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Well of the Souls / Re: Hasbro 2023 Indiana Jones Retro Collection
« on: March 24, 2023, 08:27 AM »
I saw some of these on the pegs today at Target.  :D

Were they at the $12 price or the $15 price at Target?

4 TVC re-packs, 2 TVC repaints or kit-bashes that are exclusives, and 2 brand new TVC figures.

In your guess, are the "2 TVC repaints or kit-bashes that are exclusives" Boba Fett or Clone repaints?

Low Price Alert - 40th Anniversary Carded ROTJ Boba Fett is 50% off at Amazon - just $16.79!

JD Sponsored link ->

Some more PR info from Hasbro for those planning to attend the show... is anyone here planning to attend SW Celebration UK?

This year, Hasbro is offering a convention exclusive Star Wars: The Black Series Darth Vader (Revenge of the Jedi) figure inspired by  the working title for the film Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, which was featured in the filmís first trailer and early promotional materials. This premium 6-inch Darth Vader figure takes on the color palette of the original poster and includes a hidden, displayable Revenge of the Jedi mini-poster. Attendees interested in purchasing the exclusive figure can come to the Info Desk at the Hasbro booth starting 10am BST on April 7 to receive a QR code thatíll allow them to purchase the figure. A limited amount of QR codes will be distributed each day. (Limited quantities will be available to pre-order on after the convention. While supplies last).

Info from Hasbro on their Celebration panel...  Saturday April 8th, 4pm-5pm local time (I believe that is noon ET/11am CT if my math is right).

Fans can expect exciting, reveal-packed programming when the Hasbro Star Wars & Indiana Jones panel begins at 4pm BST at the Twin Suns Stage (full panel schedule can be found here). With over 20 new Star Wars: The Black Series and Vintage Collection reveals, and new Indiana Jones products inspired by adventures old and new, among other surprises, the Hasbro Star Wars & Indiana Jones panel is not one to be missed!

Stop by the Hasbro Booth (N200) for exciting photo opportunities from a galaxy far, far away to the adventures of Indiana Jones. Fans and media are encouraged to check out all the newly revealed products in-person at the booth following the panel as well.

"over 20 new Star Wars: The Black Series and Vintage Collection reveals"  - let's see how many Jayson/Yakface can spoil before the event

TV-9D9 / Re: The Mandalorian - Season 3 (SPOILERS possible)
« on: March 22, 2023, 10:02 PM »
My wife thought it was lame that the kid somehow made it at least a day and a half without being eaten but I guess I didn't even think about that when watching.

I have so many questions about Grogu's PTSD flashback - I think that was my favorite part of the whole episode.  Complete with the call back to the "don't touch the mountain" scene from last week...

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2023 TVC Endor Bunker Playset
« on: March 22, 2023, 02:00 PM »
I did a whole cardstock exterior for the Nevarro Cantina set last year, and indeed on the inside I put an image of the street with Death Troopers. If it is not showing up on eBay right now itís out of stock but will get restocked this weekend.

Man, I have got to get off my butt and start picking up some of your stuff Muftak - that Nevarro Cantina one is great.

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2023 TVC Wave 5? (New TVC Wave 31)
« on: March 22, 2023, 01:27 PM »
(I totally forgot which wave Cad Bane & the Tusken Warrior are supposed to be in. If it is not this one Jeff feel free to move these posts.)

I get the sense based on the case listing on EE that Bane is in the wave after the one that includes the Tusken Warrior.

I agree with Nick - I think Cad is a new wave. We'll spin him off on his own here and add in others as they are revealed (like the new TVC Jerjerrod is likely in this wave I think).

Here is the JD Sponsored Amazon linky for Cad Bane -

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2023 TVC Endor AT-ST & Chewbacca
« on: March 21, 2023, 05:48 PM »
the review on Bossk's Bounty didn't look so great with the legs.

Bossk's Bounty did a review you can see it here.

Yeah, that video review makes it seem like they really didn't do all that much to help the legs like Hasbro was saying they did.  Too bad that after at least 7 re-issues of this sculpt they couldn't find a better way to do the legs so it doesn't topple (or better yet sculpt a brand new one after 14 years of rehashing this mold).

Another item coming soon from Amazon.  Looks like mine will be here next Wednesday 3/22.

Crimson Jack [Classic Marvel Star Wars]
Jolli [Classic Marvel Star Wars]
Jaxxon [Classic Marvel Star Wars]
Rik Duel [Classic Marvel Star Wars]
Dani [Classic Marvel Star Wars]
Chihdo [Classic Marvel Star Wars]
BLX-5 (Bollux) with BX-2 (Blue Max) - [Han Solo Trilogy]
Admiral Pellaeon [Thrawn Trilogy]
Joruus C'baoth [Thrawn Trilogy]
Noghri [Thrawn Trilogy]
Lumpawarrump [Holiday Special]
Attichitcuk [Holiday Special]
Malla [Holiday Special]
Anakin Solo [New Jedi Order] [still bugs me we got Jacen/Jaina in TLC but not Anakin Solo]
Mirax Terrik [Dark Horse Rogue Squadron]

That's all I've got for now... might add a few more if I think of them before the end of the month.

Well of the Souls / Re: Hasbro 2023 Indiana Jones Retro Collection
« on: March 16, 2023, 11:11 PM »
Iím shocked at the price decrease! 

Ditto.  They aren't even out yet and there's a $3 price drop?  Crazy.  Hard to tell if this is a good thing like Nick said (customer first) or a bad thing (where pre-orders are so low at $15 they are getting ahead of things with a pre-release clearance price).

I'll tell you though that I'm much more interested in these at $12 each than I was at $15 each.

TV-9D9 / Re: The Mandalorian - Season 3 (SPOILERS possible)
« on: March 16, 2023, 04:20 PM »
Bo-Katan's arrival with Din Djarin to the covert seemed to escalate the tensions among them.  Paz Vizsla seemed on edge about her presence.  And I suspect that past differences between the various Houses and Clans of Mandalore might be the cause of future conflicts.  There have been theories that the Armorer is Rook Kast, who was part of the Death Watch sect that supported Maul during the Clone Wars.  Her armor resembles the character seen in the Siege of Mandalore, and the horns on her helmet might lead you to think that she was part of Maul's faction.  Kast was aligned with House Vizsla at that time.  And then to see Bo-Katan welcomed by the Armorer into the tribe after her immersion in the waters?  I'm really curious to see where this goes.

I need to go back and rewatch some old Clone Wars episodes.  I thought Bo Katan started out with Death Watch?  Wasn't she tight with Pre Vizsla at the start of the Mando stuff in TCW?  And she only left Death Watch after Maul took over because she didn't like Jedi/Sith?  I guess that would be why former Death Watch folks would have a grudge against her.

Do we know how Children of the Watch (TM) are related to Death Watch (TCW)?  Sometimes I think they are supposed to be the same (like how it was Death Watch Mandalorians who rescued/saved 'lil Din) but then in TCW the Death Watch dudes took their helmets off and weren't bitching about it.  I guess maybe the Children of the Watch were former Death Watch members who dove deep into old ways in an effort to get Mando civilization back or something?

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2023 TVC Wave 4 (New TVC Wave 30)
« on: March 16, 2023, 02:59 PM »
Is this ARC Trooper Jesse that I think is in this wave a single carded release from the 3-pack from a few years ago or is it new?  I canít keep these clones straight anymore.

The three 501st ARCs from the SDCC pack were already done - Fives was single carded in 2020, Echo was single carded in 2021, and Jesse was single carded in 2022.

Are you thinking about Clone Captain Howser?  He is likely in this wave and is the same as "2022 VC210 Clone Captain Ballast" from that Amazon Bad Batch 4-pack but with a new corrected name cardback (Howzer instead of Ballast).

ORIGINAL AMAZON 4-pack version (Ballast):

New repacked/renamed version:

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2023 TVC Endor Bunker Playset
« on: March 16, 2023, 09:08 AM »
Amazon is sending updates saying they are expecting to ship this soon... my estimated delivery date is now 3/20.

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