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That is a really cool idea. God I hate having to have a job....

It's reall y pretty dern simple - just boil & pop on both figures. The shins come out real easy like. Did the same to mine. I just couldn't stand the DST legs (or arms for that matter - gonna have to change over the gloves like you have here)

Thanks for the congrats everyone! Like I told Paul: I'm a big fan of doing more Judde Lulos. It's a cool world with a cool story, and it hasn't been developed nearly enough - in my humble opinion ;D Plus, it showcases the fan appreciation for EU, which is something great to let LFL & big H know about.

Also, as far as "where do we go from here?" Well, there's been mention of re-starting the smaller projects...

They're part of the news on the front page [try a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) if you're not seeing the latest news] -  A full-on C4 section will be done as soon as I have time to have a conversation with E on how to do up the new section awesomely. With everything that's been happening lately, I haven't had a good chance to talk with him or even do the section up like the other ones. Plus, I know he's got some very cool ideas for the site's looks!

New pics are up on the Official Site.  ;D

This is such a great idea! Anyone else want to comb thru the C4 pics to find their figures & write a sentence or 2 about it? It'd make a great section for the UGP Web Site ;D

I think this was a HUGE success, EVERY time I stopped by, there was at least 10-20 people around the table... can't wait for C5!!!

That is SO friggin' cool!

Deeply honored!

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / C4 Web Site Pictures:
« on: May 29, 2007, 03:38 PM »
if you want to see your pics of the C4 UGP  diorama up on the, anything that's not in Paul's thread already can go here  ;D

I'm hoping tomorrow.

Congrats Chewie!

I've been staying at a friends while my car is in limbo, so I don't have much time, my computer, or even a good connection speed. But As soon as I can, I'll make sure there's a nice gallery up on the UGP site too.

Truly an awesome work & I am so jealous that I couldn't be there in person!!! But I am filled with joy to see this come to such a wonderful fruition ;D

I'm glad that everyone is loving it so much, and the fact that a BSG person saw & dug the cylon is too frackin' cool! :D

Cool stuff guys! Awesome to see it coming together (even if it's not in person  :P)

Keep 'em coming! I'll post 'em on the ugp web site as soon as I can (I might actually get my car back today, so I may not get home for a while)

Not too shabby, CS!

Not my favorite colors, but the paint apps look good & clean, and the sparse color patterns that you've used give it a pleasing aesthetic that also seems realistic.

I'd love to see some clearer pictures tho.

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