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Other Custom Figures (non Star Wars) / Glassman's JLA Customs
« on: April 10, 2008, 01:58 PM »
Dont think i left you guys. I have been focusing on Other customs, but i still customize.

My Customcon entires this spring.

3 3/4" scale Superposable Justice League.

The rest can be seen here. Day 2 of CustomCon19

Aquaman- WWE Build n Brawl Edge, SHS Namor Head Cast.

Batman- WWE Build n Brawl HHH, SHS SilverSurfer Head Cast.

Superman- WWE Build n Brawl Batista, SHS SilverSurfer Head Cast.

Martian Manhunter- WWE Build n Brawl Undertaker, SHS Silver Surfer Head Cast.

Wonder Woman- 25th Ani Scarlet

Flash- WWE Build n Brawl Edge, SHS Namor Head Cast.

Green Lantern- WWE Build n Brawl Edge, SHS Silver Surfer Head Cast.


I just thought I would post a quick message about the status of the Ultimate Group Project( if you dont normally check the dedicated threads). A group of customizers is building a full scale imperial city for C4. This project is huge in scale and we need your help. We have secured an official fan booth at C4 and will be displaying the actually diorama as part of Niub Niub's Endor diorama booth.

I'm putting out a call for miscellanous citizens, aliens, robots, small accessories and vehicles to populate the city. We are also still working on the individual buildings. If you would like to help out and be involved, please see the the official UGP web site at

and check out the offical threads happening at Jedi Defender and Yak Face.

We stress that you do not use and of the "buff" early POTF2 figures. We want to keep the scale as close to modern day hasbro figures as possible.

You can LOAN or DONATE your figure/figures. If you want them back it is OK. If not, thats ok too.

PLease contact me for info as to where to ship figures when done or check out the info at the links mentioned in the post above.

OUR DEADLINE IS MAY 1st. A little less than a month. SO it isn't that far away!!!

Thanks in advance.

Your friendly neighborhood Glassman.

I was asked by Phruby to be Group leader of Concept Art and Overall Design.

So i am asking all of you who have ideas in your head, and would like to help develop what this project will look like,  to sign up as part of the team.

Keep in mind, you dont have to be the "greatest artist in the world"  Rough Sketches are fine.
If you have an idea that you cant convey on paper, let us know and well work with you to make it so.

The more ideas/artist we have, the better this will work.  So sign ip folks and lets get this party started! :P

Those of you who have artistic talents, please join in!

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Making Removable helmets
« on: June 12, 2006, 09:39 AM »
Phurby asked where i had this posted, and i figures i'd add it here incase
anyone else wants to read it.

Ok guys here is my technique. Its pretty simple if you are comfortable with molds/casting.

Pic1 – Following the typical laytex rubber mold method, prep the helmet on a piece of cardboard, sitting above by about 1/8th “.  I used clay to fasten it to the cardboard have it raised slightly. This is so the rubber seeps under the helmet a bit. Then, just alppy the rubber.

Pic 2 & 3. When the rubber is cured you remove the helmet. Note the hole in the bottom. You want it wide enough to be able to pour freely and see the plastic/resin inside.

Pic 4 & 5 – Pour a small amount of resin/plastic into the mold. NOT enough to fill it, just enough to coat the inside. Roll the mold around in you fingers so that the plastic/resin runs into all the crevases. This will leave you with a thin film coating the mold.

Pic 6 & 7 remove the helmet cast when its cured and you have a hollow copy of the helmet.

You can stop here and just use the helmet you have made. But it you plan on making a lot more, it may be helpful to do the next step also.
When making this tutorial, I was running low in rtv rubber so I didn’t do a 2-part mold for the final helmet.
I did a 1 part mold similar to the first process.


Pic 1 Now you can take the helmet you just made and prep it to be covered again. This time attach to the cardboard with a sprue. I used a piece of wax I got from Bantha5.

Pic 2- Cover with rubber.

Pic 3- Note the size of this hole. This is the pour hole created by the sprue used.  You want it big enough to squeeze the helmet through when its cured. If you make a 2 part mold you wont need to worry about this.

Pic 4 & 5  After you fill this mold with resin/plastic, you will have a cast hollow helmet with a sprue to be cut off and sanded.

There is it. Hope this helps someone.

Modern Trading / Need to Borrow Vintage Rifle IG-88 or Hoth Trooper
« on: December 1, 2005, 09:48 AM »
Hey guys & gals, I need to Borrow a Vintage rifle.

Either the one from IG-88 or THe Hoth Snowtrooper




If you have both, that would be great.

I only want to make a mold so i can make a cast for some customs i'm working on. I will retun then unharmed.

I'll pay for shipping both ways if you let me borrow them, or If you want to trade them for one of my cast pieces or something els i may have just ask.

Thanks in advance.

Star Wars Action Figures / Glassman's Customs
« on: July 12, 2005, 10:23 AM »
*** UPDATE ***  10 APR 08 Page 20

This custom is a result of the Group project #7 over at scum. The group projects are sort of learning excercizes where we share different  techniques to end up with the same figure.

These parts were casted from Aya Vida with hands from Admiral Ackbar and then modified with wax and re-casted.

I casted the final parts in redish brown plastic to match ackbar.

I drybrushed the browns on the figure leaving some of the red showing thru. I drybrushed the front of the clothing as to give it a sort of sheer look.(still trying to perfect that)


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