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Other Toy Lines / Battlestar Galactica Toys (DST, Hasbro, & Joyride)
« on: November 18, 2006, 12:18 PM »
Noticed that there was no thread for Battlestar Galactica toys here?  What gives?

Due to the popularity of the new series (which rules BTW), the number of BSG collectibles have been on the rise.  Majestic Studios amkes some pretty nice 12" figures, Joyride Studios has done some very nice Action Fleet style ships, and of course Hasbro has done the Titanium ships, has the upcoming Titanium Cylon figure, and has made allusions to a possible action figure line in a couple Q&As (I really hope this one comes to pass).

Anyway, is anybody on here collecting BSG stuff too?  I have Majestic's Apollo, Starbuck, and Cylon 12" figures from the classic series (pretty nice...not quite Sideshow, but still good), I have a Joyride Cylon Raider (awesome), and all the BSG Titaniums.

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