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Mine arrived last week while I was away on a work trip. I got a VERY angry phone call from the girlfriend about the size of the box they shipped it in. So I guess you guys arenít the only ones! She had recycled it by the time I got home, and Iím a little bummed that I didnít get to lay eyes on it myself to see how comically oversized it was.

Got my shipping notice this afternoon.

Was able to secure Anakin and Pilot Hawk online this morning, so hopefully Target doesnít cancel those orders. Still on the hunt for Echo and Kenobi. Kenobi will be especially difficult since it isnít showing up online or in the Target app for me.

These were all sold out online by the time I could get to them, and in a totally shocking shock, none of the 5 Targets I checked had put any of these out. Pegs were untouched, no special end cap, nothing in the Fatherís Day area. Fun fun fun.

The Vintage Collection / Re: We need more VTC figures!
« on: May 20, 2021, 04:39 PM »
I think a lot of this stuff is out of Hasbro's control. For example, Last Jedi divided the fanbase, and made anything related to the sequels virtually unsellable. That's my theory as to why Rise of Skywalker had zero figures made outside of Rey, Kylo, and some repaint troopers. TVC seems to be a cost issue due to the cost to make a figure, plus Disney taking whatever giant percentage they take for the license, which is why we get a lot of repaints and rereleases. Then Disney wants to prevent spoilers for Star Wars, which is why I think we don't get these coordinated releases for Star Wars like Hasbro does with the Marvel CU stuff.

Amazon just delivered my Greedo after a few ETA changes, so now I have all of these. Kind of kicking myself for not buying an extra Jawa and Kenobi to make a vinyl Jawa, and throw the Photoreal Alec Guinness head onto the regular Old Ben figure from 2016

Yakface posted the bar codes for each figure, so I scanned them at two different Targets today. Both said all 4 figures were unavailable to purchase, no stock in the back.


Was just able to secure a Rampart preorder. Kind of annoying I had to preorder both separately, but oh well. Hopefully none of the orders get canceled.

This has been going in and out of stock, so just keep refreshing

The GameStop exclusives are up now.  But the price for each one is now $26.99

Plus $6 shipping...  So basically $33 a figure.  Ouch.  I may have to rethink getting these GameStop exclusives.

I'm going to preorder in-store. Cuts down on a few of those costs at least. Might be Gamestop's way of driving more traffic to the stores.

Did anybody manage to get Admiral Rampart?

I haven't seen him go up for order.  I was able to order him a few days ago using Jayson's secret link, but Walmart just cancelled that order.   :'(

Not yet. I was able to get a Shocktrooper Commander though.

Now, this may shock some of you but I kinda like removable helmets.  But you canít do that on a Luke like this without the head looking oddly small or the hat looking oddly large.

In a perfect world, we'd get 2 different head sculpts (one with a helmet, one without), and a spare empty helmet.

I'm only seeing links for the TVC Offworld Jawa and ARC Trooper on EE. No Black Series at all.

Only things I've seen available for preorder are the TVC Offworld Jawa and ARC Trooper. Nothing for 6 inch Black Series.

Shockingly small amount of 6 inch stuff revealed, IMO, but I guess it's cool? Hard to get excited about Bad Batch stuff before I've even seen the show.

Walmart exclusives... gah

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