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Star Wars Action Figures / Latest customs.
« on: November 3, 2005, 09:58 AM »
Thought i'd post some of my latest creations here for you to critique or give me your opinion on. 

First up is a clone sniper which was heavily inspired by the design of AE77's sniper in its early stages.  With a hint of jubjubjedi's sniper, with custom sniper rifle of my creation which may be changed at a later date:

Next up is a boba fett from ROTJ that has bee nan ongoing custom for about 2 years now, and onl recently did i discover the perfect head for him:

Now a Palpatine/Sidious custom from his duel with mace windu.  Admittedly this is more of a repaint but i did totally deconstruct the figure and remove the action feature, i also trimmed the arm pegs so his arms npow pivot at the shoulder regularly, gave him a new 'force lightning hand', gave him a new head, and a seperate lightsaber, which until i find a sidious lightsaber has been borrowed from an episode 1 Adi Galia figure.  I finished with a repaint to match his movie appearence better:

Next up is a WIP complementary figure to the sidious above, a mace windu figure worthy of fighting the great sith lord.  Basically this is made from the lightsaber and hands from a deluxe saga mace windu, the head from a sneak preview mace windu, and the body of a potj eeth koth.  The mods i plan on in the future are im going to cut his skirt to the right length, adjust his collar and give him a nice total repaint to closer match the robes mace windu wears:

Finally i have 2 WIP clones of some description.  Im not sure of there rank, names or paint apps yet but i've been giving them some thought.  Any ideas from you guys are welcome:


I might upload more pictures of 'em later if i get the time.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: My Custom ARC Troopers and Jet-trooper
« on: October 30, 2005, 07:05 PM »
Its just a jango arena battle backpack PAINTED white.  Though i would have love to use the same backpack cast in white plastic.  If you ever pursue that idea further let me know because i'd be interested in a cast too. 

Thanks for the comments so far guys.  Keep em coming :)

Star Wars Action Figures / JFC's Customs
« on: October 30, 2005, 05:38 PM »
Hey guys, i recently did these figures on commision for friendly 'scummer GuyGoneWeird, just thought i'd let you all critique them or comment on them.  Here we go:

Jet Trooper:


Red ARC Trooper (Captain Fordo):

Blue ARC Trooper:

Group Shot:

Star Wars Action Figures / JFC's Customs
« on: October 11, 2005, 02:29 PM »
Well here he is, all finished.  Let me know what you think :) :

Damn, they're suppose to show up as thumbnail links.  Could a mod edit it to show up properly please cos im nto sure how.

In honour of Jubjub's Black/Special/Covert/Stealth Ops Clone i am making a custom.   He knew about me doing it but it's been on hold for a while and i would like to state here that it will not be EXACTLY based on his sketch, just heavily inspired.  I have gone back to the earlier design where the clone has a sandtrooper-like pauldron and have made his 'eyes' (the splinter cell looking thing) lime green as opposed to red.  Mainly it will look a bit less 'busy'. I have the combat knife, unmasked head, helmet and nightvision (splinter cell style) attachment finished and the body is well under way.  So if your reading this jubjub, i will give you a sneak peek if you so wish, unfortunately the rest of you will have to wait until i debut the custom in its own thread sometime before the 12th. Finally i have dubbed him "Commander Ehx"



(P.S. I'm not really a newbie to customizing, if you were wonderign i have work on the rebelscum forms and have been customizing for about 8 years)

hey jubjub! Maybe we should join forces.  :p

Well thanks for the warm wlecome guys.  I figure rather than flooding the board with posts i'l tell you about myself here.  Basically im 19 and have been customizing since i was 11.  Im in the UK but against all odd (and hasbro uk being pretty crappy) i've managed to keep my love for the hobby strong.  Over the last 5 years iv also become pretty adept with photoshop and this should explain my initial post lol. 

So any requests at all?

Updated with a quick Commander Cody insert which should complement Bantha5's fabulous work quite well:


And Commander Faie As Per The Request Of GenrealGrievous:


Also i've just come over to these boards from rebelscum so could anyone tell me how to get those imageshack thumbnail-links to display?

Hey guys, hope all is well in the world of customizing.  Basically im here to give you all something, it is an artifact free, high quality ROTS card insert.  Props go to glassman for uploading the scanned insert to FFURG in the first place.  What i did was recreate the insert in Photoshop so that all the colours and things would be artifact free.  Here it is, and below it is the orignal for comparison:

Artifact Free


I will take your requests for character names that you want put on inserts.  All you need to do is post your request in the following format:

Name and Number of the Character

I hope i can help some of you guys out ;)

Happy to help


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