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This Guy Thinks The PT Is Better Than The OT... See Why He Fails.

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Jesse James:
Feel free to read this guys attempt to rationalize that the PT is superior to the OT:

I Am Sith:
I read that this morning as well.  This guy is obviously not a fan ::)

Qui-Gon Jim:
I read that too.  I don't think he makes a case, but he does bring up a few interesting points.

From a political standpoint there's a lot more going on in the PT.  But that kind of intrigue isn't really what put the OT over back in '77 - '83.  There were pretty clearly drawn lines of who was good and who was bad in the OT, to the point where the look of the Imperials was deliberately done in order to made them look like space Nazis.  So in that respect the story of the PT is more sophisticated, but the dialogue (like in the OT) wasn't all that strong in order to convey all of that.

One thing that I think get overlooked in the whole PT vs OT debate is the music.  I was watching the Family Guy parody episodes the other day in which they use the original score in the show.  John Williams was at his absolute best in Empire I think.  From the Hoth Battle to the Imperial March to Yoda's Theme to Han and Leia's Love theme to the whole Cloud City stuff.  It really is great.

The PT has some really good stuff too:  Duel of the Fates, Anakin and Padme's Love theme, the Anakin v Obi-Wan song.  But the score greatest isn't sustained at all and in some cases Ben Burtt butchered the hell out of the editing so bad that it doesn't even make sense.  Williams in general has declined since the early 80's...

You could probably go down the line of lots of aspects of the two trilogies and rate them across the board: effects, score, editing, costumes, acting, directing, plot etc etc but in the end I hate PT vs OT arguements because it is sort of like Liberals vs Conservatives, you'll never win an arguement in trying to convince people they are wrong.


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