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Photonovels and Movies / Re: Shadowstalker - Chapter One
« on: June 19, 2006, 11:09 AM »
Diddly -

Man, you are well on your way to kicking some serious butt in the PN section!

The only small suggestion I'd make: Make Palpatine a bit more authoratative. Insead of "please, Master Windu, take this mission", I'd think Palpatine would say "We've all been asked to make sacrifices for this war, Master Windu. Surely you would not put yourself above making one of your own." And I'd make Windu a bit more gruff. Instead of saying the pleasure is his own, I'd rather he respond on more of a Sam Jackson way... something like:

Mickey: "It will be a pleasure to work with you, Master Windu"
Windu: "I am sure it will, trooper"

And then have him turn and walk away with Yoda.

I'm certainly not complaining. This looks like good stuff. :)

Photonovels and Movies / Re: Rykrof Enloe PN previews
« on: June 19, 2006, 11:04 AM »

Amazing as always. Your getting really, *really* good at sets, and not just the stuff Owen's made for you. Some of your improvised stuff blows my mind.

And it's really a very Star Wars way to design and implements sets. I remember how the "making of" shows on ANH would always discuss how models for the film incorporated so many real-life items painted up and slapped together in unusual ways.

I'm enjoying the SEs, but I'm really chomping at the bit for new stuff, too. :)

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: need WIP advice
« on: June 15, 2006, 01:16 PM »
Well, it was supposed to look more Bly than Bettis, but I see your point, Glassman. :)

I have an opposite view of grunt Clones (and I'd propose this would be a class of Clones unto themselves), in that they get "standard issue" gear. Commanders like Cody get bells and whistles, but even the more elaborate RotS Clones had mostly basic equipment. Some of the concept clones we've seen - particularly in that amazing series of drawings - have been eye-poppingly amazing, but in my mind they don't gel with the Star Wars universe conception of the Clone/Stormtrooper

No matter which way you go, I think you have a spectacular base to jump off from.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: need WIP advice
« on: June 15, 2006, 12:33 PM »
He's a door gunner.

1. He is easily tied as a pilot class Clone with that helmet.

2. Not having much upper body armor is consistent with someone who camps out behind a big gun, not often close to small arms fire to the point bulky chest armor would matter for him. If anything kills him, it's taking the whole gunship down.

3. Having leg armor makes sense, as the time when he is close to small arms fire (troop drops), that fire would come from lower angles.

4. Less armor on the arms means he can hold them up for longer periods of time with less fatigue. This is important if he's running a heavy gun for long periods of time.

5. The pilots gloves make more sense as they would be be suitable for the battlefield and would give him better feel for his weapon controls.

6. The small plate of armor the rebreather is fitted to would allow him to more comfortably bring his hands together in front of him (take a large dinner platter, lay it on your chest and then bring your hands together out in front of you like you're aiming a pistol. Do that with a smaller dinner plate. The latter is much more comfortable and you can maintain the posture for longer periods).

I made a super-quick PShop of how I'd paint him up, attaching him to the Star Corps. :)


Don't get too frustrated. This stuff can be hard, and it's very much a matter of personal taste. I know as well as anyone the work that goes into a PN, and it's hard to hear some folks don't like what you've done as much as you do.

The most important criteria at the end of the day is that you like it.

I think you've made two *very* fine efforts here. I would agree that you're going to have a lot more flexibility in your story telling if you go into a present-tense narrative  with dialogue spread around as opposed to a pure past-tense narrative.

Keep on truckin, man. Despite the minor criticisms, you're doing great!

BrentS - just realized I never posted in here! Sorry.

The great: Your photos. You're as good as anyone on the boards at putting these things together. I particularly like the battle scenes between Maul and Gorn, the cameo for KMS, and the platform scenes with Ty-Ri and his ship. Really amazing stuff. I also like the customs you've incorporated. Gorn shows a lot of promise... the apprentice scorned, as it were. Ty-Ri makes me think of Anakin if he had the sense to think with his head as opposed to his heart.

Your Mace Windu holo messages are very well done, although I'd suggest a bit more of a blue glow on them. Very, very minor gripe.

You can really feel the duel of the Sith building here. You've even managed to make a Sith Jawa believable and not at all silly (which I thought he might be the first time I saw him... you've pulled it off, man!)

Your concept for the reborn Plagueis is really nice. It reminds me of the Mummy, but in a very positive way. Using the Rock Viper helmet as you have is very convincing.

Man, seeing all I really like about this chapter has only made me feel worse about not commenting sooner. Keep up the great work. I can't wait to see where we're heading with this...

Photonovels and Movies / Re: K.O.E. Chapter 3: The Messenger
« on: June 12, 2006, 12:57 PM »
Thanks for the feedback, guys. I was thinking about holding this chapter for later, but I really thought it would serve as a good, short distraction as I'm in my posting slump, plus it does serve to set up Odos Five a bit.

Quazar: Gunray is indeed a major player here. Dont' expect him to be far from the fray as things come to a head. Expect to see much less of Du'aad and other Seps, as Gunray has drawn a pretty clear line in the sand here.

The IG Droid will also be central, although I have yet to really flesh him out. He's an old custom I want to give some life to.

PenDragon: Sorry, dude, I can't quit my job. :) I am very pleased with your kind comments.

CHEWIE: I added a small bit of setting language before Du'aad starts in. See if that helps a little. It was pretty confusing, I think. As to the length of the chapter, I always try to think of chapters in terms of moving the story along. This does it with very little substance. If I'd have poured too much into telling you about these guys, it probably would have taken their edge off. There's nothing more compelling - to me - than the mysterious villain. We know Gunray's different, but what else do we know? Not much, and that's how I want it. :P The next chapter I have planned will be looooooong. Originally it was Chapter 3, but after setting the table in Chapters 1 and 2, what is now Chapter 4 might have been tedious without knowing what they were up against.

BrentS: Thanks, man. I have to say your PN has come along so beautifully, I had to get my hands dirty again before you made everyone forget about Sedo. :) Rest assured Sekto is very aware of his others perception of him. His voice sounds as sinister as he can make it, and while I expect he would have the same breathless quality, it's more rough-edged and uptempo than your typical Neimoidian politico.

And thanks too to The_Tin_Man and master brisk arpor!

Please keep it coming; I really do take these into account when I move my story along. I can use all the help I can get! :)

K.O.E. Chapter 3 is up. VERY short, but it does intro some stuff.

Let me know what you guys think.

FYI: I put up a *very* short chapter for K.O.E. in the PN section. Enjoy.

Photonovels and Movies / K.O.E. Chapter 3: The Messenger
« on: June 12, 2006, 02:03 AM »
Chapter 1, in case you missed it.
Chapter 2, in case you missed it.

Odos Five: A planet stripped of life, riddled with mines, and on the cusp of ruin. Deep in a cavernous mine, old rivals meet to discuss new and important matters...

Commander Sekto Gunray enters to meet his Geonosian adversary, Captain Du'aad.

Captain Du'aad: Commander Gunray, you will excuse our intrusion, but you have been quite unreachable of late...

Sekto Gunray: Captain Du'aad. I wish I could say your visit pleases me.

Du'aad: Your approval of my visit is the least of your worries, Sekto. You owe our master a report, and I've been instructed to do whatever may be necessary to get one from you.

Gunray: You will call me "sir" or "commander" on this base, Du'aad, and you will not refer to me by my first name!

I realize my people's reputation for cowardice is one you relish, but don't think for a moment that I won't have your stinking shell emptied at my feet if you disrespect me or my command!

The Geonosian captain is taken aback by the outburst by Sekto. It was true this nephew of the Neimoidian leader Nute Gunray was more fierce than most of his kind, but the venom with which he defended his command was worthy of the highest of CIS generals.

Gunray: With that, I bid you follow me this way, Du'aad. It seems you want a report, and you shall have it.

Commander Gunray starts down a darkened hall leading from the mine's atrium. Du'aad and his guard follow close behind.

Du'aad proceeds to deliver his message, a message he'd traveled across the galaxy to deliver personally.

Du'aad: Commander... Count Dooku's patience wears thin. You were placed in command of this facility based upon your promises that you would deliver increased numbers of battle droids. You also promised superior weapons. Yet we sit here a full six months after your assignment, and we see nothing change. In fact, considering the resources the Confederacy has committed to you, your production is down. Understand that I have no concern for whether you live or die, Commander, but with the capacity this planet has for producing droids, I most certainly take an interest in seeing it perform to its potential...

Gunray appears disinterested as Du'aad lays out his grievance. Despite his best efforts to sound forceful, Du'aad's lecture seems to fall on deaf ears. He commits to one more attempt to reach the commander.

Du'aad: Unless you can tell me why these numbers are wrong, Commander, we have a serious problem...

Gunray slings his helmet in the direction of the nearest battle droid, and simultaneously snatches Du'aad's data pad from his claws.

Gunray: DROID! My helm...

The droid's arm springs to life, and Gunray's helmet comes to rest as if on a hanger.

Commander Gunray's body language speaks volumes as he marches down the hall hunched over the data pad. As he moves away from Du'aad he finishes the conversation the Geonosian attempted to control.

Gunray: Know this, Du'aad; when Count Dooku receives delivery of what I have prepared for him, not only will he gladly oblige me in making powder of your skeleton, but he will likely appoint me ruler of your pathetic planet so I can crush your brothers and sisters under my heels. You waltz in here with your threats, completely oblivious to what's really going on here...

Du'aad stands in stunned silence, pondering whether the dusty mines of Odos Five have rotted the Neimoidian's tiny brain.

Gunray: Consider your mission accomplished. Your message is received.

Get back on your ship and go back to your commanding officers. Tell them I send a message of my own. Tell them to stay off Odos Five until I say otherwise, and tell them...

...Count Dooku shall have his Monster in due course.

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Fodder Alert!
« on: June 11, 2006, 11:18 PM »
I thought we'd see news of Mace's Squadron in the Fodder Alert thread sooner than this!

There's no way this will be the only time we see the airborne mold, but I suspect this set will still sell better than most just b/c of the new Clone.

And the custom possibilities.... ooooooooooh. :)


While all three updates are great, Cheedo is, in my opinion, among your finest background aliens. I hope "showing up" in R.E. means he'll be doing something, b/c he is so well done. I love the way you've painted the fleshtones, and the use of the new HH torso and Gar. legs is a genius combo of parts.

Nice work.


Absolutely the finest paint work you've accomplished, DN, and that's saying something. This paint job is in perfect scale for the figure such that it looks like it could be a 6" or 12" figure. FWIW, I think that's the mark of model painting perfection, when you can trick the eye into thinking the model is much larger than it really is.

Bravo, dude.


I *SWEAR* this is true: Just yesterday I was looking at pics of Hem on the net and said to myself "CHEWIE will put that bandolier on a Rykrof"... :)

You did, and he looks amazing. I especially like that you didn't just convert a Cody, but made something between Cody and a Clone.

R.C. is nice, but I'd flatten out the paint on his legs. I think brown is fine, but a flat color or a flat wash would work better.

Great stuff. Given your ability to work with aliens, I can't wait to see what you do with the rest of H.D.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: In Rem's Customs - Cheezy Update
« on: June 8, 2006, 09:57 AM »
Hey guys. I mentioned in another thread, but I wanted to post something a tad more visible.

As most of you know, I was posting here pretty regularly until a couple of months ago. The short version, work has gotten *crazy*. Never let anyone tell you being a lawyer sounds like an easy job. Anyway, I love my job, so I'm not complaining, but it does cut into the time I can take to post. I feel bad about that.

Without taking the time to poke through all the great threads, please know that I am checking up on you all regularly, and I am constantly amazed by the work posted by JD's custom community. Fritz's new hover tanks make me salivate... I really need to pay you to make me one, Fritz. CHEWIE's stuff is either consistently great or actually getting better. It's hard to tell when the work has always been so good. The PN section has added a couple of really fine stories... I particularly like Brent's Sith Jawa... I can't wait to see it develop. Longhorn is still cranking out amazing work with few photo effects and even fewer custom figs...

Anyway, I hope to be able to slow down a bit in the evenings this summer. If it works out, expect to see more of K.O.E. - a story I've written and rewritten so many times in my head... it has to come out sooner or later. :) Also expect to see some work on vehicles. You guys really inspired me with the challenge, and I have a hull that I think is going to make one of the most unusual speeders we've seen around here in a while...

Anyway, I feel better having shared a bit with you guys. Remember, even when I can't post, I'm out here really digging all the great work. Keep it up!

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