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I would like to see four hour shifts. This means that you need to be at the booth during those times and no wondering off beyond bathroom breaks. Your free to bring food and water with you during your times. Please sign up here for each available time slot.

Thursday May 24 12:00pm - 4pm
Thursday May 24 4pm - 7pm - Pendragon - if they let me in w/o a FanClub ticket

Friday May 25 10:00am - 1pm  - Pendragon
Friday May 25 1pm - 4pm
Friday May 25 4pm - 7pm

Saturday May 26 10:00am - 1pm
Saturday May 26 1pm - 4pm -
Saturday May 26 4pm - 7pm - BrentS

Sunday May 27 10:00am - 1pm
Sunday May 27 1pm - 4pm -  jedistyle
Sunday May 27 4pm - 7pm

Monday May 28 10:00am - 1pm
Monday May 28 1pm - 4pm

I'll sign up for more later

Sounds good, man. Wednesday's a little outside of my window of opportunity, but if yer still in need on Thursday do count me in. ;)

 ;D Good call M_P

Don't forget the Digital Cameras and extra memory sticks and batteries.

Gotcha covered man  8)

First off who eaxctly is our crew? I know we have:
As far as I was concerned, my primary purpose for even going to C4 was helping with this project & manning the booth. If Thusday afternoon is too late to help, please let me know.

You need to drive through a few of our neiborhoods down here in South FL. That kind of stuff is all over down here. The guy down at the end of my street painted his house Bannana Yellow.

Oh yeah, I remember the gaudy colors of FL. I can't stand that place ;) Not that it's much better up here where we have to worry about the a certain percentage of the population painting their houses bad mint-chocolate-chip green, deep electric blue & bright "gooseberry" purple-magenta...

Erm, anywho, nifty low powerstations, E. The the bronze peice is pretty damn cool indeed. Especially the workstation part.

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Re: C4 Activity Planning
« on: April 30, 2007, 02:51 PM »
Sounds like a fun idea! I'll be there from Thursday night to Monday morning. So I'm up for pretty much anything.

I hope somebody has a back up plan. Does anyone else have the ability to fill in for Anton if things fall through for some reason. If anyone else whom is going to be involved in set up has the abilty to pack up their Imperial Army and have it on site just in case it's needed I'd suggest they do so.

Even if he can't for some reason, I'll be flying in Thursday afternoon & staying at his house.

Congratulations on the winning bid of $40 for this figure!!! :D

VERY cool! Thanks for that again Fritz!

And Smartz, thanks man  :) Here ya go:
Head: Cat Miin
Torso: Dagobah Luke
Arms: Random BBi dude
Upper Legs: leftover Hem Dazon parts
Shins: Elite Trooper
Feet: Cat Miin
Goggles: not sure
Vest: POTC  - I've actually got a lot of these slated as vests for customs
Belt: Shaak Ti?
Pouch: BBi
Gun: BBi modified
Force Pike: random thingy


That's outstanding!

Are you sure we cant have a Space port for all these kick-ass vehicles?  :'(

Yes you defiitely are Pen.   Didn't mean to imply anything different. :)
I didn't even think to take it badly  :)  (The "VERY" part was all about letting Pat know that I really don't have much of a say, seein' as how I'm only a leader for the web site, not for the customs or dios.)

Anyway, for a change: Instead of being difficult, I have a figure to add to this project ;)
I was so inspired by Johnboy_Walton's Gossam Air Corps guy that I just couldn't help myself.

So, here's a Gossam (missing a few parts & colored in PhotoShop):

He's an x-Gossam Commando. And he's on Judde Lulos after managing to be captured & sold into slavery. If he keeps to himself & stays away from the heavily Imperial sections of the city, no one bothers him much. But today, he has a mission. He may not make it out alive, but it's imperative that he provide a distraction at exactly the right moment. Smack-dab in the middle of the Imperial sector.
If he fails, the rebel rescue operation cannot succeed.
Or whatever....

So he's either a civilian rebel-sympathizer, or a sleeper agent....  8)

Critiques & honest criticism welcome. I'll try to get it painted ... soon ... ish.


My last post said Leaders. Who is the leader and what does that person think

Technically I am one of the "leaders" and I did tell you what I think and so did Ryan. 

VERY technically, so am I. And tho I may not get much of a say on what gets included, I'll be on site for a good deal of time. ;)

... if we had the spaceport still, but that got taken out a while back due to the size we had to stick with for the diorama....

It too bad we'll be without a space port - considering that we got so much space from Niubs.   :'( Sadness.

Not to slight Chewie (you ought to know by now that I respect you opinion, Justin my man, and can see where you're coming from), but I dig the ship. Granted, I don't really care about the CORPs body, and in my most humble ( ;D ) opinion, the city could use some more color - fer instance, your ship & Elmeaux's brass building.

Sweet! I Love VTOLs! And while I never really liked the base vehicle you used, I really dig this ship - very cool 8)

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