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Commented more at FFURG, but again, very cool! And on such a small scale!

Maybe old Ben can get a little loving from a Disney princess. Do you think he is into Ariel or Snow White?
What? He has to choose?!?!? Oh come on... this is ol' Ben "Purple Pimp Daddy" Kenobi!

I, personally, feel that you should totally make a squadron of the undead! And a Ghost Ship...

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Daigo's SW customs and dioramas
« on: February 4, 2006, 04:39 PM »
Damn you Daigo! Every time I see that dio, it makes me wanna just give up  ;)

... I felt like slapping some sense into him. 
I'm all for passivity, respect, and an ernest attempt to put myself into other people's shoes ... but you totally shoulda!  :D

For a different angle, and on a rather introspective (or perhaps just selfish) note:

(And I only offer the following from personal experience...)

If you view your custom as a labor of love (cheesey, I know), or as a work born of your creativity (which is what I define as art), then ANY time you take money for it, you RISK compromising yourself, your works, and your creativity. 

But if you are stong in your LOVE of this hobby as a creative outlet, if the draw comes from the challenge, or art of it, then you're not taking too much of a risk.

Far beyond any thoughts about legality or creative 'property,' what concerns me most as an (self-proclaimed) artist is WHY I do what I do.  I enjoy making visual representaions of what goes on in my head. I do it for ME.

If someone feels that my work is good enough to trade their hard earned money for, if they feel that the work that they do in life, to get that money, is worth trading for my art so that they can look at as often as they please, then so be it.

I may not 'own' it anymore, but it's still MINE. I created it.  It is something new that I brought into the world that did not exist before. Even if it's someone else's design, even if it sucks, that's good enough for me.

But if you start cutting corners and stop putting your best care and creativity into your work, when you almost mass produce things just so you can turn a buck, you become no better than Hasbro or a scalper. That's the only difference, that I can see, between a wally wolrd factory and a craftman, (or between a Scalper and a collector who helps out other collectors).

Both create. Both sell a product. But only one loves thier work and can be truely proud of it and of themselves.

Posted at RS - just to keep things interesting ;D

To paraphrase: braids, Colonel D, don't press on the weapon info

Also, trivial info:
the trip to the station took longer than expected
minning company
tech/co-piolt bailed at last minute
locked box missing from room while stormie was in bathroom?
A rodian stole 4o creds from ya


PS: Thanks to Finds' for pointing me in this direction!

Just wondering if you might have a spare set of ROTS Plo Koon legs.

By themselves, attatched to a custom, or attatched to Plo - it matters not to me  :)

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