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Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / C4 Web Site Pictures:
« on: May 29, 2007, 03:38 PM »
if you want to see your pics of the C4 UGP  diorama up on the, anything that's not in Paul's thread already can go here  ;D

... or not. 

So, my car's broken, I have no way to get to the airport for my flight, and even if I could pull that part of the equation off, I'd have no money for C4 because it's all going into the car.

Transmissions suck. >:(  A single small part for it goes bad, and I have to get whole new section - cuz the dealer doesn't sell the small part by itself.

ANYway, aside from being pretty ripped about the whole thing, and not being able to meet some of the other members of the UGP, and not being able to have fun at the table, and etc, etc, etc, I've realized that I'll also be missing my only chance to get the McQuarrie Droids before they hit eBay. I've always loved McQuarrie's work & was freakin' ecstatic when I heard they were coming out. Even more so when I realized I could pick 4 of them up for a reasonable price.

So, I was wondering if there is there any way someone could pick up a McDroids for me. It can even be damaged (I open all my stuff). I'd be happy to pay via payPal or whatever works. I know it's a little late, but just in case there's anyone out there that hasn't filled their quota, I figured it couldn't hurt to beg  :-\


Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Web Site FAQs:
« on: April 1, 2007, 09:28 AM »
We are ready to launch the web site on Monday.

But there are two things that will need to be added soon after the launch. More Pictures, and all of the FAQs.

This thread will be dedicated to coming up with Questions to populate the FAQ section.

Feel free to post any questions you can think of. And an answer if you have one. The format should be as follows to avoid any confusion:
Q: How do I start participating in the UGP? The forums seem like a haphazard way to start involvement. Plus, there's 2 of them.
A: Go to the Jedi Defender Forums, and check out the "what we still need thread".

[This is an actual question we've already received, btw. The answer presented here is just fluff & was not given]

Project Leads: If you have an answer to a previously asked question that was posted w/out an answer, please Quote the Q, and give the A  8)

Please keep chatter & discussion of the validity of given answers to PM's until a concensus is reached.

On behalf of the web team, this will be a great help! Thanks muchly,

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Web Site Pictures:
« on: April 1, 2007, 09:18 AM »
We are ready to launch the web site on Monday.

But there are two things that will need to be added soon after the launch. More Pictures, and all of the FAQs.

This thread will be dedicated to organization of the Pictures.

Please post only pictures of your custom figures/vehicles/buildings, and the name of your custom (even if it's generic).

It doesn't matter if the actual piece will be used in the C4 diorama. We just want to put any contribution to the Ultimate Group Project up on the site.

On behalf of the web team, this will be a great help! Thanks muchly,

First, the evolution of a community project:

 - pics & works by p3n, Dsdude9,  & DarthKozy

 - pics & works by Jedi Master Ben (JMB)

The pics above are a prime example of what makes us customizers an awesome group of folks. We have a sense of community. There are many of us who want to make the Elite 41st trooper the right way (since Hasbro screwed it up). And many of us just cant sculpt to save our lives. So we decided to do something about it.

From an idea, we got invaluable input from several customizers on the parts to be used & the way they would fit together. And once JMB committed to this project, all the necessary figures & parts were sent to JMB for casting within a 14 day period. Two weeks after the discussion started, the project is now getting ready to be cast as a kit & put up for sale to whom ever wants one.

Unfortunately, getting a chance to meet up with the folks we know from the boards is an all-too-rare occurrence. So, in order to foster an even better sense of community, the folks at GoodToGo Custom's forums have set up a recurring Special Chat session. The Special Chats will give everyone a chance to meet & talk live with some of our on line friends about how they customize & what the hobby means to them.

The inaugural 'Chat will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, March 28, 2007 at 9 pm (eastern)/ 8 pm (central) at  GTG's chat room.  For the idea's maiden voyage, we'll be talking to Jedi Master Ben. He's one of the very talented sculptors from this community whose work helps all of our custom's boards become amazing places to visit - and has recently become one of GTG's sculptors - so that dosen't hurt either ;).

And to start everyone off, GTG has a Q&A thread to give us all a glimpse into Ben's life, mind & love of customizing. Here's a chunk of what we've gotten him to agree to so far  ;D :

Quote from: crowncoke
Age: 34 (35 this May 10th- God, I feel Old LOL)

Job: Broadcast Engineer for Georgia Southern University

Dream Job: Sculpting toys (Doing it right now)

Favorite Movie: Star Wars: ROTS. I love the Clone Wars story arcs in the comics and to see even a glimpse of it in the movies as awesome. And of course, the finial dual between Vader and Obi Wan was fanominal.

Favorite Activity: Day dreaming. I love to sit back and come up with new project and ways to make the community better.

Music you listen to (examples): I listen to some wierd stuff when I sculpt. It depends on the mood mostly. I like Enya in the envings, movie soundtracks (like Pirates of the Carabian, Doctor Who, ect) amd during the day I like metal stuff like Matalica, Disturb, Rob Zombie. And sometimes I tune into Jack FM for the '80s and '90s music.

Favorite custom you did:
That is a hard one, seeing that they are all my favorites. But if I had to narrow it down, it would be my first attempt at sculpting. It was the head of Djas Puhr. After I was done with it and painted it, my wife said she could not tell the differnce if it was a store bought piece or a sculpted piece. I knew at that point, this was my calling.

The person you would most like to make into a custom (Celeb/family/Co-worker): Man thats a tough one. I don't really have an answer for that one. If I had to choose something off hand, I guess it would be My Dad, from an image of him back in his Air Force days.

I hope you all will take a moment to check out the rest of Ben's answers, sign up for the 'Chat there, & get in on this session.

Dsdude9,  DarthKozy, K1, Crowncoke & Jedi Master Ben - thanks for comming together on this one guys.

1) What shall we name the City?

2) Has the native race been decided on? (Humans? Maybe the purple 4-armed folk, or perhaps the Arcona?)

3) Have the Sec forces been decided on?  (Native police backed up by Stormies in intermediary armor?)

4) Do we intend to have some named characters - some folks playing a leading role?

I know we want Vader. I would love to see a commander of some sorts, the 3 (at most) jedi that Chewie mentioned, and perhaps a human & a few non-human rebel leaders.

Hello & welcome to headquarters!

Your web team for this project will be:
 Smartypants, Darth Deastron, Elmeaux, Phalanxx, PatreekTheRodian, DmG - thanks for coming aboard guys!

Here's where we'll be posting our updates, assignments, and current status for the web team & anyone else who's interested.

While this will primarily be for web team discussions, we welcome any comments, suggestions or ideas from anyone. Think of it as you would any another custom. Just flatter & more virtual :)

so to move on...

CURRENT ASSIGNMENTS:      Responsible Member(s):      Deadline:      Progress:
1) Finalize InfrastructureAllSunday- Jan 21st, midnight   Check out Mambo & Joomla - Then tell me if you think we even need it.
2) Finalize Overall Site LookAllSunday- Jan 21st, midnight   We've got 3 designs offered up:
   And Elmeaux's pic below
   Let us know what you think. And team, lets get the look decided on so we can move forward & get that content movin' !
3) Start Gathering Content: DioramaSmartySunday- Jan 21st, midnight   Hey Smartz! I know you were lookin' to help  ;) Soooo, what we're gonna need real soon is honest-to-god content for the web site. We'll be showcasing the entire project from conception to finalization. So we'll need all the pics that are out there to be in one location.
Yer the man, Smartz!

COMPLETED ASSIGNMENTS:      Responsible Member(s):      Deadline:      Results:
1) FTP usernames & passwordsAllSaturday - Dec 16th    Elmeaux, Phalanxx, & Arvin - You have FTP accounts. Anyone else that still wants one can ask, but we gotta be movin' forward.  8)
2) Site SectionsAllSaturday - Dec 16th    "FIGUREs, VEHICLEs, DIORAMAs, SPONSORs, C4,  & CREDIT" - Yup, it's the final word.

Yeee haaa. 8)

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / UGP SWAT/Spec Ops?
« on: August 26, 2006, 01:04 AM »
So I was messing around with my latest order of parts from GTG Customs and this guy just sort of happened. And the reasons I bring up the UGP are 1) I'm not sure if you guy's have settled on a security force, and 2) everything but the DS Gunner can be had on (when they re-stock).

To quote from my GTG post:
Well, It's not painted, it's not intentional, and it's certainly not what I origionally bought these parts for, but I was just playing around with my latest order, and thought I'd share the results.

Anywho, I'd love to hear your thoughts on where I could/should take this accidental project - and if it's worth goin' there   ;)


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