early episodes of the second half, but a cool way to terrorize Rick's group.  My take was that the Saviors have been watching Alexandria for a long time.  They knew about the spiked cars in the front, so they've obviously gotten in close.  We know they have patrols and contact over the airways from when Maggie and Carol were captured.  I think they planned out those barricades way in advance, then put things into motion and improvised as needed.  They probably knew when Daryl left and a small group followed, and they likewise probably called it in when the RV left.  I'm guessing they made the connection to the Hilltop as well, so easy enough to figure out which roads to block and shift teams around between the two sites.  They probably had scouts all around the woods and called it in when they started unloading the RV too.

The Carol leaving thing is very irritating.  I wish Morgan had just convinced her to return somehow or she had died.

I'm among the few that really didn't mind the cliffhanger.  It will spur lots of guessing and discussion, and they'll get a large crowd for the S7 premiere to find out who it was.  If they kill a big name like Daryl, you might have some people get pissed and leave the show.  If you kill a bit character like Rosita or Sasha, it's not a meaningful loss and people complain that the writers chickened out.  They are much better off making us wonder what happened. 

I do think it might have been Glenn just given all the recent goodbyes with Maggie.  But I think Negan understands the value of keeping loved ones around to make sure you have something to lose/fear. Given that, I think Maggie/Glenn and Rick/Carl are both safe.  In the comic, he jokes about not killing the minorities because he doesn't want to play the race card, so that could mean Michonne, Sasha, Rosita, and Glenn are safe too.  I'm guessing it's Eugene or Abraham.  They had a little make up session beforehand and either looks big enough to have a better chance of surviving that initial hit from Lucille.  Eugene gave the bullet-making info to Rick, so the story doesn't need him for anything else.  And Abraham has been acting weird for a few episodes now.  He would have been dead by now anyway in the comic-verse.  Runner up guess is Norman Reedus for the reasons above and I think Negan would see Daryl as someone who might stuggle to fall in line. 

Its gonna be a long wait to find out....
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