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Considering some jokes my girlfriend has made about my clonetrooper figures, she will definitely get a kick out of that picture! hehe

Those clones are awesome! I always wondered what customs could come from the AT-RT body. Now I know...really great ones! I love the addons on the Urban Shocktrooper. Did you sculpt those additions?

No I didn't sculpt those additions. I used WAVE detail kits
Sensor Set 1
Sensor Set 2
Looks like their backordered, but hopefully they'll get some more in as I'd like to pick up a few more.

And I hope she enjoys the picture! I had fun making it!

Toll Drank: That is incredible. I've always wanted to see a Sakiyan other then Djas Puhr again and again. That dollar tree figure seems to be an excellent platform for muscualar/barechested customs.  Great use of the parts from POTC! I keep wanting to pick some up to use, but wasn't sure what parts exactly would be usable, so now I know! The highlighting job looks good and is a lot more dynamic than plain old black Djas Puhr. Good work!

Tusken Chieftan: WOW. This is one of the best poses I have seen a sand person/Tusken Raider in. It looks like a great paint job, made to look that much more indimidating with the torn fabric of the arms and weathering you've done. What dollar tree figure did you use for this? Also, how did you ever think of looking to The Muppets for accessories?!

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Null Arc and Urban Shocktrooper
« on: July 31, 2006, 03:17 PM »
It's almost as if those clones woke up one day and decided, "Lets get sexy."

And they did.


Wow . . I love you all! Just for that, I have provided a photo that delves into the side of clones we rarely see. Please don't let this change your opinions of clones though. They are serious and work very hard at what they do.

Well, I thought that I would give some custom clones a try finally. I'm amazed that I've come this far without attempting any. I neededd some specialty clones for my Republic Intelligence photonovel (Chapter 1, Chapter 2)
This first clone will be either an infiltration specialist or be used as a Null Arc. I wanted the armor to have a less bulky and more sleeker look to it.

Head: Modified ROTS clone trooper with portion of the AOTC clone pilot helmet from the Evolutions line
Torso: AT-RT driver
Arms: AT-RT driver, with one of the hands replaced with ROTS clone trooper hand
Upper Legs: AT-RT
Lower Legs: ROTS clone trooper

The second clone is a heavier armored clone that is used as a shocktrooper in urban environments. (Need a better name then Urban Shocktrooper) As I was working on this clone I recalled a gundam model I had 4 or 5 years ago from 8th MS Team, called EZ-8. I loved the color scheme of that mech and it's role in the series, and thought that it would work well with this clone. Needless to say I will be making a few more in this scheme as I am very happy with the outcome! (Need to redo the blue on the armor as the paint looks a tad bumpy right in the front)

A group shot and some action shots!

Photonovels and Movies / Re: Republic Intelligence: CH 2
« on: May 30, 2006, 01:08 AM »
Wow! Thanks for all the comments, much appreciated! I loved making this chapter, especially the photshop part. Some of the shots were hard to set up in terms of contorting my body to get into a tight space (between the table that holds my GI Joe Aircraft Carrier and the tables that have my Terror Dromes/Cobra snow base) I sure have learned a lot about photoshop and some yoga moves in the last month!

HunterofThePegs: The base for the snow on the ground was good ol WalMart stuffing from the craft section and the snow on the figures and inside the outpost is model landscaping snow (Woodland Scenics) The snow effects were done with photoshop, using a lot of layers! 

BrentS : The outpost was made of a culmination of bits and pieces I have lying around. As Darth Delicious pointed out, some of the components are from the old GI Joe HQ. Actually, there is also a piece from the GI Joe Defiant Space Shuttle Complex. The other "parts" are print outs from photoshop designs. Some of them I got from NiubNiub's site and altered them a bit. Others, like the walls of Kamino in RepIntel 1, I designed myself. I tell you, with a little bit of color change those NiubNiub templates are pretty versitile for usage outside of the dios they're intended for.

jedistyle : Thanks for the comments on Jyas. When I made that custom, I had no idea what I was going to use it for. Inspiration finally came from the Hard Contact and Triple Zero books. Kal Skirata is just too badass a character to not get some inspiration from! Basically the story is going to be that there was some sort of conflict/disaster on Coruscant and the Republic needed to place blame somewhere, as the faction behind it was unknown. So they pass the blame off onto Jyas, as he's bascially been an annoyance to the republic, being a Mandalorian and all. Those shots with Jyas and the jetpack were fun to do. I had him balanced up on a couple of the radar/laser bases that came with the ROTS pilot figures. Had to get the shots just right so they wouldn't show up in the picture.

Quazar : Thanks for all the comments . .. I'm blushing! Lol   Yea the downside to getting everything to look realistic and getting those dynamic angles is that it takes so long. If I had those wonderful sets like Chewie, I wouldn't have that problem  ;)

Darth Delicious : I appreciate your comments, setting up those shots is a painstaking procedure! It really is hard to give an inanimate object a sense of moment, so I hope that was somewhat achieved! The model landscaping snow was really fun to work with, sprinkling it everywhere! The snow on the inside of the outpost got there by accident when I spilled some during shooting, but then I thought about how in reality snow actually would have blown in there . . .TaDa! Turned a mistake into something good!

blaster_e11  : I'll try to keep the chapters coming, and in a more timely fashion!

CHEWIE: Details, details! Where's the review?  ;)

mister_palpatine : Thanks! Yea, I can't wait to shoot some clone action too! That's what I'm looking forward to the most  ;D

Everyone, thanks for the kind words and comments. Please if you have any suggestions or any critiques, go to town! Look foward to hearing from everyone again!

I'm pretty interested to see what the windu head with leku would look like. Not a bad idea. I tried sculpting onto an existing head today . . . the back of the head and the leku, but it was turning out pretty terrible. (no patience on my part)

Also, thanks for the comment on RepIntel! I'm glad to see people enjoying it!

I just went back and looked at Jedi_Master_Ben's  post. . . . those heads look like they're going to be beautiful!

V, I didn't mean to hijack your thread here . . . it's on a topic that I was very curious about! So . . . back to the original topic at hand.

Wow, I actually just looked in the custom section for something on Tweli'k heads and here you go posting a new topic on it. :D Beautiful! I'm in the process of making a custom of Guun Han Saresh and am deperately looking for a good Tweli'k head. (btw, any good sculptors that can do this, please contact me!!)

Here is the custom so far . . . VOTC Boba Fett torso and arms (need some different hands), and evolutions Dooku legs.

Photonovels and Movies / Re: Republic Intelligence: CH 1
« on: May 21, 2006, 07:39 PM »
Chapter 2 now up!

Photonovels and Movies / REPUBLIC INTELLIGENCE: CH 2
« on: May 21, 2006, 07:37 PM »

These are beautiful! Very cohesive look.

 One question though. What are you doing for painting the joints? I recently made a mandolorian custom with the VOTC Fett body, but found that even when I sanded down the joints so they wouldn't rub, the paint still rubs off.  I was thinking maybe dying those areas but wanted to get your technique first. Thanks!

It seems like there are alwys new techniques to learn . . . . only problem is, you get to the point where you are constantly trying to keep improving something instead of just leaving it alone.

Jedistyle, thanks bud.  I appreciate your feedaback as always.  And Kala is quickly becoming a favorite of mine to work on.

Clonehunter, that cape thing for Swamp Rat does work well.  There is a Cobra insignia on it that is pretty easy to scrape off with an exacto knife.

Spectre, hope you're feeling better!  And I think you actually said something about that cape before in a PM, so who knows, I might have gotten the idea from you.   :)

Anyways, how about a photonovel preview update?


Chewie, that simply looks beautiful. Funny thing though, today I was looking up photoshop tutorials, and a sunset/light rays one came up. So I took your picture and spiced it up with that new found knowledge, added in a little glow and some shadows. . . .

Then on this one I darkened the ground a little bit to take out the flash.

Sorry, I couldn't resist!  :P

Photonovels and Movies / Re: Republic Intelligence: CH 1
« on: January 23, 2006, 09:01 PM »
Chewie: Thanks for the comments! I came over to Star Wars from the GI Joe isle, where the diostories usually use speech bubbles . . . some exclellent examples are stories by Violentfix ( and General Hawk ( So I just brought that style over to the Star Wars side. Seeing your stories, among others, did show another side to photo novels/ dio-stories . . . mainly the fact that you can enjoy the whole picture without it being interrupted by speech bubbles. I suppose the comic style is just what I'm used to. I hope I'm able to make more frequent updates to the story soon . . . . my main concern is the dio sets. It seems that there is just never enough time to make one . . . and I haven't exactly been able to plan one out. There's a question for ya Chewie . . . how do you plan your dios? (we know how you make them now)

Jedistyle: Thanks for the comments! I used to be an avid photographer and did some documentary film work (even got to work at National Geographic's Television and Film department! )

Quazar: You know what? I totally realized that I'd left Luminara's guantlets unchanged after I'd done all the shots and everything. For some reason it didn't even cross my mind! I can go ahead and change them in photshop. Way more simple then going back and shooting the whole thing. I'll have to paint those for future shots though. That's another thing I'm going to work on. Actually doing some painting as part of my customization.

Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated! Let me know your thoughts and ideas! Improvements, story arcs, etc

Photonovels and Movies / REPUBLIC INTELLIGENCE: CH 1
« on: January 21, 2006, 06:40 PM »
The following events take place after the Battle of Geonosis. I hope that I will be able to update more frequently then the time it took to get out chapter 1. Enjoy!


To be continued . . . .

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