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Hey Hasbro! / Re: PLEASE DON'T REPACK: Worst Ideas For Repacks
« on: March 23, 2007, 08:31 PM »
Buff he-man 1995 Luke! XD

How about please stop repacking? The current Episode III/ROTS Anakin with the action feature and swappable hands was a bad figure when it was new, and I'm sad to see it being printed AGAIN this year. Why not repack Evolutions ROTS Anakin instead?

Another bad figure: VOTC C3PO. I would rather see the POTF2 wave 1 C3PO coming back, and that's not a very good figure by today's standards. VOTC C3PO is the worst C3PO sculpt ever designed in my opinion. Sorry Hasbro.

TSC/ 500th figure Darth Vader was cool when he was new, but there are waaaaaaay too many in circulation now and there are much better Darth Vaders we'd rather be seeing. No one wants to see this guy on the pegs again and here he comes in the Saga Legends collection. Blah. Anyone who wants one has one now, I would think. I'd much rather see Evolutions Vader come back (complete with removeable helmet and original softgoods).

Speaking of Vader... why is episode III Vader still being made? He's not fun, he doesn't look good, and he's been outdone by three different figures, one of which is older than he is... it's simply a bad figure, and it's not going to sell with collectors.

Sorry if my opinions are rude and inappropriate, but these are just eyesores that really stick out at me. I think most other collectors would agree about these particular repacks.

Feedback / Re: Jesse James' feedback
« on: March 18, 2007, 07:16 PM »
Jesse James helped me get several older items and a VOTC I'd been wanting for ages in return for a few clones, and was very polite and helpful throughout the trade. There was a very minor communication snafu but I believe that was my fault, and it didn't cause any significant problems; otherwise everything was very smooth. I consider it an excellent trade, and would be happy to trade again sometime ^.^

Okay, I caved a few weeks ago and blew money on the two sets I really wanted (they're $26 apiece at Wal Mart by the way), justifying spending money on a hobbie I'm trying not to spend any money on by figuring these would be long gone later on (and I do have the money now... I'm just supposed to be saving).

Anyway, the two sets I got were the episode III and IV sets. Here are some things I've noticed/opinions on them:

the ANH set features two awesome figures, two crap figures, and a metal box. This set is only justifiable if you view it as paying VOTC prices for Vader and the Sandtrooper and $6 for a can and two seriously ugly statues.

So first, the bad:

Early Bird Leia is a theoretically nice statue, but the face is really pretty sloppy and (like nearly every attempt at Leia) a poor likeness, and the hands are sculpted for holding a gun (and is inaccurate as she never used an E-11 in this pose... and neither POTF2 version of the game-hunting blaster she sported really fits in this figure's hands and it looks ridiculous as it's half her height anyway). She's just a little bit too tall to be very good for looking like she's giving R2D2 the message/death star plans (but she sort of works for it and is in a decent pose for the scene). Overall this is a pretty terrible figure.

VOTC C3PO is a horrible figure and Hasbro needs to melt the mold and recycle it already. Worst C3PO ever. Period.

Now, the good:

The sandtrooper is not a VTSC reprint as much so as one might think (though that's not really a good point neccesarily). The torso, head, and helmet are different sculpts; the torso seems Commtechish with different-shaped upper chest armor and a bit of shoulder molded on (which results in arms that stick out a lot more- again, Commtechish). The head is a very pale and (I think) new sculpt of Jango/the typical clone head- his skin is decidedly the wrong tone for Jango though, unless this clone is an albino. The helmet is a good sharp sculpt but also very bendy, and looks more like the commtech helmet than the VOTC/TSC helmet (perhaps it's the same one from George Lucas?) The "commtechish" appearance means he'd look even better standing with a group of old commtechs than VOTCs/VTSCs do, if you wish to consider that a plus.

The Sandtrooper also features a white pauldron (the only version/rank that hasn't been produced recently) and absolutely no dirty markings. This lack of grime means he's an instant stormtrooper, too- just take off the shoulder pauldron (you don't even have to pop the head) and the backpack.

Another awesome thing I discovered right away, though, is that the Jango head has a much smaller post than any other stormtrooper. In fact, it's juuuuuust slightly bigger than the VTSC Han Solo (and presumably VOTC Han Solo, and by proxy TSC Han Solo who has the same size as VTSC). Custom city, and very easy, and looks nice.

Vader is also outstanding, and is the ultimate ANH Vader. He's based on the evolutions Vader obviously (who had nearly perfect articulation), but he features certain changes which make him a good match for the different ANH design: he has a new torso with a tunic sculpted over his shoulder armor, and stripey gloves (both with excellent grips by the way- no TSC lightsaber dropping action going on here). The head change disappoints me; they've used a "younger" Anakin head instead of the ROTJ version despite that Vader was only four years younger in ANH (and never had his helmet off anyway). It's not bad, and it's kind of cool in an Expanded Universe way, but I would've preferred the same evolutions head.

One bad thing about Vader is that his softgoods are a lot clumsier than other recent Vaders. they're pretty wrinkly in the package, the "skirt" tends to stick up around the waist for some reason, and mine had some fringe in the middle of the skirt sticking down below the belt (though the belt is seperately sculpted so I was able to tuck it up in there. Additionally bad is that there's something screwy about Vader's shoulder hinges- the piece connected to the torso isn't round, This doesn't affect the articulation, but you wind up with a bit of an odd square piece and a little gap when you move Vader's arms up. On the plus side, they finally wised up and got rid of the silver neck rope that pretty much every Vader since 2005 has had.

The Episode III set is possibly the best buy, with four figures ranging from excellent to okay, lots of articulation going around, and two nice softgoods cloaks (especially Yoda's- more on that in a minute). Oh yeah, and a can. From worst to best:

Mace Windu is reprinted wholesale from the ROTS line minus any accessories but his lightsaber. He's ugly, but his headsculpt is pretty nice, he wields his lightsaber pretty well, and it's one of the less horrible/better functioning action features out there for what it's worth. However, I found this figure was much, much nicer looking when I stole the cape enclosed meant for the Anakin figure and put it on this guy- the sleeves hold his arms in place a little bit, it covers up the ugly articulation, and it makes for a more scene accurate Mace. He can be pretty decent depending on what you want to do with him, and he can also make some pretty good custom fodder (and the head's peg size is identical to ROTS Pilot Gear Obi Wan's, if you feel like headswapping).

The AT-RT driver is pretty good for the most part. He has a fairly decent sculpt/typical clone aritculation (which is to say super articulation with hard-to-use hips) save for a swivel waist rather than a ball jointed waist; he seems to be identical sculpt-wise to the ROTS figure. He has two accessories, a removeable chestplate (which I had no idea was removeable until I looked the figure up online) and a blaster. the blaster's strap is misshapen and doesn't seem to hang right for wearing the gun or holding it level... additionally this guy must be left handed, since he has an open right hand. Ehh. He features no color scheme save for some tan, spotty looking boots... are they supposed to be dirty/sandy? Only if he stepped in knee-high quicksand and was otherwise mostly clean.

Yoda is surpisingly pretty cool. I've felt for a while that this figure had pretty decent articulation, but it conflicted with his plastic cloak. No more, because this time around he has a groovy little cloth coat (according to RS it's from VOTC Yoda). This cloak makes him able to make full use of his arms and legs and look pretty decent for lightsaber fights, hopping around, hanging off ledges, or just standing around and gabbing. The cloak makes all the difference in this case, and I've seen no better episode II/III Yoda.

Anakin kicks butt and frankly is a big part of why I caved on this set, having never bought the evolutions set (but now I still need an episode II Anakin...). I don't think he has any changes this time (and unlike other figures, sports most of his accessories... no mechanical hand, but the mechanical hand was kind of superfluous considering the only time it was seen in episode III was when he was shirtless in bed/having nightmares); instead of the shiny funky evolutions cloak, he comes with the same one as TSC Obi Wan and Anakin, and it looks prety nice on him if you know how to make these cloaks lay the way you want them to (namely the trick for getting the hood to lay down right by folding it down halfway).

The boxes are fairly nice, with paintings of different poster art (for III it's the movie poster, for IV it's a nicer picture than the movie poster that I've seen printed on a few other pieces of merchandise, like puzzles). They're not especially good as figure carrying cases unless you want to leave the tin set figures on their odd-sized double cards though. They can theoretically hold DVDs, but only if you don't mind having to force the case in and out because the edges on the box along where it closes are just a liiiiiittle too small.

The cards are simplistic, with an OTC/TSC-like Logo and lines around the package, a plastic bubble designed to hold two of the figures (two in each half of the can), and some boring suff printed on teh back (a character headshot, a scene from the movies, and some TSC-esque text like "Stolen By: Jawas" and some cheesy summary of what the character was doing at one point in the given movie. The boxes holding the cans/cards are extremely boring, with two open plastic sides and some cardboard with gray and black portions, messy looking Action Packed dark red text saying "comemorative tin collection", a picture of the can printed on the box, and the Star Wars logo/episode number in opposing corners. The boxes look truly boring when you take the can out, and the can is smaller than the boxes, supported by styrofoam and carboard corner pieces for some reason (I think it's so that the box designs can extend far enough to be displayed past the can rather than on top of it).

Mini-review over :-X Sorry about that. Move along.

Good review, and a very appropriate one coming from you. Congratulations on so many- I really consider the reviews one of the coolest features (along with the photo gallery) of JD.

I missed pretty much everything from mid-POTF2 until 2002 until 2005 in regards to buying new Star Wars figures, so I actually still hunt such things up. I enjoy reading reviews of old figures because it's informative, and something hard to get information about beyond pictures.

That said, can I have one of your POTJ rebel fleet troopers? *dies*

He looks pretty rubbish actually, and I agree that he (along with the Snowtrooper) are long overdue for resculpts. On the other hand if I had one I'd probably try to customize with it- I can think of a few uses.

But as-is, he looks to be junk.

I've traded the clones with JesseJames already; if you're interested in the Yoda you can still contact me but I doubt anyone is drooling for him, so feel free to close/delete this thread as needed.

First off, I would like to apologize for my previous classifieds post where I posted a WTB list and took it down shortly thereafter. I know that wasn't really very good etiquette and might look bad for future posts. However, I personally would like to give you my word that I will be leaving this post up and have no qualms about it; I took the previous thread down because I need to be saving money and couldn't afford to run around buying all kinds of stuff. Not a problem for me when it comes to trading.

That said, my collection of stuff isn't really all that exciting and I don't know if anyone will be interested. I am willing to part with. Each of these are loose, but have been handled relatively little and only really carefully posed for display/put into boxes:

Evolutions AOTC Clone (yellow version) w/ all accessories (large gun, normal and pilot helmets, E-11-esque blaster) x 1 (I have two and could be persueded to part with both depending on what's offered in return)
Evolutions ROTS Clone Commander (yellow version) w/ all accessories (helmet, duel tiny blasters) x 1 (the same goes about having two)
TSC Yoda (a ROTS reprint) with the lightsaber, plastic cloak, and stand (I'd like to keep the force lightning accessory, but a convincing enough offer could talk me out of that too)

I'm leaning on keeping him, but if you make me a good offer I could also part with a complete loose undamaged ROTS Quick-change Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader figure.

In addition, I am happy to throw in any of the following bonus items in any trade:
Loose but clean C3PO Pez Dispenser x1
Loose but clean Chewbacca Pez Dispenser (pre-ROTS version) x1
Loose but clean (and I might have one in a bag around here somewhere) Yoda pez dispenser x1
Mini-holo TSC Yoda (blue) x 1
Mini-holo TSC Luke (red) x 1/2
Mini-holo Obi Wan (red or blue)

I am willing to trade any of these on a 1-1 basis for:

POTF2 Luke Skywalker in Bespin Gear (must include hand, but lightsaber and blaster are not as neccesary)
Commtech/OTC Greedo (must include vest and blaster)
Snowtrooper (any version)
Commtech/OTC Stormtrooper

Any X-wing pilot that's not POTF2 Luke (must include helmets)

And I would trade any two (or three of the clones) for one of the following:
VOTC Lando Calrissian (minimum condition loose with no damages)
[/s]VTSC Luke Skywalker X-wing pilot (min. cond. loose with all accessories)
VOTC Princess Leia (min. cond. loose with no damages)
Evolutions Anakin Skywalker Episode II figure (preferably with all accessories/no damages)

 * I would also be interested in the tin set episode II Anakin Skywalker, but would prefer the Evolutions version because of the accessories
Evolutions Darth Vader (lightsaber is good but not absolutely neccesary; helmet required)
Tin Set Darth Vader (see Evo Darth Vader)
VOTC Han Solo (min. cond. loose with no damages)
VOTC Obi Wan Kenobi (min. cond. loose with all accessories)

I could also be talked into trading four figures for a complete evolutions Anakin set.

I am also interested in leftover customs parts if you have some you don't want. List anything you have and would be willing to part with, and I'll get back to you on it! :)

Additionally, I am willing to renegotiate my offer if you are interested in bartering. However, I would like to request that any initial offers be made in this thread rather than in private messages. I will be checking this thread any time I am at the computer and think of it (which might be daily). Thank you.

This list is subject to change and I will mark an update/bump as neccesary upon doing so.

Feel free to check my (old and untouched for several months now) feedback. Also, I can scan pictures of any of my items upon request.

Thanks for reading!

Saga Collection '06 / Re: The "Final 22"
« on: January 23, 2007, 01:53 PM »
Our Wal Mart just stuck all the figures they had on clearance and are not planning to restock. The newest figures they had were the newer Vader (the ROTJ emperor's wrath rework- I forget the name), Moff JerJerrod, C3PO ,and some Heroes and Villains/greatest battles/whatevers.

I wanted that Endor Luke, darn it...

Of course, our Wal Mart also kinda sucks as far as stocking anything correctly goes (said an employee). I need to look out of town soon...

It's too close to Christmas for what I originally had in mind now. Thank you, though ^.^ Incidentally, I would still be interested in buying nice-looking vintage repro figures of main characters, if you have any and are willing to part with them for relatively low prices ($5 or less apiece is good). I'm considering collecting a few, not for collectors value but because they resemble vintage figures and yet are arguably "worthless", and something I feel okay actually playing with and displaying in conditions where they might get banged around :)

Quote from: Mitsukara (original post)
Okay, maybe I'm reaching way out on a limb that it's too late to climb and stuff, but this just occurred to me today and I figured it couldn't hurt to post and ask.

I am looking for any loose vintage figures or good(ish) reproductions. I cannot spend more than about $10 a figure unless it's something really really cool. Most importantly, I need this to be shipped to arrive before Christmas if at all possible.

The kind of figures I am looking for would be main characters, preferably- any versions. Vader would be exceptionally cool, or Boba Fett, either.

Figures can be missing some accessories but not anything really important- should have capes, missing/ really badly broken lightsabers aren't cool, etc.

So short version: under $10 per figure, no huge lots, vintage loose or decent repro figures of main characters. Luke/Han/Leia/Lando/Vader/Obi Wan/Yoda etc. Any versions are of interest. Vader and/or Fett would be especially cool.

I am interested in any offers more or less matching this outline. Since I'm wanting these by christmas though, I would prefer an evenly timed trade (we both send at the same time rather than the seller waiting to get my money order). Oh yeah, and I can only pay by money order, sorry :(

Also, here is my feedback from previous transactions.

Thanks for reading! ^.^

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Mitsukara's customs
« on: December 10, 2006, 09:52 PM »
No, I haven't completely fallen off the face of the planet. I haven't been posting here much and likely won't a whole lot more right now, but I've been getting some work done on something and wanted to post it: my long-planned Luke Skywalker figure.

Evidentially, I wasn't pleased with my first Luke, so of course I started planning a better one, got carried away, and a year after the first have a new- mostly intact- Luke Skywalker figure to show for it.

Behold custom #6: Luke Skywalker EU Jedi Master, New republic era! He might've looked like this in such great books as Darksaber and The Crystal Star or maybe even as early as Jedi Search, almost none of which have I read. I like to pretend he could've looked like this in the Thrawn Trilogy but it's all but established that Luke mostly ran around in the same old ROTJ clothes (the books themselves mention it) and periodically ran around in manly tanktops to show off his force-filled biceps (according to the comic book adaptations).

Incidentally #5 was a Coruscant Guard Disguise Lando. If anyone really wants to know I'll post pictures, but it was indeed a POTF2 Lando head on the POTF2 Luke body.

Luke in an "out of the package" pose with his stuff
Side View
Back View
Luke poses in his cloak (I was going for a ROTJ look and failed, I think. Curse you, my nemesis called gravity!)
Luke poses with his saber (without the cloak)
Luke with my (badly posed) earlier Han custom

Luke is WIP in that some things may need to be changed (like if my current "solution" to the head problem stops working) and that his paint job is disgustingly horrible. :ermm: I'm still using cheap acrylics and I've grown to hate them. Someday when I have real paint I want to finish him and do a nice job, but for the meanwhile I've crudely slapped on basic colors which aren't even quite the scheme I've since decided to go with- I want dark brown over black possibly with some gray, whereas he has more of an Anakin circa episode II color scheme now. Oh well. Additionally, the lightsaber needs work, and once I get better paint I want to do a hilt for him.

Luke is made from:

POTF2 EU Luke Skywalker from Dark Empire: Head
ROTS Kit Fisto: torso, arms, "skirt", lightsaber blade
ROTS Obi Wan Pilot Gear/Saga reprint: Hands, legs, cloak, lightsaber hilt

Luke has 14 points of articulation: "Swivel" Head, ball shoulders, ball elbows, swivel wrists, swivel waist, swivel hips, ball knees, and ball ankles. That's a ball head short of matching VOTC Han, if I'm not mistaken. ^.^

To get the head to fit, I pondered and pondered for several months with the stuff sitting in a bag packed away, or out to look at and "do something about". I got tired of it, so I got an idea and decided to do it; I cut down Luke's neckpost (via xacto) to fit the small hole in Kit Fisto's torso (Kit has a head on a hard plastic pin which is inserted into a hole). His head stays in there unless it's pushed on softly; then again, it stays in when you turn him upside down. As such he arguably has full POTF2 neck articulation. It's also removeable. It reminds me of the ROTS C3PO, except much looser.

I was going to get all fancy and give Luke's lightsaber a removeable blade, but I wound up with three Obi Wan sabers and two hilts, plus Kit Fisto's flimsy peg snapped off the first time I dropped the saber. So I lopped off Obi Wan's blade and glued on Kit Fisto's blade and tried to paint the handle with acrylics, which didn't really work that great. Like Luke, the paint needs redoing quite badly.

I also decided to sacrifice a ROTS Obi Wan to the cause, giving Luke better legs (in sculpt, superficial height, and articulation) and hands (Kit Fisto's are huge and green; I was almost going to try to lop off and glue their pegs onto a spare pair of Cantina Han hands. I'm rather glad I didn't.) It also gave me a good excuse to buy the Saga version with the cloth cloak. How the heck do you get the hoods on these to look right, though? It's humongous,  and tends to want to either stand way up or poof out backwards when down. It looks okay when it's down and you're not looking at the back :pinch: But otherwise it's pretty cool, and I really like it.

Outfit wise, I was going for part old Jedi, part what Luke saw of the Jedi, part ROTJ; I would like the majority of his outfit (everything that's the original light brown color) to be black, the top layer (the parts that are black) to be dark brown, for the neck to stay the same, and the sleeve cuffs to be better painted and show white sleeves on the parts sculpted to go lower than the main droopy jedi sleeves. The turtleneck and layer immediately above it seen at the neck, I painted the same color, and am going for kind of an OT Jedi look (Obi Wan and Anakin's ghost both wore mock-ish turtlenecks with jedi tunic/robe thingss over them, basically). The boots should be black, the right hand should be black gloved, and the pants I'm not sure about (whatever works when I get there- if I can make the boots shiny, dull black pants would be cool).

Head wise, I got precisely what I wanted. I love the DE Luke head. Wonderful likeness, great crazy '80s hairdo that was never in any movie or on Mark Hammill's real head (though it might've looked kinda cute).

Lightsaber wise, I also got exactly what I wanted: a nice recent years-style flared green lightsaber blade on the awesome ROTS Obi Wan saber hilt sculpt (which is a near-total match for Luke's ROTJ saber). Too bad the paint is horrible.

I really, really like this figure. Sloppiness and removable head aside, he's one of my absolute favorite Star Wars figures. I'm really happy with where he's going, and think he's probably by far the best figure I've done (out of 6- though I rather like Han). Now I REALLY want to do an EU Leia- I have something of a plan for one. It's based on the HTTE comic book cover designs (the suit looked a bit different there, and I'm hoping to pull off maybe pregnant/maybe general purpose at the same time). Hasbro already made a wonderful Chewbacca (VOTC), C3PO (TSC ewok throne), and R2D2 (TSC because I didn't feel like spending $14 more for the VOTC's accessories) for me, and I now possess each ^.^ Complete Luke, actually work on my Mara WIP (something you may actually see in the next... sometime) make Leia, and finish Lando (Who will never work until I get real paint because I need to paint nearly everything), and I'll have my dream EU main bunch completed.

I'll keep track of this thread of course, and I'll post any progress or new customs that aren't looking completely dumpy and terrible, but otherwise I still won't be around a whole lot- a lot of my time is tied up with my (first) job, and what free time I do have I spend on other things a lot of the time. Sorry :pinch: I'd love to hear any advice or opinions about this figure or customizing in general, though. Thanks for reading/looking! ^.^

(PS: Thanks, BrentS ^.^ I finally used the Kit Fisto figure! Wow!! And only what, 7 months later?)

TV-9D9 / Re: Star Wars Holiday Special at Target?
« on: November 13, 2006, 01:20 PM »
They both were, probably, to escape the pain of actually shooting the production.

Toy Reviews / Re: New JD Review: C-3PO (With Ewok Throne)
« on: October 30, 2006, 01:41 AM »
The first VOTC 3PO was for Empire, he had a ANH card though. ???
Was he 3PO in the alternate version of the movie where the Ugnaughts smelted him?

TV-9D9 / Re: A BSG-style Star Wars TV show?
« on: October 28, 2006, 02:26 PM »
Yes, I agree. Drama and tension and some dark themes to it, but a kind of balance/happiness to it to- not silliness, just a good in-between. Stuff like the exchanges between Han and Luke in episode IV, or most of what Han was up to in ESB prior to getting captured by Fett / the Empire- I mean, not necessarily those scenes specifically, but about that tone, not silly but not dark/depressing either.

There should be good to go along with the bad, I suppose is what I mean. Not sillyness, not hideously failed attempts at anghst-filled romance, but a positive feel/attitude in parts, and a good humor to it.

TV-9D9 / Re: A BSG-style Star Wars TV show?
« on: October 26, 2006, 10:14 PM »
I dunno- the lack of darkness never bothered me so much as the irritating nature (Podracer Announcer, JarJar, failed attempts at humor elsewhere) of Episode I and then the hurriedness/overdone attempts to be cool (or romantic... "I'm dying inside because of you!!!!!!!111"). ROTS was plenty dark enough- and things like that should be sparing in my opinion.

It's not like the original trilogy was frilly and silly and goofy. The prequels weren't really, either, just ill-balanced. The EU usually isn't, either- stuff like Timothy Zahn's or most of Kevin J Anderson's books have a kind of balance of drama. That's what I'd like to see here; some darkness, but some lightness too. BSG is darker than coffee that had triple-beans and was left sitting out for 5 days if you poured in some black acrylic paint afterwards. It's a living hell. The NJO (and Swarm War, and subsequent books...) seems almost as bad, and I don't really relish the thought of all future Star Wars productions trying to be that way just to be "cool for adults."

TV-9D9 / Re: A BSG-style Star Wars TV show?
« on: October 25, 2006, 10:45 PM »
That would be terrible. I don't like Galactica, and I'm a fan of various Scifi- Star Wars, the original BSG, Star Trek original series/next generation... I don't mind drama up to a point but Galactica is way too dark. Unrealistic level of super-drama going on; yes, things just as terrible as what happen in the show can and do happen, but such frequency and mental tension on everyone constantly always for years, plus the main cast somehow survives such... non-life? Something's broken there in my opinion.

Whatever you may believe on such things (I may be a bit too optomistic), I would hate to see a Star Wars TV show like that. If I wanted that I'd read the NJO ;)

But that's just my opinion.

Ideally, it should mimic the movies up to a point, but go it's own direction in ways too. It all depends on what it's really about, I suppose.

The Original Trilogy / Re: Deleted Scenes
« on: October 24, 2006, 01:47 PM »
Aaaactually, if one has the DVDs one can see in the bonus contents some pictures of the original Wampa scenes. Apparently the story attached was that the rebels had captured one/a few of them and were keeping them in a room.... and there's a short of a terrible looking early rendition of the costume, too. Not quite sure if that draft had Luke getting attacked by one or what exactly, but the whole plan was clearly ditched and replaced. (Incidentally, am I the only one who thinks part of the reason Luke got attacked/mauled in the face at the beginning was to account for the car wreck damage/reconstruction?)

Later, when the imperial troops are attacking the base, C3PO makes an act of defiance by tearing the warning sticker off the door of the room the Wampa(s) are being kept in- a shot seen in prerelease trailers, by the way (when he says "a galactic odyssey against oppression!"- by the way, I'm 99% sure that's not Harrison Ford talking despite how the video is labeled). The snowtroopers would've then barged into the room unknowingly, and, well....

These scenes can be seen on the first version of the original trilogy DVDs, and were most likely included on the second (though I haven't seen those yet). At least, I know there were pictures of this stuff... not 100% sure about full video scenes.

TV-9D9 / Re: Star Wars Holiday Special at Target?
« on: October 24, 2006, 01:13 PM »
To me by far the worst part was Bea Arthur singing... or maybe Lumpy's visions of some disco lady. Both parts sucked utterly.

So did trying to mix Harvey Korman with Star Wars in any way other than making him some jackass of an imperial officer. If they did that, it might've worked, but they attempted no such intelligent satire.

As it is... Harrison Ford tries to not look like the fool he feels like... Mark Hamill was clearly on crack during most of his scenes (way too enthusiastic), and the makeup he has is terrible even if this was shortly post-car wreck... and Carrie Fisher looks embarassed to be a part of the whole thing, probably the catalyst for mostly quitting acting later on. Peter Mayhew and Anthony Daniels are glad to have jobs and glad no one sees their faces, and Kenny Baker might not've been involved- he isn't credited at any rate.

Then, we've got Chewie's family, who are all sappy and ridiculous. The costumes were surprisingly decent for a production of this kind, but they still weren't selling it with their cheesy plot and lack of any examples but visual ones. Chewie worked because he had a translator handy most of the time (Han or 3PO) to respond to him; 15 minutes of Wookies trying to get ideas across to a viewer by actions doesn't work.

Then there's this variety show crap mixed in that doesn't belong anywhere near Star Wars... Jefferson Starship's least impressive performance ever, Bea Arthur of Maude/the Golden Girls fame who should never ever try to sing, Harvey Korman of various movies- Blazing Saddles comes to mind- trying to make bad advertising jokes, and that middle-aged guy all the fans of the holiday special like who might've been okay if he didn't make more bad jokes and sales pitches.

Then there's the Empire who's so incompetent it's funny. Vader's one line is so general purpose one expects they got James Earl Jones to drop by and do one line long before they got anything written, the imperial officers all stand around making wry comments, faces, and not paying good attention, and the Stormtroopers fail at the simple art of wrestling/bear hugging skinny smugglers. No wonder Dak thought he could take the whole empire on himself- he could've if he'd attempted a couple years earlier.

Then there's the cartoon, which I wanted to like, but I have to say that's one of the ugliest art styles I've ever seen! I'm sorry. Also, Boba Fett is completely incompetent; if he hadn't halfway informed the rebels of his plan the moment they showed up and left clues everywhere for them to follow, he might've gotten away with it! The greatest bounty hunter ever; he fails to defeat a critical group of Rebels under Vader's payroll because he screws around, tells them most of his plan, and lets them figure the rest out- then turns and runs when they do rather than, y'know, shooting them- and then he finds the Falcon, tattles, loiters around Cloud City, runs away when the rebels come after him again, then when he actually has to fight, his gun gets cut in half and a jetpack malfunction launches him to his death/a few years trapped in the Sarlacc before he somehow escapes. Maybe they sent Luke/Leia/Han/Chewie/the droids any combination in after him and it enabled him to run away again.

Sorry :P I like Boba Fett, but you have to admit it is a little silly. Also, the cartoon is really pretty enjoyable, and definatly the best material in the Holiday Special by quite a bit.

Also, my negative dialogue on this subject is because I had a ball watching it (even if it was a terrible quality internet download- not that I expect DVDs to be loads better, but mine had a tiny resolution/filesize). It's like, MST3K-worthy.

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