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The Vintage Collection / Re: Brian's Toy Exclusive - Jocasta Nu
« on: July 29, 2012, 02:52 AM »
On topic: I'm perfectly content with the old Muftak, especially since I despise softgoods.  Your miniature sewing machine sure sounds interesting though!

Off topic (now): I originally wanted to vomit at the idea of Brian's getting an exclusive like this, especially at that nasty $25 price point.  But after calming down I decided I'd rather get gouged $25 a pop for the last handful of "never-before-made" figures from the movies than never getting them at all (literally, or figuratively based on Hasbro's crap distribution nowadays).  That said, if Brian's Toys wants to spring for $25 figures of Cliegg Lars, Sim Aloo, Sgt. Doaylnn, a couple more Padmes, Tonnika Sisters, and a few others, I guess I'm game.  Hopefully Hasbro will let the likes of Target and Walmart beat them to the punch though.  As horrid as things went for the TPM release earlier this year (movie and figures), I'm hoping Hasbro and LFL will still use the presumed 5 remaining 3D releases to promote the likes of the aforementioned figures during their respective releases.

As for the Jocasta figure, I think the face could use a better likeness (as usual), but overall it definitely looks pretty well done and accurate.  That Dooku bust is obviously one of the nicer accessories we've ever gotten with a figure (excluding the various deluxe lines), which makes the price point slightly more easy to stomach.  I just think $19.99 would've been a more tolerable price for most everyone, and judging by the quick reversal Brian's did on the "charge now, receive next year" nonsense, I'm guessing early sales were pretty underwhelming at this higher price point.  It'll be interesting to see if they drop the price on Jocasta later on next year, like EE has occasionally done on their SW exclusives in the past.

It's remarkable that K-Mart is taking on some exclusives now.

Agreed, but even more remarkable that Hasbro would even give K-mart an exclusive at this point since there's so few of their stores around anymore.  I'm not sure if I should be pissed at the prospect of having a horrible time/drive finding these things, or if I should just be thankful that such a cool themed "wave" of exclusives found an outlet to make it to retail in the first place.  Hopefully they'll be as easy/affordable to find as K-mart's recent B-wing was, though I doubt that'll be the case with the two army-building figure sets, which I'm assuming will be far more popular to most people than a rehash of a larger sized vehicle was last year.  With all these freakin' Ewoks coming out, I really wish Hasbro would put some kind of Ewok Village out to display them in, though I know that'll never happen.  I guess the ol' vintage version is just going to have to get a little fuller this year.

I was very impressed by the cardboard insert that filled up the "negative" space.  Very well done.

I wholeheartedly agree, and am actually glad I got my order for 3 in a little late so I didn't wind up with one of those earlier smashed boxes like others did.  Despite the nice package, and minty boxes mine showed up in, all three of the cards were actually a little dinged in at the top left edge - weird.  No biggie really, since they're probably all getting opened anyway.  Cool figure though, which bums me out even more that we're not getting anymore mailaway offers in the near future.

Annoying to miss out on yet another of these pain-in-the-ass SDCC SW exclusives, especially since I feel that the Carbonite Jar Jar constitutes a "new figure" for a any completist (carded or loose).  I know Hasbro's just playing it off as a unique accessory and trying to downplay it as an actual figure, but I'd imagine quite a few of us have enough OCD completism in ourselves to think otherwise.  I really wish they'd find another outlet to get that "figure" out to the public, even if it's only in loose form, 'cause I'm really not too excited at the prospect of dropping $60+ on a plastic slab of the most hated character in SW history.

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JD Sports Forum! / Re: NBA 2011-2012
« on: July 4, 2012, 02:54 AM »
Anyone still following hoops in the offseason?  I was pretty surprised to see D-Will re-sign with the Nets tonight, despite their acquisitions of (overrated) Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace.  I figured he'd only stick around if they locked up Dwight Howard, which sounds a bit less likely now.  It's gonna be interesting to see where the big guy winds up now, if anywhere.  If the Nets somehow pull off a miracle swap for him still, that could make the East pretty interesting next year.  I'm praying the Heat don't land Ray Allen as well.  LeBron finally won a championship in large part to their outside shooting in the Finals, so adding Allen into the mix makes me nervous, even if Mike Miller retires.  Sounds like the Celts may nab Jason Terry if Ray Allen bolts, which would finally revitalize their bench.  Odom finding his way back to L.A. should give the Clips bench a big boost too, assuming he's back to being of sound mind of course.  I'm still waiting to see if the Wolves can make a play for Pau too.  He'd be a good fit alongside Love and Rubio, though having two of those "soft" Spaniards on the same team could be trouble.

I'm starting to think Basketball has become a game where to be the best, you have to master the art of slamming yourself into defenders while making layups at the same time.

I can't stand this element of the game nowadays either, especially as it relates to LeBron and a few others.  Fortunately he didn't aggravate me as much as usual during the Finals, as he managed to do a good amount of damage from outside of 3 feet (and the free throw line) for a change.  That, and all the ridiculous flopping and flailing after every jumpshot - just pathetic.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Your Opinions of George Lucas
« on: July 4, 2012, 02:29 AM »
I finally got around to renting People v. Lucas recently and found it pretty entertaining, especially since I'm of the older generation who grew up on the originals and have a tough time stomaching the prequels.  I don't know if I necessarily agree that these flicks "are made for kids" though, at least not 2.5 of the 3 OT movies.  Much of the prequels, perhaps.  The prequels and some of ROTJ were definitely made with the toy licensing towards kids in mind too though, which is unfortunate.  I've pretty much concluded that George Lucas went to crap when he had/adopted his own kids however.  I think Lucas had a kid's wonderful sense of imagination and creativity during the making of the OT, but then dumbed everything down 10-fold when he started looking at the saga through the eyes of his own kids, losing any sense of his own personal vision in the process.  Very sad.

I'm definitely digging the Ewok set too, despite having always hated the furry little turds in general.  What's next - getting excited over an SA Jar Jar?  Kudos to Hasbro for the added variety with the various hoods and such.  I assume more than a few of us will be buying a couple sets just to mix and match with these and do some Ewok army building.  My excitement over the pilots is rather tempered though, likely due to the oversaturation of them in recent years.  Porkins is too skinny as well.  I'll probably pick one up though.

Here's a group shot I took of all my droids....

That's a great pic there Pete.  Congrats on being one of the few to nab this set!  I'm still praying these find their way into next year's supposed B-A-D line (sans silly hats), otherwise, these stupid astromechs will be the bane of my existence.

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