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The Vintage Collection / 2023 TVC 3.75" Obi-Wan Kenobi 3-Pack
« on: June 22, 2022, 02:41 PM »
Swamped at work today (sorry!) but wanted to get a thread started for this one -

TVC 3-Pack from Kenobi:
VCxxx Obi-Wan Kenobi (Tibidon Station)
VCxxx Purge Trooper (Phase 2 Armor)
VCxxx Teeka

Pics are out there, I will post them later today when I get a chance...

Disney Parks Droid Factory / 2022 Droid Factory Advent Calendar
« on: May 29, 2022, 01:17 PM »
Other upcoming Disney Droids revealed at Celebration:

2022 Build-a-Droid Advent Calendar - builds 5 droids.

Pic from JediNewsUK

Other upcoming Disney Droids revealed at Celebration:

R6-SN0 (Christmas Snowman Droid) - Coming Winter 2022

Pic from JediNewsUK

Other upcoming Disney Droids revealed at Celebration:

Halloween Droid Box Set - similar to last year's Christmas droid set, it's a box full of past Halloween droids with a new accessory (bat hat). Coming this Fall to Disney Parks.

Pic from JediNewsUK

Other upcoming Disney Droids revealed at Celebration:

R7-FNG (2022 Halloween Droid) - Coming This Fall

Pre-order 6/1 @ 1pm ET at Target

(more press pics from today can be found here)

[insert joke about the irony that the "Jedi Survivor" pack has no actual Jedi in it :P]

[insert complaint that we STILL don't have the main character from this video game series, but have a bunch of figures for him to fight if he existed in 3.75" scale ::)]

Available for pre- order 6/1 at Hasbro Pulse and fan channel retailers.

Gaming Greats Jedi: Survivor 3-Pack
VC188 Magnaguard
VC255 Riot Scout Trooper
VC256 KX Security Droid

The Vintage Collection / 2023 TVC Deluxe TM Darktrooper
« on: May 28, 2022, 01:45 AM »
Pre-order 6/1 @ 1pm ET at Hasbro Pulse and most major retailers

TVC Dark Trooper World Building Set

$28.  Includes power locker, blaster, alternate pair of hands, and blast effects that connect to the bottom of each foot.

(more press pics from today can be found here)

Pre-order 6/1 @ 1pm ET at Hasbro Pulse and other fan channels.

VC260 R1 R2-SHW (Antoc Merrick's Droid)    [he's a VC25 R2 repaint]

(more press pics from today can be found here)

Officially announced at Celebration -

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, an Original series starring Jude Law, from executive producers Jon Watts, Christopher Ford, Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, is streaming in 2023 only on @DisneyPlus

"4 kids get lost in the Star Wars galaxy and have to find their way home."  Takes place in the post-ROTJ timeline.   (Maybe Mando has to save them since he's on every other show in this era :P)

NO details yet, but this guy was revealed at Celebration today - possibly more details coming at the DisneyParks panel later this weekend.

Image from From4-LOMtoZuckuss


"The Jon Favreau figure is priced at $39.99 and is slated for release in Fall 2022. Initially, he'll only be available to preorder for Celebration attendees. Hasbro will be giving out one-time codes at their booth (#2404) that can be scanned and used to order the figure on Hasbro Pulse. Afterward, limited quantities of the figure will be made available for general preorder."


These look a LOT like the old Action Fleet stuff.  Really wondering how this fits in with Hasbro's license right now - did Hasbro give this up or did LFL just give Jazwares the OK to compete in this mini-figure/vehicle space?

It sounds like they are going to try to "true scale" the line to the mini-figures and each other.  From tiny speederbike sets for $6 each up to the $45 Milleninnum Falcon set (pre-order now at

Series 1:
$6 - Scout Mystery Packs - biker scout, etc
$13 - Light Armor Class - TIE Fighter, AT-ST, Asaj Ventress ship
$17 - Starfighter Class - X-Wing, Vader's TIE, Obi-Wan's AotC Delta-7
$23 - Transport Class - ITT
$30 - Starship Class - Razor Crest #1, Razor Crest #2 (Arvala-7), Slave I
$45 - Assault Class - ANH Millennium Falcon

Saw this picture on Twitter as well... I guess it's a JediNews UK pic, but I have no idea where it is from (old Toy Fair? Celebration Sneak Peek? ???)

ShopDisney Tweet: "This is the Droid Factory Figure you're looking for ... and it will be available Monday!"

Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Droid:

Via YakFace Twitter:

"In the fray of yesterday’s reveals, this new Pride Collection 3.75” BB-PR0UD Droid Factory figure surfaced briefly at a Disney Store in London. It has been removed from the sales floor due to being placed early."

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