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Very cool!
Very interested.

Have a good time guys!  8)

So, with a few extra hours on my hands, I finally got a chance to paint & finish this guy. Seems I've lost the Steeler goggles tho (thanks for the ID, Pat!).

I'd love to hear your thoughts, and I'd love to send him to CA if you'll still take him - let me know what you think about either.

click for bigger pics

It really, really does.  :)

This is going to look so damned good in person - take lotsa nice pics, k?

Yer probably right.

Sorry Mods - please move to an appropriate section. :-[

Sorry guys. I wish this hadn't happened - I was actually really looking forward to the table  :(

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Re: UGP T-shirts
« on: May 21, 2007, 04:43 PM »
Oh gosh, Pen, that's you;)  :)

Now, Finds, m'lady. I do believe you have seen my driver's license picture, so these shouldn't scare you too awfully much...


... or not. 

So, my car's broken, I have no way to get to the airport for my flight, and even if I could pull that part of the equation off, I'd have no money for C4 because it's all going into the car.

Transmissions suck. >:(  A single small part for it goes bad, and I have to get whole new section - cuz the dealer doesn't sell the small part by itself.

ANYway, aside from being pretty ripped about the whole thing, and not being able to meet some of the other members of the UGP, and not being able to have fun at the table, and etc, etc, etc, I've realized that I'll also be missing my only chance to get the McQuarrie Droids before they hit eBay. I've always loved McQuarrie's work & was freakin' ecstatic when I heard they were coming out. Even more so when I realized I could pick 4 of them up for a reasonable price.

So, I was wondering if there is there any way someone could pick up a McDroids for me. It can even be damaged (I open all my stuff). I'd be happy to pay via payPal or whatever works. I know it's a little late, but just in case there's anyone out there that hasn't filled their quota, I figured it couldn't hurt to beg  :-\


Whoa.... That kicks certain goodly amounts of ass :o

Nice job Finds - She's a real beauty!

Well, that oughta make elmeaux just burst with pride ;D Such a dern cool design!

I love it - Thanks for posting, JS!

We wish you could be there too, Daigo-Bah. :-\

I'm planning on adding some graffitte to the outside of the wall and having a stormtrooper standing there with a paint brush painting it over.

I love it!

Awesome, Find's legion of women and the purple pimp daddy meet once again! Hopefully there's no bad blood or too much drama left over from their last get together ;)

Do we have plans for a PPD mini-photo novella? If not, some one should write up a short script that we can put together at C4  ;D

...The R5 is a Saga2 R5-D4 repainted and with spray-painted label paper shapes applied.

Nice work (as always), Daigo-Bah! I was wondering if you could comment on this technique you've mentioned here. If I understand correctly, you spraypainted some label stickers, and cut the shapes out (or cut & then painted). And then, what, glued them to the R5? It sounds like a great idea - way easier than trying to paint straight lines ;)

(Also, I really dig the belts on your Ishi!)

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: D_N's Customs-Updated May 13th
« on: May 15, 2007, 08:51 AM »
I really like the weathering on this last one.  It is not as dark and dirty around the eyes as some of your others. 
Must echo this - I dig it when I can see the faces of your customs 8)

That scar came out perfectly!  I love the way it gets bigger below the eye - for some reason, this strikes me as much more realistic than a single line running thru the eye. Nice & gritty - like something attacked him. Very cool!

I also like what you did with the pouches. I love details, and I always appreciate seeing new details that weren't on the original figure. The pouches on both the arm, and on the comm-pack work quite well. Only thing I might suggest is the addition of a strap om the arm for that pouch.


I LOVE these 2!

=Thug/Guard= -  I really dig this use of the Overkill head - looks perfect with this concept! Also to be dug instantly: there is such a great mix of parts here that the original donors (with the exception of the torso, and maybe the hands) are stricken from my mind as I look at the figure as a whole. Awesome!  Only thing I might suggest is more weathering on the helmet. It seems to stand apart from the rest of the figure with it's lack of your signature paint-apps.

=Mazer Tnikill= - What an absolutely beautiful use of this already beautiful figure! The colors which you've chosen work very well together. The use of the Sandtrooper arms is nicely subtle, and works seamlessly. But my absolute favorite things on this Mando are the details! The white belt w/ black pouches, the white parts on the feet, the yellow pouches, the buckle on the leg pocket, the badge-type pieces on the chest, etc, etc, etc. Freakin' fantastic man! 8)

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